What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition



We also called it a “kigel”…my family were from the western Ukraine, and we were called Gilitzianers, where as if you from Lithuania or Poland, you were a Litvak, you would have used the term Kugel.
“Kigel?, Kugel?, Potato?, Patato?..Let’s call the whole thing off!”


Thanks so much. This sounds way easier than standing over a hot frying pan!


Most of my family was from what they referred to as Pruss-Russia and about 1/4th from Lithuania.

Good eating whatever you call it!

I hardly ever meet anyone who knows what potato kugel is. They know noodle kugels, especially the sweet ones - but not potato. :thinking:


I wonder how latkes would fare in one of those air fryers?

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I need a variation on this kimchi udon with sesame shrimp: www.bonappetit.com/recipe/kimchi-udon-with-scallions/amp

On the side we had a quick pureed broccoli and potato soup with Asian flavors - scallions, ginger, soy sauce, etc.


I have made turnip cake, chicken feet and spicy pork ribs (if you count that). Hopefully next year, I will find time to start making all those “dumplings”.

How about you?


I make dumplings (gyoza) every once and awhile. Albeit with store-boughten wrappers… Does that count? It is quite possibly the most impressive thing about me. Second perhaps, to using the words albeit and boughten in the same sentence :grin:.


I do, but am lazy so I do not crimp it the way my mother does it, I do open face for Sio May and steam it. I also do pot sticker, jiaozi for my son because he likes to pan fry them , a small amount of broth.
I do not have any picture of my jioazi but found a picture of my siomai which I steam . Here is a picture with just frozen peas. To be more festive I would add chopped egg. yolk, ( yellow), some green vegetable, red ingredient like small shrimp or crab roe on the four quadrants of the siomai or fresh fish roe after steaming
I typically make a few trays of each ( same ingredient) freeze them and serve them with sauce of soy sauce, cider vinegar, hot pepper and garlic


Very good question?..I have zero experience with them, but I do not see why not, and like the Kugel, you have to add oil to the mix for flavor.

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Dinner tonight is shrimp with tomatoes . My dish has feta on top of tomatoes whereas my son does not eat feta ( nothing white).
Shrimp was cooked on top of wok with lots of garlic, a tin of anchovy in EVOO, Italian seasoning , juice of one lemon, a few pieces of chipotle and couple tablespoon of adobo sauce that came with it.
Vine ripe tomatoes were roasted with EVOO, Italian seasoning, and my smaller tomato dish in a small individual lasagna pan was topped with feta when the tomatoes rendered their juice about 40 minutes for another 10 minutes till feta melted. My son’s in the black chamba does not have feta , shrimp was added on top

This was served with rice.




Yes that counts. Beautiful pot sticker.
I make siomai and pot sticker at the same time using the same filling , then freeze them.
Have some wrappers but cannot eat red meat nowadays have not decided whether I should try ground chicken or turkey and if would be worth it. The 2/3 pork and 1/3 shrimp is a very nice combination. Has anyone tried it with ground chicken or turkey?


love home made turnip cake.
Of course it counts as a dims
Store bought ones from Asian stores in the US usually do not have meat or mushroom .The ones I am used to back home has shiitake mushroom, sausage, scallions, fried shallot, and dried Louisiana shrimp. Served with ketchup and tabasco!


Looking up siomi ( same as shumai?), and cringing at the thought of not eating “red meat”. I’m assuming that includes “pork…the new white meat”.:no_mouth:

Maybe it isn’t worse than low carbs? I prefer low carbs.


The stuffing is ricotta, bread crumbs, lemon zest, parmesan, garlic and a couple other things I cant remember now! You blanch the sprouts and then hollow out the center for the filling, then fill and bake.

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Very nice! In German speaking countries they are called “Kartoffelpuffer” or “Reibekuchen”. Apple mush alongside and/or cream alongside. But one can eat them also with other things such as smoked fish or beef/pork tartare.

Everyone grates the potatoes but I just pulse them in the FP.

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Have you got a tree yet or is it too early?


That’s a mouthful of names. Yeah grating by hand is a pain but the food processor disc grader cut is thicker and I wanted more texture than a purée. The old fashion box grater gives me the best result. 4 pounds of potato didn’t take more than 10 min to grate by hand. And I lost no skin in the game. Not always the case


siomai and shumai are one and the same. Diff pronunciation depending on dialect spoken. There are 200 dialects in China with 5 major ones, mandarin and cantonese being one of the 5. However, though dialects are different, if one is educated and an read and write, all the characters are the same.
Yes, very devastated about the alpha gal although I firmly believe I am false positive and cannot get the Doc to order alpha gal panel ( test 3 different red meat, ie pork, beef and lamb). The only way to be sure is to go to UNC where the specialist are but the clinic is only open once a week and the waiting period if I booked in October is Feb 2019. No specialist in the DC Metro area.
I can live without beef and lamb but pork is vital for me ( smoking pork butts, ribs and of course cooking dimsum)