What's for Dinner #36 - August and Everything After

Last night i went over to my sister’s place so we could catch up properly (my nephew was with his dad, her ex) and apparently we referred to the bottle of wine and snacky things- pita chips, olives, cherry tomatoes, jicama- as dinner and followed that with a glass of dessert wine and a pint of coconut bliss ice cream we just passed back for forth :smile:

Another amazing farmers market today!! The basket of strawberries never even made it to the car with me… i found this gorgeous rainbow chard, and then chopped and added to some carmelized onions, a little garlic, black pepper, olive oil, dijon, and a splash of white wine vinegar.


Dad came back today :grin: !
We had some of these radishes dipped in salt as an appetizer (my very picky mom eats very few veggies)

Mom and dad had grilled burgers with the chard on the side and tortilla chips, i went with some raw bell pepper strips from the market today, the chard and tofu marinated in sesame soy sauce and grilled that dad promises “was not at all near the burgers”
Dad and i had opened a random inexpensive bottle of bubbly to drink with, mom is weird and doesn’t like champagne, iced tea for her


Molto bella. Superfine. Wow.

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Love the local produce .


I am literally going to cram my carryon with what will survive my trip back to nyc when i head back…!


Some leaves are starting to drop. Also a slight dip in temperature . A little comfort food to start the weekend. Wine to drink .Cheers :wine_glass:


I guess it is not. My BIL, FIL and husband don’t particularly like champagne (maybe it is a family thing for them). MIL only likes it rose. I come across men disliking much more than than women though at parties.

Pork loin looks and sounds fabulous!

Leftoverpalooza last night - chili chicken, Mexi rice, cole slaw, baked beans. Really quite good for zero effort!

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More for us! Seriously though, I think many people have been put off by bad bubbly.


For smokers! Timing the pork loin , sweet potato and fruits

Cut 3/4 of the way through each potato about every 1/8 of an inch, ending up with an accordion-styled potato. . Brush each accordion potato well with butter maple syrup mixture , making sure to get butter deep into the cuts. Sweet potatoes were placed in the smoker together with the loin . ( 350 for 20 min. 175 smoke for 2. hours then 400 till internal temp reached 160 which took 30 - 45 minutes ) Loin was done at 160 degrees but not so with the sweet potato. I placed the peaches and pineapple in the smoker for an hour at smoke of 175. The sweet potatoes were not cooked when the loin was ready but the peaches and pineapple were . Scooped caramel cream rum sauce into the concavity of the peaches, brushed the sides. Brushed the sweet potatoes and pineapple with more of the butter maple syrup, cranked the temp up to 400 degrees. Although the peaches were not sweet, they turned out perfect so peaches do not have to be perfect or ripe. They were ready shortly. Pineapple and sweet potato were ready a bit later. , T had that smoky flavor, with grill marks , potato skins were s quite crispy. I had prepared some fennel pollen spice for fruits to sprinkle on the pineapple but forgot to do it . In retrospect, the pollen spice was not necessary. The timing could not have been better as it took 30 minutes to rest the loin, when the fruits and sweet potatoes became ready.

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I am in awe of the efforts you take to make a meal!


New thread is here:


That’s always so interesting to me! Nights are often around 55 here, even when we are 105 F at 3 PM . I think it’s what makes us different from the south, and why we may not be able to do two seasons of tomatoes.

On to September !

True. And the sun keeps hiding these days… too bad for the melon.

These casting days and difference temperature between day and night is excellent to provoke flowers in orchids on another hand.

Dan, here is one mention. I’m pretty certain there’s a few more discussions too.

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