What's for Dinner #36 - August and Everything After

Another gold star for the boyfriend! Probably not my pre-exercise meal of choice though…

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Simple tomatoes with sliced lemon cucumber and cilantro to start

Then I made us a quick stir fry situation with some baby bok choy i got at the market yesterday, just got a photo of those before too much was happening at once. Just a sesame oil and soy sauce mix, mom did teriyaki chicken thighs and i went with tofu. Side of white rice i doctored up with some scallions and toasted sesame seeds.

Gratuitous Jaggers photo, with his favorite monkey (3rd generation of the same toy!) which has clearly seen better days


I forgot to mention this re obtaining the colour:

  • Use spices. Preferably not too much garlic as it will burn. I seared albacore tuna steaks yesterday and there were burn bits but it’s not garlic, it’s Turkish smoked pepper flakes. Nothing wrong with that but from an aesthetic perspective burnt bits don’t look so nice in photos.

  • Add a knob of butter to whatever fat you are warming up in the pan. This provides much of the nice colour. Only add it just before you throw in the meat.

I rarely SV tender cuts unless it’s big and thick which can endure post-searing in the hot pan.


A tribute to Robuchon, here was my attempt of his fondant au chou-fleur - cauliflower fondant with tomato coulis from his supersize book Grand Livre de Cuisine de Joël Robuchon. The recipe was accessible without fancy ingredient but the work involved!

Cauliflower cooked with salty water, drained, mixed, sieved and obtained a fine puree. Reduced chicken broth with little gelatin and a touch of yellow curry powder, mixed with the puree, mixed everything with some whipped cream, reserved in cold.

Mixed the fresh tomatoes (minus the skin and grain), added ketchup, sherry vinegar, concentrated tomato, reserved in cold.

Home made mayonnaise, added with some chlorophyl (I mixed some lettuce leaves), mixed both ingredient.

The result:

The dish should have looked like this. LOL

Roasted pork spare ribs with teppanyaki sauce as main

And cheese

Clockwise starting from top left
Farm Brie, Saint-Félicien, Comté 20 month, goat cheese with ashes, Camembert


Nice plating. Your meal looks delicious. Cheese, yes pls!

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Thanks, I made some mistakes, I should have made the puree and the whipped cream on the same day, but instead, I made them separately in 2 days, the fondant was not airy and hard (like in the second pict from the book) as it should be. But the taste was there.

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Who doesn’t?


I could learn alot from your efforts.

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Run around today, ( passport, Wolfie 's physical, found out too early , has to be within 10days of travel, , and export license ), so dropped by the newly opened Harris Teeter’s for some grocery, their Gen Tso’s chicken for lunch( too sweet) and my son, a slice of pizza.
Bought some air chilled organic chicken breast from them, marinaded it with some soy sauce, Pixian chili brown bean sauce, rice wine, a tablespoon or so of gochujang, sesame oil, stir fried with garlic and ginger. Then, after I dished that out, using the same pan, added snow peas, oyster sauce and mix them together, served with rice.
Last night, my son and the poms went to our family cottage on the Chesapeake bay bec he found out my sister in law and grandchildren were visiting. They wanted to play with the dogs. ( the cottage is only used for weekends or holidays) He was supposed to be there for 2 hours, return home for dinner, but never came back till midnight. He says something weird happened. There was crabs crawling all over the beach. So, all they had to do was scoope them up,. He says they got over 40 crabs and so, spent the evening eating crabs. ( there is no cell phone access there) . He brought 5 back home for me, big #1 and heavy. I remember back in the 70’s when my brother in law called my husband to go and have crab feast because the crabs were just all over the beach too. WEIRD ! . We have not had crabs this year as he is too busy, so whatever we caught in our pots were given away to neighbors. The poms love crabs, were being fed crabs by the nieces, they refused to eat their breakfast till noon and tonight, they are also refusing to eat their kibbles


I got home late late late.
So dinner was late late late.
Just finished finished finished.

Roast boobalicious BISO chickie breast seasoned with Penzeys Mural of Flavor, salt, pepper, and extra orange zest.

Sides were Near East rice pilaf and steamed broccoli.
And wine. Yep. Wine during cooking, wine during eating.
Nom, nom, nom.
Drink, drink, drink.
No work tomorrow.
Yay me.


Green chili chicken, Mexican rice, garlic zucchini


How do you make your Mexican rice . I have never made it .

Usually I saute jasmine rice with butter and olive oil and add minced onion and garlic, tomato paste, and bay leaves. Sometimes I’ll add a little cumin and ancho chili. Stir in chicken or veggie bullion broth, cover, and steam til done.

Yesterday I used leftover cacciatore sauce as the base! It worked though.


pretty much the same as ours, but we have these wonderful Maggi tomato/chicken bouillon cubes at our meximart that i use in addition to the tomato paste, and/or chipotle powder sometimes too. Love mexi-rice!


Egg omelettes, beet hash browns, WW English muffins with butter and strawberry jam. Omelette has fresh thyme, swiss cheese and baby kale. Beet hash has large diced beets, diced carrots and small red potatoes in a buttery spice blend.



Woke up late (thanks, boyz!)

Started off slow (although had to log onto work computer for a quick moment).


Some long weekend traffic while picking up 120 lbs. of cat litter. The eating and pooping machines demand clean litter. Go figure. BJ’s Wholesale Club and CVS were also on the list. There will be more errands tomorrow.

But overall, a really relaxing day. Dinner was marinated and grilled steak tips. Marinade was olive oil, red wine, teriyaki sauce, red wine vinegar, dried minced onion, dried oregano, dried parsley, Aleppo pepper, honey and Gulden’s spicy brown mustard. Tips were marinated for 6 hours, then grilled on the grill pan and finished in the oven. Slightly overdone to a full medium, but still wonderful. And a great flavorful marinade.

Baked tater with the proverbial shit-ton of butter, salt and pepper, with sour cream on the side.

Veggies were sliced green beans, red bell pepper, and fresh corn, sauteed in butter and olive oil with Penzeys Sunny Spain seasoning mixed with extra dried lemon peel and Fine Herbs blend, with some green onion thrown in at the last minute.

Wine. Yup. Wine. Surprise, surprise, surprise! :rofl: I mean, it’s the weekend, after all!






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No photos but I have to tell you about the amazing shrimp boil I made sous vide. Same recipe as a regular shrimp boil: shrimp, fresh corn, tons of butter and old bay, sausage. Then sous vide for 30 mins 135F.

Delicious and the seafood came out so tender.

Ok, the immersion circulator is growing on me, it was worth it just for this dish alone. I wonder how it’ll do with a bouillabaisse?


Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. She would have been 96 if she lived. Today is my husband’s birthday, would have ben 81. I am smoking rather than cooking paella as opposed to last year for these occasions. had 9 guests and my son, me and my 2 poms.
9 lbs pork loin using Steve Raichlin’s Project Smoke recipe ( bourbon, mustard, Memphis rub, brown sugar ) wrapped with thick slabs of bacon, smoked pear with caramel cream rum sauce, smoked sweet potatoes and pineapple brushed with maple and butter, dizzy ! Forgot to take pictures of the cooked pineapple. peaches and sweet potatoes until after dinner was finished. So, here are some left overs. I followed Rachlin’s recipe but a little twist in that I added Memphis rub to the exterior of the loin which I think made it better than before. The bourbon mustard brown sugar was a hit. So was the caramel cream butter rum sauce.( picture )Also had a salad, and homemade greek spanacopita. We had champagne, and later on chinese dessert, lichee in almond float. !
Another dinner party tomorrow but my son says his friends who are coming tomorrow, spending the day cruising will returning cook for me for a change. They are going to BBQ. Sept 3rd, Labor Day would have been my 44 th wedding anniversary had Bill survived the stem cell transplant. Last. year, we had a paella party ( video by drone but some comment that they got dizzy watching) This y ear, I I will pass as my son says he is going out on the boat again before

he leaves next week. So, no more cooking for a while.