What's for Dinner #19- 03/2017 daylight savings time means more time to cook

Well March is here. What are you cooking? I have a couple of chicken breasts thawing and some Chinese Broccoli and Snow Peas in the fridge. Wheels are turning. Will figure something out by dinner time


Thanks, Scooba!

We got back a bit late today and by the time we sat down to eat it was 8 o’clock. Normally at this time we are on the couch sipping the rest of dinner wine whilst watching a film (via a USB stick and old laptop connected to the TV). Dinner was soup with meatballs. I made a batch of meatballs on sunday for various dishes and some of them were in the soup tonight.

Your last couple of meals looked great I’m sure you will come up with something nice today. A stir-fry with oyster sauce would be my first thought. I don’t think you really like soup, do you? Grilled or poached breast in a noodle salad is another idea.

I’m challenging myself to think about what to make with your ingredients that’s not Chinese/Asian because a stir-fry would be too easy (and yummy).

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The fourth night of eating the same thing , My Chile Colorado by the way came out excellent . Make a couple of burritos , beans , and sauteed zucchini . Very easy peasy , hardly any mess to clean and tasty . Spring is right around the corner . Yay !!! Wine to drink :wine_glass: Cheers


Stir fry is high on the list. I just wish I had some corn starch for velveting the chicken. It really does make the meat more tender

I heard baking soda also works. I am sensitive to baking soda, as in I can taste it. Try something like kiwi or pineapple?

Baking soda I have plenty of. I would think I need to wash it off though as I don’t like the flavor that baking soda brings to the table

Yes, you must wash it off real good. I don’t recommend using baking soda.

The best way for me (being highly sensitive to smell and taste) is using fruits with the enzyme actinidin which is found in kiwi, pineapple, papaya, mango etc. Asian pear as well. I just blitz it in the food processor and pour over the meat. Note that it will change the taste a bit. The most important thing is not to leave it in too long or your meat will turn to mush. Remove every bit and wash off well.

Worked like a charm. Oysters sauce and sweetened black vinegar were the seasonings. Had some cashews and tossed them in as well. I did use the baking soda but rinsed it well and dried the chicken before it hit the pan.


Only thing missing was garlic. Just forgot about it in the heat of the moment

Made some low carb pizza stuffed peppers:

Ground beef, Parmesan, tomato paste, minced pepperoni, garlic, Italian seasoning, diced pepper all stuffed into a pepper and baked.

To finish some pasta sauce on top and mozzarella then put under the broiler.

Super tasty!


Thanks, @Scubadoo97 for creating the March WFD edition. I’ve been dealing with a sick kitty for several days and have had little time to do anything else, much less cook. Hopefully soon. But I’ll follow along.

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Hope the kitty has a quick recovery!


These sound excellent! I will have to make them soon. We had grilled flap steaks with a pesto-like concoction of mint, parsley, green olives, almonds and olive oil last night - quite tasty. I had the mint on hand because I was planning something lamb this week but didn’t get around to it, and the mint looked like it was about to turn, so I figured I might as well use it up. It may not be traditional with beef but I still like it! Roasted cauliflower with browned butter and parmesan was the lone side dish.

The lamb (which is luckily in cryovac so it can “wet age” a little longer) will be sliced thin and marinated in garlic, cumin, coriander and preserved lemon, then skewered and grilled quickly. Will serve with tzatziki and some grilled or roasted red peppers. Probably not till Saturday, though!


Worked from home for a half day to keep an eye on the Buster-Man. He’s holding his own. Hopefully he starts eating and drinking soon.

Dinner was quick and easy - freshly squoze blood orange and regular orange juice, tangerine marmalade, honey, Dijon mustard, and white wine was whisked together.

A b/s chicken breast was split in half, seasoned with salt/pepper, and sauteed in olive oil. Removed from pan; sauce mixture was added to to the sauté pan and simmered to reduce a bit. Removed it when it got to where I wanted; some sour cream was whisked in, and chicken and juices were added back in to rewarm and finish cooking.

Egg pappardelle was cooked and broccoli was steamed. Wine was poured.

And Buster slept while I worked this afternoon. Fingers crossed for him.


Pappardelle is one of my favorite pastas. But I’m a carb freak

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Tonight was a 6oz ground chuck burger with hand cut fries. Too busy eating for pictures but did it hot the spot!


Remember Bill Murray in Groundhog Day . My dinner been the same this past week . And that’s a good thing . Wine to drink :wine_glass: Cheers


Sending my best to your baby, hope he makes a quick recovery!


Also sending my best to Buster. They were wrestling only the other day, I still remember.

Buckwheat “risotto” with meatballs and lots of cheese (Comté and Pecorino). Plain chicory and parsley salad alongside. We enjoyed this simple meal and had fun discussing some intense subject at the same time (as we often do).


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