What's for Dinner #107 - the Almost Sum-Sum-Summertime Edition - June 2024

I dressed the veg with a basic vinaigrette of white wine vinegar, oo, garlic, thyme, dried oregano, salt, pepper, and sugar. Maybe my expectations were too high :rofl:

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Mint was cooked along with the mushrooms. It’s just not a combination I ever would have thought of.

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Having trouble getting my head around it, but that’s sometimes the genius of unexpected combinations! I love mint in Viet and Turkish savory applications, so why not mushrooms? (I don’t get mint and lamb, but that’s a separate situation :joy:)

Blueberry vareniki. Roasted carrots with dill. Uli’s pork sausage.


It’s Tuesday. Chicken tacos. Onion & cilantro, radish, very spicy aji verde. Elote salad. Bloody Caesars and Margaritas.


Mostly leftovers tonight.

Frozen tsukune of questionable age, but they microwaved up just fine, and then I added a quick glaze of hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, and sesame oil.

Eaten with leftover umami noodles, Korean scallion salad, and some of last night’s Viet cabbage slaw.


Sambal oelek ginger garlic basil shrimp.

Fried glass noodles, ginger garlic sesame oil asparagus, salad.


Tonight’s dinner was Shake & Bake Pork, ugly baked sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables. I got this bag of sweet potatoes on clearance, other than being ugly, I couldn’t find anything wrong with them. I picked out the four largest from the bag and we had them for dinner. I’ll make sweet potato soup with the rest of them and freeze it for a later meal.


The street food festival dosa was better, and def both more fun & efficient to eat with my hands.

I wouldn’t say the restaurant dosa was dry (is it supposed to be saucier?), but the filling was on the loose side, so picking it up without making a major mess, i.e. dropping food all over the table (or worse, my lap :grimacing:) would’ve been impossible.

Also, this only having been the second dosa of my life, I really had no idea what to expect. I guess I just need to try a third one elsewhere :slight_smile:

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Last night we met up with our Canuck friends at one of my favorite Turkish places in town. It is the only restaurant serving midye & their specialty: chopped (not ground) Adana kebab with pistachios. I’ve been salivating all year in anticipation of both, and — to use the tired old phrase — it did not disappoint. We shared an order of 10 midye,

the “small” appetizer plate,

and two of the kebabs, which was the perfect amount of food.


I was looking forward to having a nice big glass of Helles with my meal until I remembered that it’s one of many Turkish places that don’t serve alcohol, so I had two freshly made mugs of ayran instead.


It was a little difficult having a conversation, unfortunately, as there were a couple of large families with several babies and infants that were pretty much screaming incessantly, with nobody bothering to step outside and try to calm them. Different cultures :woman_shrugging:t3: Let’s call it #atmosphere :smiley:

Had a coupla beers at a cozy bar on the canal after dinner, then called it a night. As you can tell from our outing, my PIC’s on the upswing :heart:

We’d scooted to the Greek bakery in the afternoon and picked up MOAR EKMEK and an almond tart. The almond tart was our late night treat. It didn’t taste much like almond to me — more like a vanilla tart with toasted almonds, but it was good and not too sweet.

Not a clue WFD tonight. I slept pretty late today, and my PIC’s got yet another interview for a podcast at 8pm, which is usually our prime dining time :roll_eyes:

Might have to get a late lunch & then just abendbrot it. Yeah, I just turned that into a verb. Sashimi! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was planning to impose “Leftover Night” on my wife and son when late in the game my wife says “Pizza Please? And leftovers tomorrow?”

This is ATK’s 1-hour pizza dough. Pretty good. It’s square-ish because I spread the dough too far and it would have draped over the stone (need to get a big steel!). So i rolled the two sides up with some torn up chunks of fresh mozzarella).

Recipe permitted reprint is here:

I just used their dough because I had some leftover sauce, but wouldn’t mind trying their sauce next time.

ETA Brian Lagerstrom also has a decent 1-hour pizza.

Both work if in a time crunch.


Thazza mighty fine lookin’ pah, sir.

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Blowfish tails with ponzu-adjacent sauce, roasted gai-lan and shiitakes.


My “breakfast” was at 5pm :grimacing: so a pre-podcast dinner wasn’t in the cards.

Instead I whipped up a late-ish meal of tagliatelle all’aglio, peperoncino e gamberi with a few frozen shrimp, half of the last ‘clove’ of that ginormous garlic, and just one bird pepper tonight, tankyouberrymuch :joy: Buncha parsley cuz it needed used.

I also had a lovely burrata & half an avocado left, but decided to run out to the stupidmarket for tomatoes.

And bc I felt that tomatoes and avocado in the caprese weren’t enough veg content for our meal, I also grabbed some arugula & made a salad with shaved pecorino tossed with a very simple dressing of lemon oil, lemon juice, salt & lotsa black pepper :yum:

Cheaper than going out, and very satisfying.


Looks pretty good. But I really like the pattern on the dishes.


Fresh sea bass with hibiscus pickled onions and Peruvian style green sauce. I like to use hibiscus for the vibrant pink color it imparts. Served with Grillo’s Pickle de Gallo (Grillo’s are our new favorite store-bought pickles) and avocado and cucumber salad. The salad is very simple to make (cucumber, smashed avocado, lime juice and hot sauce to taste) but is one of those things where the sum is greater than the pieces.


Arugula salad with canned tuna, various pickled and fresh vegetables and some Bulgarian feta. Ate it straight out of the SS mixing bowl like an animale :sweat_smile::pinched_fingers:t2:


Beautiful photo :blush:


Woks of Life’s Asparagus [and zucchini] Chicken with jasmine rice. Very quick and delicious – I also added minced scallion and ginger.


Farfelle with Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes, etc. caprese with deck basil, sautéed bananas<div data-theme-slick="1