Tip #4- Live language translator is now available!


Translator of posts from multiple languages to the language set in your user preference (default is English) is now available. Just click on the globe icon that shows up underneath the post when the post is not in your default language. Give it a try below.

Some languages that are less widely used are not available.
Bug: Chinese translator returns an error.

Please report issues you encounter in this thread.

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Será construida desde cero y en medio del desierto. Con todas las facilidades propias de una ciudad de tamaño medio de Estados Unidos, capaz de albergar unos 35.000 habitantes. Pero no tendrá ninguno.Cite City, como se conoce este proyecto que se desarrollará en Nuevo México, será una “ciudad fantasma” creada con un objetivo: servir de laboratorio a escala real para probar nuevas tecnologías urbanas.


La BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), dont le siège est au Royaume-Uni est une société de production et de diffusion de programmes de radio-télévision britannique.Fondée en 1922 en tant que British Broadcasting Company, elle devient 5 ans plus tard la British Broadcasting Corporation, c’est à dire une société de droit public constituée par Charte Royale.

(Giovanna) #4

Probably the best translations on the net. Thanks! .

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Ohne Käse, ohne Speck
Hat das Leben keinen Zweck.

It works great! Nice feature! Thanks!


OK cool! sometimes need to find translator for recipes, this simplify the task.


Hungry Onion est le numéro 1 du site pour la discussion de gourmandise.


This feature was broken for a while, but is now fixed.

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Molt bé


Doesn’t work, Catalan, with Microsoft plugin.

@hungryonion Possible to use Google instead?


Google is not free. Microsoft is (for our usage level). So unless there is larger need, we’ll stick with the free stuff.