What's for Dinner #29 - 01/2018 - New Year 2018 Edition

Happy new year HOers!!! Happy new year WFDers!!! Glad to learn so much from all of you the last year(s)! Keep on cooking fabulous dishes!

The first day of 2018, we woke up in a storm with downpour of rain due to Ms. Carmen passing by (storm). Sun pops out in the early afternoon, good sign!!!

Last night, we had a quiet meal for the 2 of us.

l’Arpège Egg - Warm-cold soft boiled egg with chantilly (Xères vinegar, 4 spices, white pepper, salt), maple syrup, and some chopped chive (I didn’t notice that they all withered outdoor except one leaf, miracle!).

Cockles and clams steam cooked with grilled clementine and orange. The recipe asked for clementines, I had only tiny ones, so I grilled some oranges, clementines were much better with the additional acidity, oranges I used were a bit too sweet and bitter for this dish. A simple but very good recipe from Alexander Gauthier.

Lobster - bought them cooked

Cheese platters - Salers, Munster, Abundance, Bleu d’auvergne, Brie, Saint-Marcellin

Orange coulis with coffee, vanilla panne cotta


What a wonderful NYE menu, @naf!

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Thanks Linda! That’s a lovely cake you have! It is different from the HO anniversary cake.


I didn’t even KNOW I had a cake! LOL Never really noticed it! Ummm, wait - I just hovered my cursor over it - it says it’s my birthday? Ummm, no, it’s not.

ETA: I see your profile defaults to Jan 1st if you don’t input your birthday.

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A very happy New Year to all!

First breakfast of the new year was waffles and a mimosa. Yes, just one mimosa. :slight_smile:

I’m getting a bit better at figuring out how much batter to put on the waffle iron…only a wee bit of spillover. And it made enough waffles to go in the freezer for when I want breakfast but don’t really want to think about actually doing anything. Will just have to remember to remove the inner wrap of Saran Wrap before I reheat them in the toaster oven.


Lovely! I was thinking of doing waffle too, only the fridge had no place for the batter! I bet tomorrow then!

Before the holidays, I have ordered a Liege waffle plate for my machine on an outlet website, it arrived while I was away and the parcel was sent back to the sender, I need to write to them to have it delivered again!

Slow day here after the late night, and a stuffy head (have been battling sinus issues all week)

I have black eyed peas in the crockpot, and will steam/saute the mix of turnip and collar greens, and make a pan of cornbread.


I think you have entered your birthday as Jan 1. You can see that in Preferences > Profile > Date of Birth.

Thank you for the memory of Chef Passard’s delightful amuse bouche. It and the Arzak egg are among the most creative surprises that started meals to remember.

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My siblings came to my parents’ place for brunch today so I requested that my mom make a childhood favorite, creamed eggs on toast. Tasted as good today as it did 30 years ago! I also made sausage gravy because DH isn’t a fan of hard boiled eggs and that was just as well received. Heading home today, fingers crossed the kitties aren’t too mad at us!


I watched Arzak Egg on Netflix’s The Mind of a Chef Season 1, but didn’t make it yet, need to try it.

Totally forgot to take the camera to the kitchen before dinner. Whoops.

Tonight’s meal was braised lamb shanks, mashed potatoes [gotta have that potassium, and another salad with the Caesar Dressing. I have 2 more quarts of the braise. We will have it for one more meal and then I will stock the Magic Freezer.

Our kitchen sink and laundry area drain became clogged yesterday. We did all the at home remedies, but had to call in the professionals. This is the original drain stack, so over 100 years old. We were worried that we were going to have to remove the basement cement floor, so we paid the Drain Doctors double rate to see if they could fix this before calling the specialty plumbers. It worked!!! I have a kitchen sink again!


TV, reading, trying to keep warm was the day.

Dinner was a pork chop in a champagne-mustard cream sauce, using up about 1/2 cup of Freixenet cava left over from my mimosa this morning. (Yes, I know, I know! Just didn’t want two of them!)

Seasoned with salt & pepper, I pan-seared the chop, then tucked it into the oven in a baking dish to finish cooking. Pan was used for sautéing minced shallots, adding the cava, some dried thyme, a healthy dollop of Dijon mustard, and finished with heavy cream.

Sides were baby Yukon potatoes that I boiled first, then tossed into a baking dish with olive oil, salt, pepper and Herbes de Provence and into the convection oven to finish roasting. Also steamed green beans. And wine. :wink:

I’ll have another Lemon Posset for dessert. And back to work tomorrow. Welcome to 2018.


A wise decision for sure. We’re also having to keep an closer eye on our own hundred year old house in this frigid weather. No urgent calls to professionals for us so far. My answer might be different tomorrow. :wink:

First dinner of 2018 was mushroom risotto with shittake and lion’s mane mushrooms from Martha’s Vineyard Mushrooms. (I think they’re making the rounds at some farmers’ markets and are planning to be at Boston Public Market on some January dates.)

Perfect for this deep freeze we’re having.


Individual beef wellingtons for 6 with a red wine reduction sauce, nice fresh green beans with a little chili flake, lemon zest & garlic, plus a roast new & Yukon gold potato dish with coarse grain mustard. Company loved it, clean plates x 6.



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Gorgeous! What does the HNY represent?

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Happy New Year


Those waffles … Perfection!
Your NYE dinner was not too shabby either :slight_smile:

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