What's for Dinner #36 - August and Everything After

For appetizers i mugged the tomatoes, not so many left, they peaked a few weeks ago…

Jaggers (yes, he is named after Mick Jagger. Don’t ask) gave me the side eye since he wanted me to share!

Mom and i picked up poke bowls to sneak into the theater (my idea to sneak them in! Haha), mine had a tasty teriyaki tofu with the rice, pickled cucumber, carrots, seaweed salad and pickled ginger.
No photo in the theater though.
(We saw crazy rich asians! The book was better but the movie is totally fabulous)


Looks like fog in the background. :yum:

Haha, yup!! Seems to burn off late and roll in early all summer…

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I almost miss it because of the smoke up here . We will go with almost. Lol .

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Shaved beef & heirloom tomato patty melts. really good but SO FULL. we could easily have shared one. but OINK.


Molto bella. Knocking it out of the park .

Gosh so cold since Friday! Night dips to 12ºC / 53ºF.

Mr naf asked for sardine tartines and he got it. Combined with also the clean fridge operation: cucumber, marinated anchovies, grilled mullet roe, leftover blue cheese, home grown blue tomatoes, olives…

Duck foie gras

Mushrooms with pecorino and lemon thyme, and merguez sausages

Yesterday dinner, just Vietnamese shrimp spring rolls. Mr naf didn’t buy enough shrimps, so my rolls began with 3 half shrimps, to the last ones only 2 quarter shrimps. LOL


Laughing at self.
Self tosses a couple of sage leaves in milk. Microwaves. Makes lumpy white sauce.
Calls it ‘sage infused bechamel.’



I loved that place.

Osso Bucco Soup with Gremolata.

Used ground beef for the meatballs, as I didn’t have lamb or veal, finished it off in the slow cooker for a few hours, and used orzo for the short pasta.


May I suggest pre-searing? It takes less time to post sear and it also prevents overcooking. I think your temp and post-sear time are both a bit high and long. Pre-searing tends to result in plumper, juicier meat. I always pre-sear now.

Try this next time?


Looks great, Maria. You put me to shame… I’m so lazy these days I just slice the tomatoes and pile them on garlicky bread for my “pan con tomate”.

This is how I prefer mine also. Some places in Spain do it the old-fashioned way, rubbing the tomato directly on to the bread. That’s fine but I need a lot more tomato!


I’ve seared 1-2 mins a side for 1 1/2 inch thick steaks and it didn’t get me the beautiful caramelization that I wanted. For me, it has to be 3 mins or more, on a screaming hot cast iron.

I like my steaks medium, at least when I cook it the old fashion way, I have no problem with internal temp being 140F. But for some reason the sous vide steak goes from medium to medium well very quickly, within a minute, hopefully 125F will buy me more time to get caramelization I want. I should also try air-drying it out more, no one mentions that when the meat comes out of the bag, it’s a gray, mushy mess.

I’ve been following Serious Eats general temperatures and I have no idea how he gets that color if he’s only searing 1.5 minutes. Magic?

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Did you post-sear directly after removing it from the water bath? Next time plunge it into an ice bath first. From a hot water bath to the searing hot pan without chilling is risking overcooking.

These days I SV the meat and chill, then sear the next day or when ready to eat.

Yes, it’s grey and some albumin (unsightly white gunk, actually just protein) is often visible when done. Wipe it all off before searing. Achieving a nice colour is not hard. I tend to burn it, actually, so I have to be very careful.

Lamb leg steak.

Bavette steak.


Actually, bavette. Flank steak is something else, apparently.

Lamb leg without bone.

Duck breasts


Pork belly.

Giant rib-eye.

It’s not burnt, cherry marinade makes it look black.



Yes, i remember living in Barcelona and at some places you would scrape the bread right onto the toasted bread, the bread acting as a natural grater! But I too need more tomato juices on my bread.

It wasn’t that much work, i had (several) glasses of sangria at hand! :stuck_out_tongue:

and lazy is the LAST thing I’d call you, Presunto!



Glad you’re enjoying time with the parents. Where do they live again? I know it’s CA…

The last time I made it I used a fine grater. I also wanted more pulp. Made a little liquid tapa with the juice


Those dishes look lovely!

Ice water bath sounds like a great idea. Thanks!

He is the best dog!
My parents are between salinas and monterey, up one of the canyons in the hills a bit- about a 15min drive to either town.


I think that sous-vide cooking is great for a lot of things, but for steaks I feel that I can do just as well without it. I use Kenji’s earlier technique, pan seared steaks, getting a cast iron pan searingly hot and flipping the steak(s) every 15-20 seconds. Since I always cook steaks of about the same thickness, I can judge doneness by touch, not even bothering with a thermometer. They look just like the ones in the article that @Presunto posted. And the cooking time is only a few minutes.