What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition



Traffic looks like the usual. Where did you go for dim sum? Looks good! We’re going tomorrow to Hang Ah in Santa Rosa which is actually fine. I know there are better places in the city, but the traffic and crowds are more than I’m in the mood to deal with.


My daughter was visiting, and she wanted Yank Sing. Sort of an annual event for her. She lives in Queens now, (where her dad and grew up!), but she used to live in Bayview.

The most amazing part about Yank Sing in Rincon is the validated parking!
I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of the soup dumplings!


Low carb for the win!!!


Original language it was written in is always my first choice. Measurements are with grams which will be easy for you. There are plenty of online page previews too if you look it up on amazon


Hope the evening was also toddler drama free ;))

(ChristinaM) #614

The poor thing has been subsisting on fruit, yogurt, and ice cream. On the path to well, now, I think.


My dad, sister and nephew went to tahoe for snowboarding this morning (my mom doesn’t/never has skiied or enjoyed it and my crummy knee prevents me from going)
My bff, my bff in law, her mom, and my favorite one year old came over to visit this afternoon. We had a nice fire going with wine and snacky things

Different bottle of reisling I didn’t get a picture of. Just some fancy crackers from trader joe’s, various cheeses, more of the olive hummus i made the other night and crudite.
Mom’s fudge is famous, and my bff in law is an aficionado and addict- so she made a batch especially for him which thrilled him to no end. Terrible photo after it was cut into already. I had a tiny piece because it’s worth the unhappy tummy- and not much qualifies as Worth It.

Just the two of us for dinner, mom had more cheese and crackers and fudge, fretting it wasn’t her best batch (it’s amazing).
I cooked up the spaghetti squash i bought the other night (microwaved it) as well as some zucchini, and added some seasoning salt from the cupboard. I’ll probably have another little piece of the fabulous fudge with my tea…

(maria ascarrunz) #616

the City has been empty since xmas! looks like a ghost town, so I can’t imagine traffic is too terrible…

(maria ascarrunz) #617

Very loosely based on a recipe for Lao Gan Ma noodles, i put this together with a blend of ground pork/beef i had in the freezer, pickled mustard greens instead of radish, spaghetti instead of rice noodles, and the sichuan chili oil I made a few weeks ago instead of godmother sauce. Also threw in star anise. And arugula instead of “leafy greens”! Whatever, it tasted like the real deal to me, with all the goodness of black vinegar, dark and light soy, sesame oil, scallions, cilantro, sesame seeds, peanuts, ginger, garlic, etc. You can’t tell, but I used a ton of the sichuan oil, for that Chinese noodle slippery/oily mouthfeel I so love.

Dry-fried green beans on the side, which needed more oomph.


A ghost town! Bah! Humbug .

Not for this “used-to-be-New-Yorker-now-firmly-ensconced -in-a-farm-to-table-lifestyle.”

The usual snafus, but overall, not bad at all!


Got out through the sunroof.

They were already taking down the trees at Rincon!

(saregama) #619

Mmmmmm fudge.

(ChristinaM) #620

I would love your recipe - I made some months ago and am not totally enamored. Mine has bay leaf.


@mariacarmen Seconded Christina, would like it too! :yum:

(maria ascarrunz) #622

i’ve made both these before:


they both have bay leaf. i find that a lot of them do.

weird, i can’t find the one that I used most recently! but it was less involved than these. I liked it but not as much as the second one i posted above.

(ChristinaM) #623



Horray!!! Looks amazing!


I felt like I was chanelling @ChristinaM with this side of cucumber salad :hugs:

“Korean-ish” lettuce wraps concoction with Jasmine rice, sauteed bok choy and cucumber salad. Today I left out the rice and threw it all in a bowl for a big salad with an avocado.


looks good! chicken thighs in the wraps i assume?


Yes. I had a variety of random stuff and ended here. We all likely the results except the chicken was too spicy for the baby.

(ChristinaM) #628

Funny and true - it’s a go-to side for us! :joy:

That looks delicious!