What's for Dinner #38 - the Spooky Oct '18 Edition

A half dozen steaks, onions, mushrooms and beer. I took the grill out of the garage and they grilled everything while I heated up the cauliflower and bread in the kitchen oven. Came together fine. Then we watched old movies from 1991 when we ran crew for Lenny.



The market by me has a ton of Goya products, and i started buying regulatory last year when i was desperately trying to recreate the amazing green posole verde i had at bar verde (no longer on the menu, and i never did get it right). Adds a nice texture and corn-y flavor!

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Chicken thighs cooked on a steel plate on the grill with smoking apple wood chips for flavor. The pulled meat was used for tacos inspired by fresh corn tortillas from the Mexican mart. An assortment of grilled hot peppers, diced tomatoes, shredded cabbage and cilantro. It was a fast dinner then out the door to see Lindsey Buckingham at a small venue. Fabulous!


Lousy, rainy Saturday here. Dinner is looking like a batch of red rice, roasted shrimp and salad greens. Couples poker and old movies. Bars open!

Have a nice wknd, :wine_glass:


WFD! Anchovy in vinegar and fig salad

Poke! Tuna, with soy sauce and wasabi!

Mackerels with ginger and soy sauce

Really the last figs with duck breast marinated with various peppers.

Smell so good while cooking - chicken cooked with bell pepper confit, shallot and Basmati, with cherry tomatoes added at the end.

Crispy skin, glazed with honey, soy sauce and lemon juice.

Rice pudding of l’Ami Jean, with caramel and nougatine of nuts after a lot of tests and trials, luckily husband a connoisseur of rice pudding finally approved this version. I made 3 versions, so we had been feeding on that for a week!

Process and recipe here:


Wow! That’s one gorgeous feast, naf!

Thanks! That’s 3 meals! But very good, I agree.

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I think I will invite myself over!!
Was at Asian store 2 days , bought 2 pieces of halibut that was all they had
Will reserve that til son comes home as he loves halibut .
Thought the fish featured was sardines at first glance
Spanish makerel?
My mom marinade them with soy sauce vinegar, rice wine, ginger, garlic, spring onions nd five spice powder, Then, she pan fry them. I can almost smell them
I also love those tuna
I tried Tuna recently raw ( it was not sashimi quality but never frozen from Costco), so I froze them for 3 days to kill any parasites. I also seared them lightly as well. Served them with Yuzu Kosho for a change instead of wasabi.
. They were quite good. I added mirin, sesame oil to the Yuzu and not having any fresh citrus, I added some tart cherry juice. as the Yuzu were quite salty
Also love anchovy . Never tried them with figs. Fresh figs are a rarity. The last ones I received as gift a month ago were not tasty at all. I have sun-dried ones and have tinned anchovy. Will that work?


I made a big bowl. of chicken salad
It will serve me for the next few days
Poached 2 while chicken breast, shredded
5 Yukon potatoes cooked for 15 minutes still firm, cubed
3 organic gefen cooked beets , cubed
6 14.5 oz tins of fruit cocktail ( I natural juice, no sugar added) drained
mayonnaise to taste
It is protein, vegetable, fruit and carbohydrate all in one I would have used less fruit cocktail if I have a couple Granny Smith apples.


There’s a dearth of true NY-style bagels up here in the Boston area, unless you’re located near 2 or 3 places. It’s the one thing I miss from growing up in NJ.


Figs AND duck? :::fainting dead away:::: two of my favorites.


Smoked knackwurst, leftover kraut and zukes, and a few leftover gnocchi.


A shit-ton of both.
Frickin’ nor’easter.
Driving to and from Mom’s.
It sucked.
Hellz No!
Crazy-ass bizy.

Dinner decided on the fly at Wegmans, even though I just had it a day ago…roasted BISO chicken breasts slathered with a combo of olive oil, freshly grated ginger, lemon juice, lemon zest, s/p, and homemade spicy honey-mustard. Roasted until done.

Sides were Near East rice pilaf and steamed asparagus with crispy pancetta and lemon zest.

There WAS wine.


:disappointed: sorry to hear this Preddy. That had to be very hard


Dinner ended quickly, the couple was too ill to join us. Wound up with extra shrimp and salmon that they brought but didnt stay too enjoy. We were afraid to eat it since they were sick. Is it me?

Anyway, we made the most of the meal I put together and we are heading to a late movie.

I already feel guilty about tossing the food they brought, I really dislike food waste, but getting sick…ugh! Why didnt they just call and make another date…

Vent over😉


Trying to finish anything perishable on hand; used the rest of the tofu for tofu veggie scramble this morning (the rest of an onion, last half a bell pepper).
Polished off the sugar snap peas with a bowl of the same soup as last night, added a few meatless balls to it instead of the tofu, topped with hemp seeds. Even less attractive than last night so no photo


NO! It is not you. I don’t understand why people think it’s ok to expose others to their germs in full swing. I doubt it was the food, but I can understand the reaction.


Curious about the good bagels in Boston now! Where?

Cooking for my friends. Love it . Rice in the pot , what I call Hawaiian chicken off the grill. Bread with grated tomato. A sweet cucumber and onion salad. Lots of wine and fly fishing. :wine_glass:Cheers.