What's for dinner? #2 - The Second Coming- through 10/31//2015

Not sure if there are loading issues on the mobile version of this site, but on CH, we usually started a new thread after around 400 replies…

As for WFD @casa lingua - we’re hosting a poker game tonight. My man’s making his fabulous pizza with TJ’s pizza dough, my homemade sawce, a variety of cheeses and likely mostly vegetarian toppings. We also have a mushroom hater at the table, so will leave them off on some spots. My guess is we’ll have green peppers, red onion, black olives, shrooms for thems that like 'em. Several hot sauces for the chile heads.

We’ll also order wings for the carbophobes.

What’s cookin’ in your kitchen, HOs?


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Posted on #1 but thanks to Lingua realised theres now a #2 so reposting here.

New flat so last night was a trip to Ikea to pick up some bits. I hate going to Ikea but if did mean I could have meatballs, mash gravy and of course lingonberry jam for dinner, so not all bad.

Tonight is beef shin stew, with parsnips, red wine and rosemary. Mash potato and sweetheart cabbage along with it. For afters syrup sponge pudding and custard made wth Birds custard powder. You truly feel you’ve settled in when you have Birds custard in the cupboard.


Thanks, LF. Around the (near) 400 post mark is ideal.

Souvlaki with pita bread today. However… I can make it better at home and with lamb. Here in Greece they use pork and chicken.


Very cool morning. Finally!!! ~ Went to the greens patch. Picked a a big mess of mustard/turnip and a small mess of Collards. It smells soooooo good in the house.
I’m thinking sweet potato, a few catfish filets fried, and either hush puppies or just a small pone of bread. ~ Leaning towards the cornbread right now. …hot and buttered! :yum:


Sounds wonderful. I love cornbread with greens. I usually eat a bowl of greens with my cornbread, then when there is nothing left but the likker, I plop a big hunk of cornbread in the bowl and let it soak up all the goodness. Yummy…


Did Lingua just call us all 'Hos? The noive of dat girl!!!

Oh wait - I did say I was a WFD 'ho in #1. :::Never mind::: :blush:


Well… I figured we’re not hounds over here anymore, so… HOs works for me :smiley:


Or either just pick up the bowl and drink the pot likker,!

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I rather think of us as HOs, too, rather than “Hunions,” but I like to keep it simple and a little naughty. Enjoy your Saturday dinners, people. This kat has the day off from the kitchen, but am hoping to soup it up tomorrow.

I’ve done that many times too!

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Chicken tikka masala, naan bread (both bought), with a nice fragrant rice courtesy of one of my Madhur Jaffrey books.


More of my local butcher’s birthday coupon was used on steak tips. They were marinated in a combination of teriyaki, Worcestershire sauce, honey, olive oil, Sriracha, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, minced garlic, rosemary, and dried thyme, they were grilled on the cast iron grill pan and finished in the oven to medium-rare. (Should have added more Sriracha, but oh well.)

Baked tater done in the convection oven, with salt, butter, sour cream and minced chives (I went out to cut all of them in the growing pot on the deck, along with the green onions, so as to not lose them in the event of a frost overnight), and steamed carrots and green beans with marjoram.


I got started on making the crab soup for tomarrows supper. By that, I mean I ate crabs today.

I steamed a couple dozen in old bay. Then I picked and ate ; trying my best to save some good back fin meat for the soup. This is the HARDEST PART of the recipe.

When the hubby and I were finished we had a good amount of pure meat picked aside and 6 full crabs left. I cleaned the leftover crabs, removed the devil fingers, etc while keeping them whole (without pinchers)

Tomarrow I will throw a few cans of good whole tomates ( I mush them with my hands) in a pot, along with a few ribs of chopped celery. Add some chicken stock and the cleaned whole crabs. Simmer slowly untill the meat falls out of the crab. They will self.clean and cook all the goodness out. Dont boil. Simmer. Grab the skeletons( cartlidge) out of the pot.

Add frozen corn to the pot and cook a bit longer to taste. Add more old bay if needed. (forgot to add, dont rinse the crabs before adding to the pot, keep all that old bay in the nooks and crannies)

About 5 mins before serving add the backfin that was put aside. Although the hubby likes it piled on his soup after its in the bowl.


reposting from the last thread… feels like old times!

rib eye tonight, for me. i’m at my sister’s, dog-sitting, so i made myself a steak after i saw a Gordon Ramsey video. seasoned with s&;, seared in hot, hot, hot olive oil, whole garlic tossed in, rosemary, then a bunch of butter to baste. rare-to-medium-rare, buttery, juicy, beefy… really good. no sides. wished i’d had a nice hearty red but i have to drive home, take the BF the other half (it was a pretty big steak.)

cocktails up later.

happy Saturday night!


i’d rather be a ho than a hound, any day. not that i ever had much choice in the matter. in the olden days, of course.


Hi Everyone!! :wave: It’s so good to see some familiar faces and a big thanks to Kattyeyes for telling me about this site! After nearly a decade with the other site, I had completely given up.

SO, what’s for dinnah? Last night we had our neighbor over, so my hubs put together some unbelievable homemade burgers for the grill. He ground sirloin mixed with a really good hardwood smoked bacon, S&P and a little butter. We served those with good ol’ American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion on a sesame seed bun with a side of french fries. Dessert was a huge M&M cookie I made earlier in the day.

It’s very chilly here today, so some more comfort food is in order. My husband, being Puerto Rican, has been jonesing for some ethnic food lately and I figured today would be the perfect day for it. On the menu - pernil, arroz con gandules and something with plantains. I might try and find some semi-ripe ones and just sear them until caramelized instead of frying them for tostones. We shall see!

It’s good to be back! :smile:


So happy you’re here! Those burgers sounded fab as does tonight’s menu. CENT’ANN’!

Notice there were no after pictures of those burgers…They literally just melted in your mouth. That combo is definitely a keeper!


Sunday dinner after Church will be Coq Au Vin…Just got it on the stove at a s-l-o-w simmer. Smellin good!! My daughter brought me a loaf of Ciabatta, I think that warmed up will work well for sopping! :yum: