What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition


(John Hartley) #549

Is that now a generic term, Phreddy, or just what you’d get at McD?

(ChristinaM) #550

Sorry for these difficult circumstances. Hoping you can find some joy admidst the challenges! I am sure the elderly relatives appreciate the company and efforts.

(saregama) #551

Yes! We have a couple of different versions of cheesetoast / grilled cheese - open-faced and made in the toaster oven, closed and made in a pan, and closed and made in a special stovetop cheesetoast maker that looks like a pie iron.

My favorite is the last one - crunchy corners and melty inside :heart_eyes:


We had prime rib for dinner, with butternut squash gratin, mushrooms, creamed spinach, popovers, mashed potatoes, and a vegetarian dish of roasted portobello topped with cheese.

A boneless USDA prime prime rib roast from Costco. Cooked low at 200 degrees until it came to 120 inside. Then back in the oven at 450 to sear. This was before going back in the oven to sear. Took a bit over 5 hours.

Mushrooms cooking.

Creamed spinach cooking.

Second batch of popovers that didn’t quite pop enough.


Another plate.


You nailed the rib roast :+1:


Perfect timing…! I was just wondering what else to serve with the potato leek soup for mom and dad for dinner tonight, and there’s certainly some good bread and cheese around. I’ll make them some cheese on toast!

(ChristinaM) #555

That all looks fabulous. My DH would be so jealous!


Everything looks great and delicious but I craved most the popovers! Have not had any for a long time. T bought of making them recently but ---------


It was a very nice day with Mom, my sister and BIL. The home’s tree was beautiful, and the nursing staff and kitchen and dining staff were very appreciative of the chocolates, spiced nuts, cookies and pumpkin-cranberry bread I brought.

The cook did a great job on the meal - prime rib au jus, stuffed potato and asparagus OR baked spiral ham, sweet potatoes and sauteed zucchini. A Strawberry Yule Log for dessert.

I’m so very thankful to have been able to spend the time with Mom. :heart:


Loved your post, @Rooster. Hope you had a very happy holiday!


If I hadn’t been sick with a 36 hour tummy bug on Saturday night, I probably would have been there as well, @bear! I’m so glad you all had such a fun time. As for the porron? That’s a one-time try for me many many years ago, and like you, I wore more of it than I drank. LOL

I’m going to try and get there Friday or Saturday this week to close out the year. I miss my friends there.


I hope you and the Missus had a very happy Christmas, Harters!


I used this recipe (multiplied by two):

The first batch came out pretty good though I overcooked them a tad - they popped over a lot. Didn’t get a photo unfortunately. I think I didn’t preheat the popover pan enough for the second batch.


Oh, yuck, that’s a nasty bug. At least you got it over with before the big day! I hope you get there soon.s So fun.


There is a restaurant in Potomac , Montgomery County , called Normandie Farms. They are very famous for their popovers. In fact when you google, popovers.com, it will show their website. I am remembering a dear friend and colleague who just passed away 3 months ago who introduced me to that restaurant . Since then, it became a tradition for my group to treat the 40 employees & their better half from where we work ( they are not employed by us but we are contractors in that institution so, we see and receive daily and from them ) for a Christmas luncheon buffet . The price was reasonable with a catch! They do not allow more than 20 guests at the time by a single person, so my partners and I had to reserve and pay separately to accommodate the 40 employees and their spouses. I have been retired for the past 8 years, just googled, they now limit guest of one person to party of 12 or less!!! I guess it is because they are very much in demand . The food was ( perhaps is) really great with so many to choose from.

(ChristinaM) #564

Our best laid plans for a luxurious Christmas dinner (T-bones, bakers, asparagus, fancy wine)…

… gave way to the reality of toddler parenting. After a long day of sickness and meltdowns we had no appetite for anything other than leftovers after our shrimp cocktail app.

So we had leftover cheddar broccoli soup over those baked potatoes, with a hearty pour of that cab franc in our glasses.

Steaks and asparagus tomorrow!

(Jimmy ) #565

I’m going to have to flag this a food porn. :joy:

(Jimmy ) #566

So sad you didn’t get to tear into those steaks.


Peas and rice…not rice and peas…

(Dan) #568

Thnk you Linda. From your post and nice pics it looks like yours was very special.