What's For Dinner #108 - the Start to the Second Half of the Year Edition - July 2024

Otherwise known as the middle of the summer month.

It’s National Ice Cream month. (Wait, isn’t that EVERY month? If not, it should be!). It’s also National Picnic month. Because we all like pic-a-nics with our favorite bear, Yogi, right? Let’s add in National Grilling month, because grilling, picnics, and ice cream definitely go together!

It has Independence Day for the U.S., and Canada Day for our friends up north for the majority of the North American continent to celebrate. Which means lots of :fireworks::fireworks::fireworks:, so please make sure your :smiley_cat: and :dog: are safe on those holidays! You don’t want them to beat feet :paw_prints: when they get scared at the loud booms.

It’s a good month for all of our gardens, farmers markets, and CSAs to really begin giving us their summer’s bounty, at least for those of us who don’t have year-round availability (I’m waiting on local corn and peaches myself, but will have to wait just a little while longer.)

So what’s on your table this month?


Ill start. Pizza Saturday.


Just wanted to add, that both Sunshine and I really enjoy seeing pictures of your pizza creations.

Sunshine definitely wants me to try to make something close to some of your ideas.

They really are beautiful pizza(s)!!


Carmel/Monterey has a lot of restaurants but many of them turn out to be mediocre touristy places. One of the exceptions for us was always Passionfish https://www.passionfish.net/ in Pacific Grove which is well known for their excellent cooking of sustainably fish as well as a great and affordable wine list. We haven’t been to Passionfish for 10+ years but this visit was as good as we remembered them. We heard that there will be a change in ownership but all FOH and BOH will stay - so let’s hope that Passionfish will continue to be a special restaurant

Sea scallop, caper-raisin-walnut relish, artichoke risotto cake

Nancy’s buttery buttermilk biscuits

Dungeness crab salad, avocado, spicy ginger vinaigrette, braised fennel

Alaskan halibut, bacon chowder, anise relish

Rainbow trout, sweet potato-wild rice saute, cardamom syrup

Maple-banana bread pudding, bourbon caramel, banana ice cream

Yuzu panna cotta, strawberry coulis, lemongrass meringue


This dinner happened in June, but I’m posting it here because there is no rule of law anymore.

Farmed & foraged! A salad of daylilies (foraged), lettuce, basil (both farmed) and peaches (purchased).

Grilled seafood and vegetables.


Masoor (whole brown lentil) Pulao, yogurt, and papad for dinner tonight, with a side of potato-stuffed green peppers that got a leeeettle charred.


We’re happily tucked into our airport hotel room after our final meal in Berlin. We had an excellent connection to the restaurant from the boonz, and the absolute torrent we drove through in the cab to the hotel let off just in time :sun_behind_small_cloud:

We shared the yoğurtlu patlican ezmesi

(grilled eggplant with yogurt) for our app — a ridiculously generous portion we finished nonetheless with the ‘assistance’ of crispy, fluffy charcoal-grilled pita bread,

and our favorite, the special lamb platter with tenderloin, chops, loin, my beloved ribs, and kebab.

The meat platters come with a lovely mixed salad of arugula, romaine, tomatoes, onion, sumac in a perfectly seasoned olive oil / RWV dressing.

Two Efes with, as this is one of the Turkish restos in Berlin that serves booze :smiling_face:

in fact, they added an entire WALL of raki since we were here last year :scream:

And so endeth another wonderful summer in Berlin. We really can’t (nor should we) complain, for we are truly lucky to be able to do this every year.

A rainbow to send us off till next summer :heart_eyes:


Rules for some, but not for others.


I hate this timeline.

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“stop the world I want to get off”?


Something like that. Only angrier.


Made a big ol’ mess of pork Lo Mein (pork tenderloins needed used). The platter is 18x14 inches, so, too much food for 3 people and lots left over.

I took the diffuser off one of my big stove burners and managed to get a bit of oil vapor flames in the wok (just like 1-2 seconds each, not several seconds like you see with real wok burners) while doing the meat and some of the veggies.

I think round noodles are more traditional but I find the flatter ones easier to deal with.


That looks faceplant-worthy.

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Careful - that faint fuzziness near the top of the photo isn’t lens smudge, it’s steam.

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Some food pleasures are worth a few burns / minor pains, e.g. pizza straight out of the oven (heat blisters on the roof of my mouth; burnt tongue), spicy or rich foods (the aftermath. oh, the aftermath)… sometimes you just have to make the call :wink:


Pre dinner G&T on the deck, glorious weather today, and a 4 piece from Popeyes. Ate 2 pieces and gonna try to save the rest for tomorrow :sweat_smile::rofl:


That relish looks devine! My mouth is salivating.

I was not aware that daylilies are edible. Learned my something new for the day.


They even taste good! There used to be a great little local paper that served the area where our cabin is, called The Phoenicia Times. It contained a column written by someone named Violet (I forget her last time) about foraging. From this, I learned to eat these wildflowers.


Son and his GF made an early dinner for us then bolted for a Nationals game. Grilled hot dog and (bagged) Caesar salad with leftover chicken cutlet on top. Ok food, great company!