What's For Dinner #106 - the Sneezles & Wheezles Season Edition - May 2024

Fridge clean out week as I depart on Saturday for 10 days. Dinner ended up being a “mushroom bowl” loosely based on a recipe I saw on the website for the Capitol Market in Charleston WV - stir fry oyster mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, noodles, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, tofu, oyster sauce, and a few other saucy ingredients I threw in. Pretty tasty and low glycemic score. No pic b/c I was in a rush to get to rehearsal.

If anyone has any food thoughts/knowledge/reccs about Charleston WV or Lexington KY, I’m all ears.


Good save

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Yes I know I am not Natascha but White Asparagus lend them selves to fairly simple Preparation.
Salt, Butter and Lemon all play very well with it.
Chilled with Lemon Dressing often with Hard Boiled Eggs
Hollandaise and sprinkle of Parsley is very nice.
You can add to that a bit of Crab Meat or Schinken/Prosciutto/Jamón
It also makes a lovely Gratin with a simple White Sauce as well as the above mentioned additions and a sprinkle of Buttered Bread Crumbs or Cheese.
Vietnamese Crab and Asparagus Soup (Súp Măng Cua)
Simple Cream Soup with Leek, Potato Base


If I remember correctly the recipe is in their book

ETA - https://www.7x7.com/amp/secret-recipe-rich-tables-addictive-sardine-chips-1787330913

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Thx! And I found it online

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I had some leftover Shanghai Bok Choy tips to use up and, since I was the only one eating, decided to throw some sunny side eggs on top and call it dinner. I did add some chili crisp - this time Fly by Jing. We’ve trying to compare the various big names to see which we like best. So far Lao Gan Ma is the winner.


Spicy spicy shrimp and meatballs, side salad with lemon/caper/anchovy dressing, Parm/Reg.
Shrimps, meatballs and Parm were all from Costco, man I love that place :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:
Also tried a new beer today, sour and fruity just like me :blush:.
Also also, a pic of the fabulous chili oil I’ve been using to spice up my Mediterranean dishes.
Also X3, a gratuitous shot of my new patio brolly and mat, the old one finally gave in this morning, but Home Depot to the rescue!


Always interested in exploring new restaurants with “classical” (Southern) German dishes (though it would be nice to have any restaurants which serve a much broader variety of German dishes from other parts of Germany. Those are nearly impossible to find anywhere in the US and are very different to the meat heavy dishes one normally finds)
One of the “old-timers” in the Bay Area is Suppenkueche https://www.suppenkuche.com/ which just celebrated its 31st anniversary. Nice, relaxed ambience with good dishes - we will be back

Russische Eier - Deviled eggs with pickled beets, horseradish & bacon bits

Reibekuchen - Potato pancakes, apple sauce sour cream & chives

Sauerbraten - Red wine marinated braised beef, red cabbage & spaetzle

Wurstgericht - Sausage entree with 2 bratwurst, sauerkraut & mashed potatoes, pickles, sweet & spicy mustard

Apfelstrudel - Apple strudel, heavy cream


Tonight’s dinner was a new-to-me recipe for gnocchi chicken skillet. It came together really quickly and it was quite tasty. I would make it again. I had a spring mix salad using the spring mix that came in today’s share.


I was gifted some fresh-cut asparagus by a neighbor from his garden. So, tagliatelle with asparagus, pan-roasted tomatoes, marinated soft goat cheese and some lomo de Serrano (prosciutto-like Spanish cured pork tenderloin). Asparagus was SO GOOD. I have hopes of more.


All sounds fabulous, from the fresh-cut asparagus to the lomo serrano!


Another dinner on the camp stove tonight. Senate bean soup and toast.

We used our new Delta toaster, which after a couple of minutes will make one slice of lightly toasted bread. We’re camping and it’s toast.

I was so excited, I forgot to take a photo of the soup.





Tonight we had a pilaf of brown basmati and crimini mushrooms from the freezer topped with broiled “tandoori-spiced” shrimp (Aldi; bleh), raita, and Brooklyn Delhi tomato achaar. I had a taco and margaritas out later.


Sugo di Funghi e Taleggio over pappardelle. Washington asparagus, baby bells and red onion, oo&v dressing, garlic bread, wine.


Pollo asado from Cardenas supermarket and Stouffer’s spinach soufflé.

I had gotten 4 of these cooked chicken quarters last week and both my sister and I were really impressed with them…especially for $6.00, so I went back again for more this week.

As for the spinach soufflé, it’s long been my favorite frozen food and I’d been craving it. Stouffer’s frozen foods have been on sale nearly every week since I’ve been back, but they were always “buy 5 for…” and I didn’t want 5. But this week Albertson’s had them for $2.29 each without a minimum purchase. So I got one. I’m happy to say that they are as good as ever and definitely worth $2.29 for 12 oz!


Pure food porn!


I’m trying to get my pasta game back after a couple of low-carb years. Tonight I made an egg-heavy version, which was a little hard to work with. But I got it together somehow. Fettuccine with shrimp and asparagus in a tarragon cream sauce.

Sorrel and Little Gem lettuce from the balcony. The gift that keeps on giving!


Lamb sausage and Turkish-style pilaf and English peas, with the first big , thick California asparagus that I’ve seen in a long time.


…that I haven’t seen in a long time…


I’m sorry, I must’ve overlooked your post, @bcc – too busy stuffing my gullet :wink:

I’m assuming you already made your white asparagus, since freshness is key. How did you end up making it?

Ima basic besh, so usually go the traditional way of lightly boiling in water seasoned equally with salt & sugar, approx. 10-15 min, depending on how al dente you prefer your asparagus. In general, the white stuff is preferred to have at least some degree of floppiness… or perhaps that’s just my personal preference, as I just yesterday had some prettttty stiff stalks at a restaurant meal :rofl:

While I like Hollandaise, I usually just melt a bunch of butter, add chopped parsley, and lube up the boys and the taters generously. Smoked ham is my companion here, as I don’t care much for prosciutto cotto / Kochschinken. Meh.

And that is all :slight_smile: