What's For Dinner #12- 8/2016. Still looks like summer

One day I will get around to one of those markets!

Small snack of a dinner

Pork belly glazed and broiled with a reduction of orange juice, soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, butter, palm sugar and 5 spice powder


Thursday’s whale watch was a whale of a time - we saw some smaller minke whales, but better was a pair of fin back whales, which continually came up for air - no breaching, but still pretty amazing to see the second largest mammal on earth (next to blue whales). A gorgeous day on the watern. Last night’s dinner was a bacon cheeseburger - this was my nephew’s burger - he asked for “extra bacon” and got probably triple bacon. He was VERY happy. LOL

Today was a long day at work (erasing the enjoyment of yesterday), and I didn’t have much more willingness to make a pasta dish. Lleftover pappardelle with sauteed corn, red bell pepper, chopped roma tomato, a sploosh of white wine, a larger sploosh of heavy cream, and some salt and Aleppo pepper. Done.

Gratuitous pic of the pair of finback whales. :slight_smile:


I bought a cryovac of flap meat at Costco a couple of weeks ago, which I have been “wet-aging” (i.e. ignoring because I haven’t had time to deal with it). Today it gets dealt with! These cryovacs are a great deal - $2-3 less per pound than buying smaller quantities - but it’s a LOT of meat, and there are some oddly-shaped pieces and fat included. I generally cut the larger pieces into nice rectangular steaks, then cut the larger scraps for kebabs and everything else gets ground into hamburger. So, dinner tonight will definitely be flap meat! I have some mushrooms on hand that need using, so maybe “steak tips” and mushrooms in sherry sauce with a salad. Happy Saturday everyone!


Big slab of prime beef short ribs form Costco in the smoker . Grilled Japanese eggplants cut down the middle, scored the flesh , stuffed with a mixture of bread crumb, anchovy , garlic and parsley . Potatoes from the FM steamed them sautéed in oo tossed in capers and red onion . Bruschetta grilled topped with oo , a little chopped dry farmed early girl tomatoes , and fresh basil leaves .


Seriously, is there anything better than roasted chicken as the perfect food? Well, I don’t care if you don’t think so. I do. So there.

Sleeping in this morning was quite nice after the past week of the up-at-six-M-home-at-seven-PM-or-later-working-my-ass-off-while-at-work-or-whale-watching-with-a-very-talkative-13yo-nephew-and-I’m-not-used-to-kids-who-are-always-ON.

So today was a relatively lazy day, other than logging in remotely to my work computer for several hours work.

Went with a V&L as pre-dinner libation. Dinner was a whole chicken breast lightly oiled, sprinkled with a combo of Penzeys’ Ruth Ann Muskego Ave Chicken Seasoning, augmented with additional garlic powder and lemon peel, and adding some dried thyme. Roasted until roasty-toasty.

Sides were Israeli couscous, sprinkled with ground sumac at the end, and sauteed green beans, corn, and red bell pepper, with bits of my Cajun Belle pepper added in. Chopping up 6 of those I just “harvested” made me realize that they’ve got a bit more heat than I thought. I’ve got 6 more waiting to get red on the plant. So the pepper plant turned out very nicely. The tomato plant, however, only has 2 green 'maters on the. So yet again, I’m a semi-failure at being a gardener. I’m an herber, as the basil, rosemary and thyme are doing GREAT.

Oh - there was wine with dinner. Like, DUH.


It was all about the tops

Seriously it was. When I see bunches of carrots with tops I think they look so good, but what to do with the tops. I’ve cooked them like greens but while good I was looking for more. That’s when I ran across the Michel Richard’s recipe for braised carrots in an orange sauce with a carrot top purée. It looked so good I had to give it a try. I have to say the results were worth the effort. It was a nice foil to mashed potatoes with shaved brussel sprouts and wild sockeye salmon.

The flavor of the carrot top sauce was really good and enhanced the carrots so well.


I have to look this one up .

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Don’t have it . Correct .

So gutted about forgetting my mushrooms! Left them behind in the fridge at the lodging! Only occurred to me whilst in the taxi on the way to the airport and the keys were unretrievable!

Was looking forward to eating them for dinner tonight. 2kg of them! And look at the price? I pay eur.4 for 100gr here at home!


Eating mushrooms in my thoughts now.

4.5 EU for a KILO??? Be still my heart!

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I have all these great vegetables from the FM this weekend . I will cut them up to make a crudité . With a bagna caute for dipping . Crusty local baguette to go along .


A decidedly non-August type of meal decided on the way back from shopping at BJs.

Pulled a small tub of chili from the freezer, and served some of it on elbow mac topped with grated cheddar cheese and a dollop of sour cream.

Alongside, a salad of lettuce, radishes, shaved carrots, dried cranberries, homemade croutons tossed with a lemony Caesar dressing. And wine.

An impulse purchase at BJ’s will be dessert - a Klondike Bar.


Aw, man. That sucks big doodah :frowning:

Long time! Hi Everyone!

Tonight the main is pork filet mignon cooked with wine and chicken stock, potatoes, shallots, garlic and rosemary. Leafy salad with cherry tomatoes, balsamic vignear and sliced andouillette.

Served (and cooked) with a shitty wine.

That’s right, written on the bottle “vin de merde”. Hubby tried it and totally agreed with the label. I kind of like it. It’s with character!


Corvina over leftover corn and steak relish, sweet potato oven fries and a side salad


Peach , basil , and cheddar pork sausage from FM . Slowly cooked in ci pan . Two eggs o.e . side of potato salad . It’s Monday


Lol about the wine!

Andouette - whew you are brave! I tried a bite of it once and couldn’t even swallow it.

That sausage sounds amazing- how was it?