What's for Dinner #24 - 08/2017 - Hot Summer Nights on Grill Continue

Part Duex chuck … If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it
This time the meat was cooked to very rare and it was even better … with a velvety texture
I’ll crisp the leftover meat up on the cast iron griddle for tacos or burritos later in the week

It was my neighbors birthday and we had her over with her husband and daughter… They have similar tastes to DH and so it was an easy meal to put together start to finish. I made an ice cream pie with a graham cracker pie crust, coated the bottom of the pie shell with Hershey’s special dark syrup, next a layer of coffee ice cream second layer was butter pecan ice cream topped with salted caramel, drizzled chocolate shell, whipped cream, crushed salted peanuts and sliced bananas … It went over well and they asked if they could take the leftover pie home with them :slight_smile:
Unfortunately there are no pictures of dessert which is too bad because it was quite a sight, have to work fast with ice cream in these temperatures

My daily route to the supermarket


Had my son, his GF and my BIL over for dinner. Grilled lamb rib chops made another appearance along with mashed potatoes and oven roasted carrots.


What breathtaking countryside to live in!! The meal and good company sound like a wonderful evening.
(As an aside i hope you were a passenger when taking the photos!)

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TY, it really is beautiful here
I was stopped for each pic, there was no one behind me it’s a lightly
traveled road that cuts through High Breeze farm … sometimes you see the
owner barefoot, beer in hand crossing his cows … awesome
It’s my better half who takes photos with his
big ass camera with it’s big ass lens while driving across bridges SMH!


I do that, too. Sometimes over the kitchen sink. I eat tomatoes every day in the spring and summer no matter what other vegs I am also eating alongside my food.

Try adding some kind of fat to your tomatoes to help the body absorb the most lycopene. Cooking them is another way to get the most of lycopene goodness (but this can wait til autumn).

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There used to be a translator option. I don’t see it anymore.

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Wanted to make this grilled pork I had in Vietnam.

SV pork shoulder steaks, then marinated in fish sauce, fresh turmeric, minced lemongrass, garlic, pinch of sugar. This is my version. I like lemongrass and fresh turmeric. The pork chop on the plate in picture below didn’t have lemongrass and turmeric.

Grilled fresh corn brushed with chive oil (Mangalitsa fat, butter, snipped chives). This is a street snack in Vietnam. Scallion oil is used but I don’t have spring onions or scallions.

My breakfast on pavement in Vietnam. Directly after eating I caught the mini van to Ho Chi Minh City (should have stayed on Phu Quoc island the entire trip. Didn’t like the mainland after a week on the island).

Look out for the term “binh dan” if you want to eat typical and cheap food in Vietnam (still you will need to confirm the price being a walking wallet). Rice, noodle soup, noodle. For the common people.

I completely forgot there were shredded pork rinds. They are a common addition to grilled pork.


I’d go every day for sure to get those views! Nice grilled chuck too. :wink:


The fat doesn’t actually need to be ON the tomatoes, just on the plate. In fact, I generally have some olive oil on my tomatoes, but yesterday, I wanted to eat a tomato naked, still warm from the sun.

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Did I see a possum in one of those pics?

Last night’s dinner was wild patagonia shrimp, 2 pounds sauteed with EVOO using 2 heads of garlic, a tin of anchovies in olive oil , chipotle and adobo sauce and herbs from the garden ( rosemary, basil) and extra Italian seasoning. This was topping for some vine ripe tomatoes roasted in oven , with olive oil , same herbs till tomatoes rendered their juice, about 20 minutes topped with feta cheese until the feta cheese was almost melted, another 10 minutes. Served with rice. ( No picture taken because my son was using my cell phone ) and I was too hungry to wait.

Tonight, I used thinly sliced NY strip steak ( Italian deli sliced a whole NY strip for me which I freeze for steak sandwiches and stir fry when needed). This was sauteed on my wok with garlic, ginger, spring onions and shallot. Then, I added some bean paste, szechuan spices, and extra hot pickled pepper as we like it really spicy and rice wine. Set aside the cooked beef, using the same wok, sauteed my vegetables in EVOO in this order, a small onion till translucent, one tiny left over zucchini, let t over celery, 1sweet red pepper, added a small amount of oyster sauce, added the precooked beef back into the wok, then added some snow peas at the last minute ( like them crunchy when eating) , mixed it a bit so the snow peas will get a little cook but still crunchy, sprinkled some roasted crushed szechuan peppercorn , served with rice. Picture shows more snow peas as they were added last minute ad then turned over a few times.

My dogs had their beef raw as it is too spicy for them. i just had to show and share them with u all. They drool and get sick sometimes when inside the car, s


Are you being serious … sometimes I see this little dude


Well it looked like two little beady eyes, but then I checked the pic again and it was a car.

We had a possum but he moved away, now we just have a couple racoons and some muskrats.


We have a prairie dog thing that semi tortures Mittens, it is gigantic and I swear it wags it’s tail.
I have already seen and photographed bears, cows, horses and all kinds of wildlife. There are a
couple of raccoon regulars who hang out with my neighbor at night … I love it

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We had a whole family of white tails last fall, had seven in the yard at once. The are rough on the roses and apple trees.

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We have possums, a coyote, and occasionally a rattlesnake.

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BF’s bday this weekend - we went out for a rib eye at our favorite Argentianish place on Sat., but on Sunday i made one of his favorite Italian dishes - cannelloni. Except, i couldn’t find cannelloni shells near me so i used manicotti. Turned out great. Used Rachel Ray’s ricotta and meat cannelloni recipe, though i didn’t use veal, just pork and gr. beef, and added fresh grated nutmeg and a bit of cayenne to the filling.

asparagus cooked in a little olive oil, amontillado sherry and butter on the side.


Eggs and green chiles, green chile chicken tacos, stuffed chiles, eggs benedict with green chile sauce, green chile and mushroom quiche…

I house sat for some neighbors that go to New Mexico every year at this time and they brought us a half gunny sack of hot and half a sack of medium chiles. :slight_smile:

Sushi out tonight, though, I have a project in process in the kitchen.


First time having a bbq after weeks of lousy summer weather. Even though it was 25C the heat wasn’t so strong. Summer’s warmth is waning and I must grab this chance to light up the Weber again.

Components for Vietnamese (style) grilled meat and noodles.

There has been a problem with eggs in western Europe lately and I suspect the chickens are also affected, even though I only buy my chicken and pork from the organic butcher. Goat meat is to be used in place of both chicken and pork for now. The leg meat is tender just like lamb which is great for grilling.

Feels like summer again after weeks of wet and grim weather.

Sprouting seed in my lemon. Should I have saved it?


Light dinner

used up a tomato and basil from the garden. Followed by leftover smoked Stealhead trout with string beans and romaine

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr