What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition



Wow beautiful! Does that mean you work for Rolex?!


I haven’t been cooking much but did whip up this pizza for lunch yesterday which was fun. Quite hearty with sausage, broccoli, olives, sauteed onions, and cheese.

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That’s one gorgeous pizza!


Thank you!

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Seriously impressive


Oh no, I don’t work for Rolex. This was my friend’s sister’s friend who came over because my friend’s sister was also visiting from out of town. This friend brought the chocolates as a gift. They were phenomenal. One was described as having notes of tobacco, and it actually tasted like tobacco smells. (Disclaimer: I’ve never had tobacco.) There were interesting people from all walks of life coming and going all day. From Ecuadorean, Peruvian, Israeli, Korean, and Italian backgrounds. Working as furniture businesswomen, in medicine, as HR managers, financial planners, stay at home dad, stay at home mom, etc. There really is no place like New York.


i hear that struggle. simultaneously intensely resentful that you managed to get out and so glad on your behalf, if that makes any sense. some of the most satisfying things i’ve cooked for myself are things i’ve rescued from the “about to go bad because i haven’t been home in days” category

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I made Taiwanese pork belly bao (purchased buns) served with all the trimmings. Seared Brussels in the pork belly-crisping skillet and deglazed with orange muscat vinegar and topped with sesame seeds. Also smacked cucumber, which we had no room for.


I remodeled my entire house in 2004- completed in 3 years , then had my carpenter back from NY to redo my German Poggenpohl cabinet ( face lift with mother of pearl ad abalone) as the pogenpohl were still in excellent condition in 2008. He is a master carpenter from Fujian Province, built temples there. He redid all the wood in the house, beams and all as well as all the doors, stained glass frames to red oak. Most of the red oak were chosen from Amish shop, barn dried for 6 months then kiln dried.Later on, we decided to do the entire house when we found over 100. year old barn wood that were 28 ft long. from Lancaster , Pennsylvania. Sean also built my bed and cabinets. It was 3 years, 8-12 hours a day. He even figured out why my lights would not wok in the LR as the electrician could not figure out the reason ( My husband has everything in a dimmer including fluorescent lights). So, I understand what you mean but I could no longer bring the carpenter back as I do need him to do a few things. ( re paint my front door which my husband. told me to do every 3 years but not to let anyone touch it except him and the frame on the porch skylights) Sean is an artist but unfortunately, he is always falling in love with the wrong person and when in love, he goes crazy and abandons his work. We were very lucky to have him here when he was fresh off the boat so to say!


Dinner tonight was simple. Chilean Seabass , Bak Choy, and for dessert, per request by our guest, almond float with lychee and mandarin orange

The Chilean seabass was great but the only problem is that my. cast iron skillet was not big enough for 2 huge pieces of fish, so they would not lie flat completely. I liked them to be uniformly blackened. I placed a staubb’s cast iron bacon press on top but my son decided to split the fish in half but in so doing, broke it into some tinier pieces. It was good idea but the presentation is not as nice. . After the bass was browned evenly, removed, discarded most of the oil that came out of the fish , I placed ginger back into the cast iron pan, add miso , shoaxing wine , mirin and some shrimp broth. I asked my son to taste the gravy for seasoning bec I would add more broth or mirin, he says to add a bit of mirin which I did to tone down the saltiness of the miso. As you all now, the gravy thickens very fast when miso is added and has to be taken off heat immediately. He placed it backed on the stove although turned off was still hot. Most of the gravy got absorbed too fast. Anyway, there was still a little bit left, small amount that tasted absolutely wonderful. I wander if I can use my le Creuset signature frying pan on high heat to sear in the next occasion when the fish or any other food needs. a larger pan to sear on? Anyone has used Le Creuset deep signature frying for high heat searing without damaging it? I am still soaking my Le Creuset braised after searing the wild boar cooking D’artagans Italian Ragu. It has been 3 days The crust is coming off slowly but it is an eyesore in the kitchen . Appreciate input if anyone has experience. using it for high heat searing



Every xmas eve for many years now mom and dad have crab cakes made by a local shop with local dungeness crab, i snapped a photo before they went in the pan

Mom doesn’t drink hardly anything ever, but dad and I decided to open some bubbly because why not??

And yes that is a taxidermy chicken and yes it’s creepy and weird.

We all had the kale salad from a bag that mom actually likes (she is super picky about any vegetables), each of us added our own dressing

I made the potato leek soup for tomorrow dinner, not sure why it looks so yellow in the photo, was before i added the dairy. I had some for dinner tonight

My parents recieved a gift of harry and david pears that are very ripe, i’ll have one of those with my hot chocolate in a bit- mom makes a great one with fancy cocoa powder, nondairy milk and those fat square marshmallows she pays too much for that i love yet won’t buy for myself
So nice to have a cozy evening with my parents and the fire going, my sister and nephew came by for a bit to visit, they’ll return early tomorrow morning :))
We’re cueing up “A Christmas Story” aka my favorite xmas movie ever for the rest of the evening.
Gratuitous Jaggers photo for @meatn3


Just burgers and 1970 “Scrooge” here.
But I am missing my son and will share his Turkish meal.


Thanks! :smiley:

He’s just too damn cute!

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And you and yours, mate.

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In the UK, cheese on toast is literally that - so only similar to an American grilled cheese sandwich. Slice of bread goes under the grill to cook on one side. Turn it over, add grated or thinly sliced cheese and put it back under the grill until it melts.

It is the most simple British preparation. Go up a notch and you get the Welsh rarebit (or rabbit as it was originally called), which involves a cheese sauce, rather than just cheese. You could add beer, mustard, Worcestershire sauce. Up a further notch and you get a buck rarebit which is Welsh with a fried/poached egg on top. “Le Welsh” is a cafe dish you’ll often come across in the Pas de Calais region of Northern France - my guess is it dates back to the Great war when British troops served in that area.

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We’re out for dinner tonight, so am unsure what we’ll be eating although turkey will be the main event.

The inlaws are too frail to leave their home for the usual family Xmas lunch (and their house is not large enough to house a family gathering). So, Mrs H and her youngest sister are cooking them a turkey lunch. One of them has to spend several hours a day there caring, particularly, for their father who is extremely frail and has a range of medical issues. Later, the third sister is cooking dinner for us and the youngest sister. It will be a difficult day all round - and probably not one with a lot of fun attached.


Glad you are enjoying…and remember a real New Yorker might not say good morning as you pass by, but they will always lend you a hand in time of need!
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!


Beautiful table!


In the USA a toasted piece of English muffin with cheese and an egg on top is called an Egg McMuffin…so I know where they got it from!

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Well, now that you brought this up, PHREDDY, I have a serious food peeve with any Egg McMuffin served anywhere in the U.S.

I have never gotten an English Muffin toasted, as it’s supposed to be, before being served. It’s always an egg & cheese on warm bread. :disappointed_relieved: