What's for Dinner? #1, the Inaugural Edition- through 10/17/2015

Yeah, I’m a WFD whore. So sue me. :smile:

A pork roast from this weekend needed to be used up, so I went back to the Epicurious.com recipe I used a week or so ago for pork stir-fry. Instead of green beans and carrots, I used broccoli and red bell pepper. And instead of peanuts (which I didn’t have) I used cashews (more than you get in restaurants because…well, because I can!). Otherwise, the soy sauce, honey, garlic, ginger and pepper flakes (I used Aleppo) sauce remained the same. And served on basmati rice.

Hellz yeah. There was wine. It’s virtual Friday, after all. Not that the day of the week ever stopped me.


Boston Butt was on sale this week for $1.29/lb! Cooked it the other day in a clay cooker. Froze half for later.

Tonight’s dinner was left over BB with a side of roasted poblanos, sauteed fresh corn, garlic & black beans seasoned with cumin. Fresh tomatoes and avocado salad.

A little wine just so Linda wouldn’t be drinking alone!


I am making two things. One for dinner. The other is more like an on-going project.

The first one is my wonton in wonton soup.

I made the wonton and the wonton broth months ago and deep froze them. I boiled the wonton in water, heated up the wonton broth in microwave, blanched some vegetables and put them together. Aside from the wonton wrappers, everything were started from scratch.

The second one is the braising of dried abalones. I soaked the dried abalones for a couple of day and finally started to braise them in my Chinese supreme broth. I may cook them for another 2-3 days depending when they are fully cooked. You can see that container on the upper right. That is my supreme stock which I made awhile ago and put in the freezer.


Despite having absolutely no water in the house for 2 days, long story, we some how managed to do a 12 person taco night. Chicken was braised in a tomato, ancho, sauce thing and of course there were toppings. There was guacamole, a pretty standard salsa, a mango jalapeño salsa, smokey beer braised beans, and pickled onions. I’m sure I’m forgetting something…

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what is in your chinese supreme broth?

I made mine from:
cured ham, old hen, lean pork, longan (dried), and water of course.

I used also use beef tenderloin, but I don’t any more.

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Since it’s inaugural and all…It’s usually pizza night on Fridays at Rancho Biscuit, however tonite is leftover stuffed smoked chicken breast


Hi Biscuit!

Very nice looking stuffed chicken breast.

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Trade you for a wonton!

A stuffed chicken breast costs way more than a wonton. You are losing in this trade. You should say “trade for 5 - 8 wonton” :stuck_out_tongue:


oh me, oh my, I wasn’t quite ready for this, but…

an inaugural chef’s salad, such as it was… was WFD last night. early girl tomatoes, cukes, romaine, HB eggs, pardon peppers, Applegate black forest ham, Colby jack, homemade buttermilk blue cheese dressing. and a fat olive oil fried rosemary roll crouton.

Excited to be here!


Non-authentic, Mission-Style, vegetarian burritos: Morningstar Farms’ black bean chipotle crumbles sautéd with onion and spices. Can, each, of kidney and black beans, leftover steamed rice, and some salsa. Simmer everything, then into whole wheat tortillas with cheese, diced tomatoes and onion, and avocado. Makes for great leftovers.


Thanks LW! I had pollock from my fish share to use up last night and made a bacon-tomato-scallion-crumb topping for it that way mighty tasty. Side was just-picked broccoli from the farm stand I drive by on my way home. My photography skills are not up to most of the rest of yours but here goes anyway.


those wontons looks amazing!

Wow. (I didn’t even read the rest. I think that is all I need to dream. Bacon + Tomato + Scallion :slight_smile: )

Actually, I love broccoli too.


This is hilarious Linda ! I can’t believe you started the WFD board again. Good for you; Brava ! Well, here goes I might as well join the party…

WWFD: Last night we used our CSF share of dayboat haddock to make an Italian recipe called Haddock alla Pizzaiola. Just as it sounds it mirrors the ingredients of a traditional pizza: homemade tomato sauce, (garlic, Pomi tomatoes, oregano, S & P, crushed red pepper flakes, olive oil.) The fillet of fish is roasted with a healthy ladle of the sauce, grated parmigiano and fresh mozzarella cubes over top, then a shower of small fresh basil leaves.
Bakery crusty Italian bread to mop up the sauce, and a green leafy salad were also served.

WFD: Tonight we’re taking a short flight to the island of Ikaria for lentil soup with fresh baked pitta, and a Greek salad.


Woohoo! So glad to see this thread.

I’ve been in clean out the fridge mode since I’ll be heading out of town this weekend. Last night I made tuna cakes with a poached filet (note to self: canned tuna in olive oil makes for better cakes) served with tartar sauce and a cucumber-onion salad.

I need to use up some mushrooms, broccoli and peas. Maybe a mushroom and pea risotto with either steamed or roasted broccoli.

Here’s a sad picture from last night.


I was helping a friend catch up in her jewelry store today. Put her new desk and a cabinet together and then worked on rearranging displays. A few children were intrigued when they spotted me standing in the front display window. Naturally I did my best That Girl pose and they dissolved into giggles. We had massive burgers and fries for lunch from the Saratoga Grill.

Still rather stuffed. Eventually dinner will be nibbles of this weeks pork - thin slices layered with Hazan’s tonnato sauce, some nice bread and whatever pickled concoction seems best. No wine…it’s Friday and I got paid so picked up some rye!

Happy weekend y’all! Nice to see so many getting their party invitations. Don’t know about you but this already just feels like things used to be.


You say “whore” like it’s a bad thing.

You may be a ho’ but yer our ho’. :wink:


Lamb Shanks with Parmesan Crust from Bistro Cooking at Home. Served with mashed potatoes. Delicious!