What's For Dinner #27 - 11/2017 - the Giving Thanks Edition

Ack! Where did I put it?

Only a 10 hour day today.
Which turned into an 11 hour day.
Because traffic on the highway and at Market Basket was nuts.

This week needs to be over. At least there was no Destructo-Kitty remnants to come home to.

Dinner was what I planned to make last night, but didn’t. Penne, broccoli, sweet Italian sausage, in a pumpkin-cream sauce.

Oh, there was wine. There definitely was wine.


Not at all a fan of pumpkin, but this appeals to me :slight_smile:
re: furry members of household “Destructo-Kitty remnants”, must have been bad I don’t remember you
ever mentioning bad kitty behavior

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Tonight Mr. SMT did all the meal preparation and cooking. My feet feel like cement blocks and needed a night off. He chose 2 oz lamb chops, one per person, mashed potatoes, and petite frozen peas. Simple, good, right in his wheelhouse.


Aaaaannndd today we were back to weird warm. I wasn’t paying attention, assumed it would be cold again and was carrying my jacket and scarf before i even got to my office!

It was also Ripe Avocado Day, so in a stroke of genius i made my favorite-est radish kimchi salad with all raw radishes and nappa cabbage and added half an avocado cubed to it. Fantastic-ness in a bowl. Side of kombucha.
I scored a few ginger candies from the halloween candy bowl so i’ll have one or two with my tea later.


I didn’t. Too exhausted to post last night after a 12 hour day, I came home to the coffee table being swept of most items on it; the dining room table contents askew and 5 very long scratches on the top :rage:, the comforter half-removed from my bed, and most of the contents of my dresser pushed off onto the floor. Dinner last night was a bowl of cereal.


I feel your pain
Oh God … forgive me I’m laughing ( but I am truly sorry)
bought back memories


At least you didn’t leave a glass of water on a vertical surface!

What kind of cereal makes sense after this kind of day?


Other than a major vehicle mechanical problem. Life is good. Made a nice pot of beef stew. Bottle of wine to drink. Very cozy in the cottage. Snugged in like a bug in a rug. Stormy outside.


Sounds like they were like raccoons. Oh boy and just a bowl of cereal.:tired_face:

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In “Cooking discussions”

Oh my. As my husband likes to say, “This is why we can’t have nice things.” :wink: At the moment we don’t have any critters for indoor company, but I can surely empathize. I will never again eat chives from the garden after watching the wild turkey population enthusiastically romp around in them. Wishing you calmer days ahead.

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BF made killer crunchy-cheesy grilled cheese sandwiches last night to go with my Tuscan Tomato Soup i made last weekend. So good. A little quick-pickled cauli salad on the side.

oh and also, for him, cuz it ain’t food without meat, kielbasa, onions & peppers.


The only kind I had - Nature’s Path Organic Sunrise Crunchy Vanilla.

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Week? Ovah. (thankfully)
Invoicing? Done. (mostly)
Clothes? Changed. (comfy)
Laundry? In. (chugging)
Wine? Poured. (sipping)
Food? Heating. (hongry)
What? Chili. (yum)
On? Elbows. (traditional)
Toppings? Cheese. (manchego)
And? Dollop. (hmmm)
Of? Sour. (cream)
Feeling? Relaxed. (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh)


Amberjack with braised kale and roasted sweet potato
Wine, 2015 Belle Glos Las Alturas Pinot


Oops - top level vs. the Cooking one. Sowwy.

Just an easy peasy roasted lemon rosemary chicken tonight. Leftovers will be an easy dinner tomorrow night when we get home from a poker run in the new-to-us 1954 Ford F100.

Last nights beef rendang was freaking delicious. This week has been our version of cool weather and its been a long time since its been nice enough to have something simmering in the stove for 4 hours.


Lazy night here. Made a Rösti with scallions and warmed up some bratwurst. Served with mustard. The fridge is empty. The scallions will have to count as our vegetable tonight.


While trick or treating the other night I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk & landed on my left middle and index fingers. They aren’t broken (thank heavens) but my wedding ring had to be cut off because of the swelling/bruising and I lost one of the sapphires (that hurt more anything). Now I am sporting 2 lovely metal splints taped together. So tonight was “toss into pressure cooker & turn it on.” I found 2 very meaty bone -in pork ribs, 4 tomatillos, 1 Anaheim pepper, 1/2 onion (Hubby chopped it up), garlic cloves and some ground cumin. Thirty minutes later pork chile verde with low carb tortillas. Small Girl Child even liked it. Off to take pain meds and go to bed.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold