What's for Dinner #36 - August and Everything After

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Pssst… I agree with you.

But I bought the darn thing, I feel I should use it!

In all fairness, Mr. Smokey loves sous vide beef, he thinks it’s much better. He says it’s softer (?) and juicier. I agree it’s juicier, but it doesn’t taste different to me. I can go both ways, I think it’s better, but it’s a lot more effort for not much improvement.

I take one thing back, I do like how it makes cheaper cuts juicier, like the sirloin I posted above. I never ate sirloin steak before, but I do now, after I sous vide it.


Last night my husband smoked brisket, which we had with baked beans and dill coleslaw.

Tonight I had a bunch of peppers to use up, so I made chicken cacciatore with boneless skinless thighs, adding fingerling potatoes. The babe really enjoyed this. Hunger is the best sauce, I say.


Dinner tonight is ensalata caprese salad of tomato, fresh mozarella cheese drizzled with lemon EVOO .S/P and balsamic vinegar. The tomatoes were home grown from a guest recently .
Main course is Costco’s Morey Salmon, pan fried , set aside.
Using the same pan, I added 3 small pack of pre softened cellphone noodles, the reserved marinade from the fish, gochuchang, .chicken broth( actually, a fly landed inside my chicken broth as I took it out of the fridge, so just used plain water) for a few minutes, drilled some sesame oil and topped with chili crisp . I guess it still taste good without chicken broth. M y plate has the crispy salmon skin, son does not eat skin, neither did I till recently.


I am always flabbergasted by the farmers’ market, and certainly stocjed up…!

The figs will be breakfast with some yogurt

We (my sister, my nephew and i) bought a basket of these berries but they disappeared quickly! We had to return to get more before leaving

I picked up more tomatoes of course

For dinner I made mom her favorite “waldorf” salad (she likes it with just celery, apple, walnuts and a light coleslaw style dressing). Dad is still out of town so i just wanted a big bowl of all the fresh produce. Lemon cucumbers, tomato, a yellow pattypan squash, sugar snap peas, cilantro. Sprinkle of salt and a bit of vinegrette on the side to dip. Glass of wine not pictured


Awesome . You might just think about heading south to Aptos . To the farmers market at Cabrillo College . Only Saturday. Its seriously good . I know its busting right now . Your maybe a hour or less from where you are . Get there around 930 . You’ll be smiling. Plus the drive is easy .

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I love Aptos! Not sure i’ll make it this trip, there’s another smaller market this Friday at MPC that i’ll go to for more berries and figs, and the avocado guy should be there according to mom

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Central coast is busting with the goods . Nothing like it. Enjoy .

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Agreed. I was talking about cuts like a highly marbled ribeye.

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Beef !!! (NOT) Fresh tuna steak in the grill pan cooked to a perfect medium rare.
On the side a “Mac & Cheese” style baked cauliflower in the oven.
The tuna was coated with a little evoo, S&P, and a pat of butter on top to finish it off.
The cauliflower’s cheese sauce included Turmeric, Cayenne, black pepper, sea salt and a medium NYS cheddar.! Out of the oven a sprinkle of toasted slivered almonds for a little crunch. This basic cheese sauce is my go to for mac & cheese, vegetables and even a thinned out version for Fondue. I do vary up the cheeses depending on the dish.


In my freezer is half a head of cauliflower that I had processed. Perhaps, I can do Mac and cheese style next time as I did it like fried rice and just with EVOO and parmesan cheese before. Great idea! Perhaps my poms will love it too.

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Stunning!! I miss those markets!

I realized today I totally forgot both the carrots and celery. #mombrain


BF cooked last night. My request for a “light” dinner pre-new yoga class yielded this. His reasoning was that it was a small plate and that it was “mostly tomato.” !!!

last of the shaved beef, fries, and yes, a big-ass tomato… please note the very garlicky chimichurri!

sauteed zucchini.

it was delicious and I ate all of it. managed to stay upright in yoga, too…


I agree…small plate; looks like more veggies than meat!

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Zha Jiang Mian (炸酱面) / Beijing noodles – with sauce (Kimlan) from a jar, cucumber, Sichuan-marinated zucchini, iceberg lettuce for crunch, and edamame (added post photo). Really tasty umami-bomb.

Someone liked dinner:


We did a lot of traveling in the last couple of weeks, plus I’ve had a pretty busy gig schedule, so there haven’t been many post-worthy dinners lately.

Tonight’s the first night where we’re having a proper home-cooked meal: BISO chickie thighs rubbed with a ridic delish Chinese chicken roasting spice. The ingredients don’t do the results any justice.

Side is leftover fried rice from last night’s takeout & FM mater salad with the last of the Greek oregano & feta.

Happy Hump day!


Yum. Could you post that spice mix please?

Sure thang. Ingredients are: salt, spice, MSG, corn starch.