What's For Dinner #108 - the Start to the Second Half of the Year Edition - July 2024

Myers and ginger was my adult drink when I could drink. Delaware Punch was the favorite soft drink as a kid.

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Grand Budapest Hotel is a movie that came out 10 years ago and shame on me for waiting so long to see it. It’s about a concierge at a luxury hotel who is framed for murdering a wealthy benfactoress and is involved in an art heist with his protégé, a lobby boy. It is funny and suspenseful and has a cast of well known actors (Ralpn Fiennes, F. Murray Abraham, Saoirse Ronan among others). If you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend it. It reminds me a lot of those Pink Panther movies that were popular in the 70s.

As for our liquor stores, they are a crown corporation that has been in existence for 97 years and this is the first time they have ever gone on strike. I find this ironic because when the pandemic first hit they were considered an essential service and had to stay open along with the grocery stores, drug stores and cannabis stores. The rationale was out of concern for the alcohols - if you cut off their supply they could get severe withdrawls including seizures. But now that the state of emergency is over I guess they are no longer considered an essential service. Now that there is a strike there are no restrictions in place. I don’t get this province…

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100° here yesterday, more heat throughout the week and thunderstorms next week, they say.
Last evening I concocted a pasta dish of bow ties, sundried tomato pieces, kalamata olive slices combined with Aidell’s chicken and apple sausage coins, dried basil and some cream. Very tasty and it didn’t heat up the kitchen. Some kind of cool salad dish planned for tonight.


What kind of spices and seasonings to you use for the frio verde? I can’t wrap my head around cold kale soup TBH.

It’s pretty much caldo verde, only frio. Potato, onion, garlic, kale, vegetarian chicken broth, a little cayenne, salt & pepper. And sour cream for serving.

It probably is not to everyone’s taste, but I’m a huge schav fan, and this is not all that far off.

You had me at cayenne and sour cream.

Right? There are certain combos that ensure I will like something. Soy sauce and ginger is another.

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I feel a thread coming on…

ginger & garlic
dill & sour cream
lemon & capers
eggs & spinach

Think there’s something there for one?


If it’s chicken broth, it’s not vegetarian?


I got this originally when I had my first colonoscopy, for the “clear liquids” part of fasting. And then I fell in love with it.


So it’s like vegetarian-friendly chicken flavoured broth? Interesting. If it’s that good, I will have to keep an eye out for it!

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It’s been (counts on fingers) 40+ years since I had chicken broth, so I can’t tell you how closely it approximates the real thing. But it’s very good!


I think so! You might get a lot of ginger + garlic pairings (think Asian food). But all pairings would make for a lively discussion.


That combo’s already in my OP :wink:

It’s possible to order direct from wineries, craft distilleries, craft breweries.

I offered what remains in my liquor cabinet to anyone who wants it through a FB post, but so far no takers, apart from a margarita making friend who wants dibs on my unopened bottle of Triple Sec.:joy:

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Nope - I have seen it - which is why I noted “Great movie!” I might have even bought it on DVD years ago. LOL

And yes, our liquor stores were considered “essential” in MA and stayed open during the pandemic, albeit with limited access (i.e., number of people in the store at a single time) for awhile.

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Nah. We NEVER have “lively discussions” here on HO. :wink:


Almost lost my cawfee, woman! Careful now, there’s a beverage here :joy:


Which was hysterical, given the decades we had to live under those stupid blue laws limiting days/hours of purchase in this state :rofl:

I became very thankful that delivery in my area became an increasingly more common option in those (lock down) days!


Tonight we had Baby Lima Bean Pulao with boondi raita, onion salad, and 3 kinds of papad.

The onion salad came out a bit spicier than I had intended, but everyone enjoyed the perk-up :joy:.


Last night we had a combined birthday celebration for my visiting friend’s wife and me, because she’s finally in town (I delayed my return for her).

It was completely OTT because that’s how my friend likes to do these things :rofl:.

We started at my house, so they could visit with my mom over tea and snacks.

Then on to a nostalgic childhood splurge (and iconic Bombay institution) for cocktails. I ordered a glass of bubbly and the manager gifted me the bottle, which was more than nice of him.

Then onto another nostalgic spot for dinner (in the same place) with many small and big memories for all of us, and not as much food as I had originally feared — bec we forgot to order 4 or 5 things in the cocktail-enhanced blur of the 3rd location :rofl:.

All in all it was an extended evening with three rounds of drinks and dessert, lots of laughter, reminiscing, and some bittersweet moments as we remembered the lost parents who gave us their love of food and indulged us so generously long before we knew what indulgence was.

Snacks were all classic Bombay — khandvi, dhokla, chilli cheese toast, sev puri.

Dinner was Chinese — dim sum to start (lobster dumplings, har gao, chicken and spring onion potstickers, lamb jiaozi, golden fried shrimp), 3 flavor noodles and egg fried rice for accompaniments, and mains of 5-spice pork spare ribs, chicken in oyster sauce, and jumbo crab (shelled) in garlic sauce.

Dessert was 3 chocolate birthday cakes, toffee banana fritters, date pancakes, and 2 kinds of ice cream, plus a couple of rounds of cognac, baileys, and cointreau.