What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition



looks great! i just wish barilla would make their protein plus in more shapes… i’m a sucker for a good linguine.

(ChristinaM) #590

Chicken ranch chili tonight with leftover smacked cucumbers as the side. Steaks tomorrow, probably!


Mom went allllll out and changed up how she decorated the tree this year, decided to get it flocked!! Very into it

We did brunching again this year due to nephew going to his dad’s house at noon. I made granola nuts from smitten kitchen (amazing!!) and my mom made her famous sticky buns

Plus lots of fresh berries, a quiche from a local bakery, and various breakfast meats- including those tasty Field Roast breakfast sausages that were also popular with the omnis.
Photo didn’t catch the quiche or various meats and mimosas

We actually ended up at family friends’ for cocktails and heavy apps last night after some napping and a chill afternoon. No photos cuz that would have been weird but had lots of bubbly and some of the veggie options. We brought gougeres mom had in the freezer and baked and i made a quick olive white bean hummus from what i found in the cupboard to bring with various crudites.

I went to my sister’s tonight and we started jars of fermented pickles following the Noma fermentation recipe from my book, although i decided to add in a smashed garlic clove to each jar as well as some peppercorns. Unfortunately they won’t be ready to eat til i’m gone but i know my sister and nephew and dad will enjoy them

We polished off the reisling too

Mom and dad had the potato leek soup i made for dinner with salads i made before i left for my sisters.

She’s leaving town to go snowboarding in the morning, so i made us a quick dinner of all the perishable veggies in a stir fry - a bell pepper, zucchini, shredded a wedge of cabbage, a chunk of random broccoli. Added in some sesame oil, soy sauce, and rice vinegar. She added some leftover xmas prosciutto to hers at the end (random?) and i had two leftover field roast breakfast sausages (more random).
Eaten in our laps with more wine while planning our sister vacation for next fall which is long overdue yet much needed. A beach, sunshine, cabana boys and colored frozen drinks were our requirements.

(saregama) #592

Love Dali! It’s always so festive!


Very lovely tree, I must say! Love Riesling.

I think I can’t resist it anymore, will order the book.


Real life talk! I’m sending you sympathy! But hope that steak was delicious once you got to eat it!


Best wishes Christina!

Last night take out and homemade Cake! This morning we are heading to San Francisco for traffic and dim sum.


The book is very interesting, although know it does not cover more common fermentations - i think they assume there are already so many recipes and techniques out there for stuff like sauerkraut and kimchi and such. The pear vinegar and maple kombucha are on my short list to make, what is most helpful is no unusual ingredients or professional equipment is needed. The book itself was not so expensive for me, i wanted the actual hardback book which was more than the e-book, i think $25-$30USD.




Skylar seems to have settled in, at least in the photo, projecting wise! . Circus kitten is adorable and they are both so cute together.


Thanks, it’s good to know that the recipes aren’t the common ones, I will get the real book than the ebook, just I’m wondering I should get the English or the French version. Probably the English one, not sure if the FR translation is good and accurate.


Traffic looks delicious… dumplings too!


Thank you! And the 16 year old Circus Cat is quite pleased with being called a kitten!

He has. It’s nice having him literally out of the closet. He has bonded and snuggles with me. The circus cat is more interested in Sky than Sky is with him but it’s only been a month. Skylar has started eating. He’s still not super interested in food but he is eating and drinking regularly and in increasing amounts. Weight loss has stopped and hopefully he is on the way to regaining what he lost.

The first cat I knew was a Siamese that my parents had before I was born. I had forgotten what talkers they are!

(ChristinaM) #602


No leftovers.

(Dan) #603

Worth the delicious wait :wink:


Yea! What a wonderful meal!


Quite a piece of :cut_of_meat: !!


Love egg tarts and the beautiful blue sky.
Grey everything since 3 weeks, enough with mist, rain…


Tonight is bolognaise pasta, home made tomato sauce and some leftover shrimp avocado from lunch, grilled duck breast and a green salad.


sounds like a “borgas-smord”