What's For Dinner #106 - the Sneezles & Wheezles Season Edition - May 2024

A properly seasoned and roasted chicken with crispy skin, homemade gravy, buttery soft mashed potatoes, and peas is my death row meal.

If I don’t get them before they strap me in, I’m taking out the prison chef before I go. I mean, what do I have to lose, right? :wink:

I’ve become more particular with the chicken I buy. Too many packages have chicken breasts with the sinewy pale white lines in them, indicating toughness after cooking. Chicken manufacturers don’t know why some have it, and some don’t. I just think the massiveness of the birds today might have something to do with it.


That’s such a good feeling…to be a regular where the staff calls you Hon or gives you a hug when they see you, they start making your regular drink as you sit down at the bar without you asking for it, and make others move over a seat to allow you to sit.


I remember @gcaggiano talking about stringy chicken and some analysis of it.


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Dinner was catch-up with one of my best friends over sushi. Her mom had a stroke a few days ago but I was away. She wanted to go out rather than have me visit at home, so we went out. (Mom is home and mostly recovered, so thankful that it was a lucky break.)

The neighborhood sushi place has a laminated page of specials with photos that never changes. It’s kind of like a broken clock – right only exactly in season :joy:. I remembered that they have soft shell crab and lobster tempura on that page — ding ding ding! FINALLY actually available!

The soft shell crab was perfectly fried, enhanced with a couple of pieces of tempura lotus root that were lovely. The lobster tempura was tossed in a spicy sauce reminiscent of Nobu’s creamy spicy crab, very nice.

The sushi was lovely too. But the seasonal specials actually being in season was the most exciting part of the meal :joy:


Come over to visit SF and SF onions could have a dinner with you at Rich Table

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Haven’t been since the summer of 1978 (Mom gift after graduating from Katharine Gibbs). I’m a bit overdue. :smiley:


Charcoal grilled ribeye, mushrooms and salad for him. I made a lettuce, beet, avocado salad with very chunky homemade blue cheese dressing.

I picked up a bag of this yesterday. Popped about a teaspoonful in my mouth today and almost gagged, it was so sweet. What did I expect?

Then I thought of making a half batch of original toll house cookies and throwing a bunch of it in there. Cut back on sugar and added a touch more salt. Not bad. And they’re tasting better as the night goes on.


Camp-stove dinner tonight.

Chili con carne with black beans. Cheddar cheese, green onions, sour cream, and fried tortillas.

Hit the spot after an outdoorsy day.


Wow, what a feast! Rich Table replaced my favorite restaurant in SF (Taste Paul K) so I always look somewhat askance at them, but those plates are gorgeous. They have obviously thrived in that spot.

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Celebrating being back in action after nearly two weeks of bronchitis. I made Martha Rose Shulman’s fennel and kale gratin. It’s not exactly gratin weather around here but I was looking for a good use of my gorgeous garden kale :star_struck: (just before the cabbage moths set in)


This was one of those meals which tasted MUCH better than it looks! I made an omelette with Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese which I then put on top of a piece of flatbread which I had grilled in the pan where I made the omelette.

I got lots of deals today here in Sin City (supermarket ads begin on Wednesdays here).

Honeydew melons…5lbs/$1.00 & cantaloupe 4lbs/$1.00 (bought only honeydew)
6 oz of blueberries or blackberries…$0.79 each (I got 2 blueberry & 1 blackberry)
California cherries $0.99 per pound
Canadian bacon 8 oz/$1.20
Stouffer’s spinach soufflé $2.29

There were many other GREAT deals to be had, but one can only carry so much home from the supermarket on foot!


Pan-fried catfish with McCain chips, Kewpie aioli.


You added garlic to Kewpie ?

Um, yes?

I just wasn’t sure what you meant with Kewpie aioli

This is actually genius.


A jazz club where everyone knows your name! How awesome is THAT!?!


So pretty. If I could only have one bite, I’d need to try the sardine chip.


That looks very good.

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Being a “regular” at a local spot provides a wonderful sense of connection. I love having a favorite coffee shop, breakfast place, pizzeria, and so on. And you get to do it where there’s live music!