What's for Dinner #15 - 11/2016 - the Back-to-Standard-Time Edition

Some countries switched last weekend. The U.S. switches this weekend. I wish they’d just leave it alone and stop doing it altogether, but we know how gubmints like to muck with us, right?

All it means that it’ll be dark when we leave work.

And Christmas sales will start (actually, they started before Halloween, didn’t they?)

And Christmas Muzak will start on the PA systems in stores, driving most of us crazy within a week (and feeling sorry for the employees of those stores who have at least 7 more weeks of incessant jingle-bell music!).

And Santa will show up in his chair in the mall before having partaken of the Thanksgiving Feast.

Speaking of the Thanksgiving Feast, this is when our thoughts turn to “Is there anything new I can sneak onto the Thanksgiving table this year without too much uproar from those who want the traditions to remain the same?” Probably not, but that’s not to say some of us aren’t going to try!


Wow, thats a long list of bah humbugs! I hope you find some good eats that put a smile on your face, LindaW!

We’re starting November with a yummy dinner of red wine braised short ribs with large chunks of carrots, crimini mushrooms and rosemary. I made it ahead to be able to defat it and will probably add some baby fingerlings to the reheat for the man. The weather is even cooperative with a high of 69.

We’ll be back in the mid to high 80s by the weekend so I’m seeing more pollo a la brasa on the grill in the near future. The aji amarillo plants are still providing a more than generous supply of fresh peppers for it. It has become to us what TCC is to Lingua’s household.

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Yeah, I don’t particularly like when Christmas starts in September or October.


I wish they’d leave it an hour ahead and call it good. Sunrise at 6am is totally unnecessary!

As for dinner, I didn’t make a plan this morning but I know I have some beautiful Brussels sprouts and a flank steak in the fridge, so I’m guessing that will be dinner. Not terribly exciting but better than leftover Halloween candy!

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Yah, that time switching is total BS.

We’re having crispy spicy chicken tenders and a mixed salad with a simple vinaigrette before game 6. My man’s a Cubs fan, a buddy of ours we invited an Indians fan. Should be an interesting night :smiley:


I made blood sausage with lentils and prunes for Halloween. It was delicious as we put up the Christmas tree.

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Last night was a late work night so I stopped and got Thai to take home. Spring rolls, chicken satay, and some spicy vegetable fried rice. DH started on the rice before I did and he was hooting and hollering about the heat. I told him to stop being dramatic. Well, he was right…that was spicy rice. I was so happy that the advertised spicy was actually spicy. It’s my lunch today since DH said it was too hot.


Gaisburger Marsch:


I have a hanger steak that I am tossing on the grill . I’m letting it sit for a couple hours with a wet rub . Salt , oo , garlic , fresh sage , and rosemary that I crushed with the mortar and pestle . Also buttery mashed potatoes , and steamed broccoli . Ready to watch the BB game .


Tonight dinner is a flaky-leek-garlic_soft_cheese-lemon_zest/juice-bacon-chilli tart


I saw Christmas stuff out in August this year - before school even started!

I’m not even Christian and I hate it starting so early!

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It’s like seeing the big “BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES!” signs in the stores - right after Independence Day. :-/ Sheesh.

Had an insane last 5 months but finally back home. But lacking a working refrigerator…
Actually finding living out of a playmate cooler to be an interesting cooking experiment though. Luckily the freezer still works!

Tonight will either be gyros using TJ’s gyro meat, TJ’s lavish (sp?), TJ’s Tzatziki sauce (all of which are new to me), Bermuda onion and tomatoes. Or grilled cheese sandwich if my energy runs out.

After being a care giver for the last 5 months I’m just totally exhausted. Finally finished that and scheduled a much needed vacation in a sleepy town by the coast. Just to have my week cut down to 48 hours due to mandatory evacuations due to hurricane Matthew. It sucked but at least I had a home to return to…still bone tired and in need of extensive R & R.


Dry aged NY Strip and peppers with roasted butternut squash


A salad taco for me.

I made beef stew for the guys, but they nuked hotdogs for themselves instead, because baseball. :slight_smile: :baseball::beers:


That steak is beautiful. I envy your skill at charring, but still getting the inside perfectly cooked.

We had Back To school stuff out in the stores before the kids were even out of school for the previous school year!

Way to depress the kids even MORE. LOL


Acme was putting up Christmas candy displays TEN DAYS before Halloween !

That is just wrong.

However, I was really tempted to give the little buggers candy canes this year !!!


I’m usually not so good at it but thank you

The steak was cooked sous vide at 125f for a couple hours until my wife got home. It was dried, seasoned and seared in a cast iron skillet. Seasoning was salt and pepper plus a small amount of a mixture of baking soda and glucose powder to enhance and speed up browning. I find I’m using this browning powder mix more and more for things like steak but also seafood, especially scallops where I want a nice crust but keep them barely cooked inside