What's for Dinner #24 - 08/2017 - Hot Summer Nights on Grill Continue

Here it is, still summer, still warm, let’s cook more!

Last night, the dinner was shirred eggs or baked eggs or œuf en cocotte - with artichokes, mackerels, dried tomatoes, dried cure ham, garlic, dried onion salt and egg!

Turned out to be quick and delicious. This will probably be my last meal for a while that I could chew. I will be seeing a dentist today for my constant tooth problem, probably a goodbye to my crown. Wish me the best.


Last two nights meals

Watermelon gazpacho with seared amberjack utilizing the same vegetables

Last night SV chicken “confit” with mashed potatoes flavored with the bag juices


Done. Mouth pain is miserable. I hope that they take care of this, and you heal quickly.


Tooth problems for someone who likes to eat is never a good thing - good luck today!

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Grilled chicken salad with a throw together skyr herb dressing with TJs onion salt, splash of red wine vinegar and Worcestershire sauce, anchovies all topped with Parmesan shavings. The humidity is back so salads it’ll be for a few days. For dessert, a kombucha float with frozen yogurt.

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Are we still doing picnics, too? We went to the beach yesterday evening because it was so hot. Dinner was baguettes, Spanish canned sardines, smoked oysters, sardine butter, fresh chèvre with herbs, red and purple sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and some delicious little melons. And wine!

Pretty much a raid the fridge and cupboard, then head to the ocean asap kind of picnic. :slight_smile:


I’m making watermelon gazpacho today! It’s so refreshing this time of year. And your potatoes look great, my son loves mashed potatoes, but I’m not very good at making them.


Maybe try my mashed potato method. They are always vacuumed up!

Peel russet potatoes (I figure one per person). Cut into quarters and boil in well-salted water until tender and ready to fall apart (usually about 20 minutes). Drain and mash with warmed milk, butter, and salt to taste. A few lumps are fine!


I think my aversion to copious amounts of butter is what keeps my potatoes from the creamy, dreamy ideal of mashed potatoes. I will try though (and I agree about the lumps, thank you!)

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I actually don’t use a ton of butter - maybe a third of a stick for 4 - 6 potatoes. I’ve also tried using plain Greek yogurt instead of some of the butter. It’s different but still good.


Awesome crust, @Scubadoo97!

First meal back at home. At the airport yesterday I told the partner I don’t want to eat any meat for a week when we get home. Not only that, I also don’t want any alcohol for a week. After eating 3 meals a day, 2 of which were warm, plus quite a bit of beer 4 days straight I just want to let to body recover and take it easy for now.

Anyway, back to my routine, back in the pool and gym. Not much time and inclination to make anything elaborate today. Besides, mussels are on sale at 1 of the supermarkets. The partner stuffed them in pita pockets with garlic sauce. I made mine with a Sichuan chili paste for chicken. (Most of the sauce is underneath)


I used a little butter and then lebneh before adding the bag juices to give it more moisture without too much more fat

Last night I boiling the potatoes whole with skin (first time) then removed the skin after they were cooked before mashing. Got more potato flavor. Didn’t lose starch and flavor to the water


Australian: steak and shrimp on the barbie!

Sirloin, Patagonian jumbo pink shrimp, garden salad, and broccoli dressed in fresh squeezed tangerine juice, good Spanish EVO, garlic & sea salt.

Low carbs, Mate.


We let the Courthouse Seafood restaurant feed us tonight. Wednesday is Big Fish Night. Fish and chips, came out of the water this morning; four LARGE pieces, all for $7.95. He gets a small fried shrimp. I get a small cole slaw. we split the fish. Always delicious!

I have made some ice cream base and it is “marrying” and chilling in the fridge overnight. Tomorrow I will churn and add the local and very ripe peaches. A summertime favorite of Mr. SMT, a native of Georgia, but even he thinks MA peaches are the best.


Nuf said
Details; garlic, shallots, shrimp shell reduction, fresh squeeze of orange with zest. The bread was a roasted garlic loaf toasted in olive oil. The combination dynamite. Well maybe the broth soak bread…buttons pushed


Finished up the potato salad I made the other day and the ridiculously good san marzano tomatoes picked up at the CTown farmers market … dry rubbed country ribs were grilled outside on weber and served over the main attraction which was some mind bogglingly terrific homemade sauerkraut courtesy of fellow HO, JMF … well worth the wait :slight_smile: Wow, many thanks again!


@smtucker @LindaWhit

Thank you very the encouragement! I was never afraid of going to dentist but yesterday was an exception, since the infection was quite serious, and it has prevented me from eating for 2-3 weeks. Tooth was gone now, I didn’t miss this one, it has given me so many problem all these years. Now I wonder if I should continue the implant path.

I felt ok with all the liquid food - green tomato cucumber gazpacho (I preferred the red one), fish soup, mushroom soup, chocolate ice-cream, mango, passion fruit and banana smoothie etc. I eat every 2 hours!

Husband had his pizza and tomatoes salad.

@Scubadoo97 Your mashed potatoes look good, I think I will make myself some tonight.
Your gazpacho was the inspiration of the green gaspazcho. As for the shrimp reduction as sauce, I tried it recently, was surprised that it was very delicious.

@TheLibrarian Your recipe sounds reasonable with butter, I have seen some (French) recipe that the proposition of butter and milk is insane.


you should continue with he implant path
I have 8 of them, not only that, prior to implant, i had to have bone graft which took 6 months or more.

Also consider anything with eggs– shakshuka, quiche, soft-boiled, egg-drop soup, Greek Avgolemono soup, Chinese steamed eggs– can you tell that I love eggs? Lots of nutrition without a ton of chewing.

Hope that you heal quickly.

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