What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition


(ChristinaM) #42

Tonight we had doctored canned chili with beans over broiled butternut squash, topped with cheddar, hot sauce, and light sour cream. Way better than it sounds! Kind of like an improved loaded baked potato.


That souds great to me…!


Trying to get in all the veggies before heading back to philly in the morning- i’ll be there for the next two weeks straight because our calendar is an epic disaster of back to back intense meetings.
Met my best friend, best friend in law and favorite one year old for brunching, figured a bloody mary was a good way to get some veg ;))

Dinner salad with some not that great but actually not that bad on the vine tomatoes. Ate the last few bites of my chickpea salad standing in the kitchen, so no photo.
Kombucha a la carte.
Hoping to sleep early, am all packed but not at all ready for the epic week ahead

(ChristinaM) #45

Safe travels and good luck powering through!


18 months. She is suddenly in a defiant, testing phase and as a first timer this is throwing me for a loop! How old are yours?


Threw a large chuck roast on the smoker this morning then got to work on making latkes for tonight. The latkes got reheated in the oven. The chuck got foil wrapped then got wrapped in a thick towel and then into a cooler until our guests arrived


Sort of like this,
How To Make Crispy Roasted Chickpeas in the Oven

but I use dried chickpeas, soak in brine, then dry them off before roasting. Also, I use a berbere spice mix.

(maria ascarrunz) #49

Finally back in the kitchen today - what’s it been, 2 weeks? crazy. NOLA was a fantastic food fest, as expected. We had only one bad meal, one mediocre one, and the rest were wonderful. (I’m belatedly still working on my blog post.) Came back 4 lbs. heavier! Yay me!

Thxgiving came and went. Sister has a dog boarding business and the holidays are her busiest time of year. So i go help her, and Thxgiving dinner is usually Sichuan take-out eaten standing over the stove, with too many dogs to count around us. It’s our new family tradition.

So tonight, i finally “cooked.” Well, ok, prepped. I’d bought some beautiful duck pastrami from Cochon Butcher in NOLA and decided to make Bao with it. Bao were frozen, and per the instructions, I nuked them under some wet paper towels. they cracked a bit, so next time I’ll try just steaming them. a smear of hoisin and okonomiyaki sauces, went on the buns, some of that lovely duck (steam heated), and topped with slices of English cukes, slivered scallions, cilantro and jalapeno. Holy hell is that pastrami some gorgeous, delicious stuff. A smoky wonder.

On the side, a slaw of red and green cabbage, minced ginger, cilantro, scallions, and chopped garlic peanuts, in a dressing of mayo, rice vinegar, a little brown sugar, a little oyster sauce. One of the better slaws I’ve made, I have to say. The fresh ginger really made it.

Also made a big batch of kimchi today, with green cabbage (couldn’t find napa) and some very old purple cabbage, some ancient daikon, green onions, radishes, and radish greens.

it was good to be back in the kitchen again!


(John Hartley) #50

Upcoming …boerwors & chakalaka

(Jan) #51

December has started off as a very busy month. So I’ll be really happy for these out of the freezer dim sum opporunities on the weekend. I jazz it up with some quickly cooked green vegetables - crisp and drizzled with some soy sauce, sesame oil, and some sesame seeds. Some pickled greens. Whatever fruit is handy to finish it off and it’s a semi cheat meal that gets gobbled up. I’d run out of har gau and sui mai, so off to the Vietnamese mini mart for me soon! But who here makes their own dim sum? Impress me!

(John Hartley) #52

Not me. That’s why we have Wing Yip.


Made my latkes last night. Usually some fried fish, but found two 2 lb each Porterhouse in the market near my daughter’s house yesterday morning and grabbed them up. We grilled them up and they were delicious and jucy! 5 of us consumed almost all of it!!

This is a “Latke Pie” that was done by my grandmother in her later years, because fried foods did not agree with her… So basically this is grated potato, onions, matzah meal, eggs , a small amount of vegetable oil , salt and generous amounts of fresh ground pepper…The flavor is about the same , but texturally it is completely different, but still delicious.


I would love to get your recipe for latke pie. It looks wonderful! Thanks.

(saregama) #55

That pie looks delicious!


My Mother made something very similar which we called potato kugel! So good and reheats a little better than latkes.


So you don’t need to cook them before roasting? (I tried making crispy roasted chickpeas before, but I assumed I should cook them first, and I’m wondering now if this is why they never crisped.)

(ChristinaM) #58

Ooh yum


siu mai, maybe…but ha gow are just too much trouble. fish cake-based ones and turnip cake are the easier ones i go with if we’re talking fully from scratch.


Ooops! I do cook them before roasting. I believe I used directions from that Madhur Jeffrey vegetarian cookbook. Nothing complicated.

Also, I would not say these were crisp like the inca corn is crisped. I believe the recipe I linked does include comments about improved crisping, but I wasn’t really going for a snack kind of thing.


I will give you my recipe and keep in mind I no longer have a written version of this:

2 lbs of Russet Potatoes shredded in the food processor.
I large yellow onion chopped
1/4 cup of matzah meal
2 eggs beaten
2 tablespoons vegetable oil ++
1/2 table spoon kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
After potatoes are grated , place them in a cloth or cheese cloth and squeeze out the moisture. Place all in a bowl and mix well. Grease a 9 inch glass Pyrex pie plate with a some vegetable oil, then pour in mixture.
Place in a 350 degree oven for 1 1/2 hours, until nicely browned.
Remove from oven , and let cool. Serve at room temperature.
This dish is not vegan, but is “Parve” and can be served with either a meat or dairy meal