What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?

Is this homemade?

Last Cretan yogurt and sweets, between the earthquakes.

First donkey milk yogurt for me. To my surprise, it didn’t have any distinct “donkey” taste. Just super smooth, creamy, rich. So far it’s the most expensive yogurt, costs nearly twice as much as most.

I hate white grapes we get at home, from S.Africa mostly, which are simply super sour water bombs. Drinking water is better for you and it does not destroy your tooth enamel. Cretan white grapes (and other fruits) are honey-sweet. I had to drink water to cleanse my palate afterwards.

I watched many tourists walk past this place (a tiny coffee shop specialises in loukoumades) right on a busy pedestrian street. Only one brave tourist came up to the window and looked at the fryer but had no idea/interest and left. I told the employees what I observed and suggested putting a plate (like mine below) by the window to attract the tourists. But looking around the place, I only saw locals, so maybe they don’t need tourists at all.

Deep-fried dough balls drenched in honey. There are different “toppings” to choose from. Honey is poured from a big jug.


Amazingly fascinating absolutely and spectacular photography too.

Yes, donkey milk / yogurt is quite rich and creamy from what I could recall.

The white grapes in Crete are sensational ! And the fresh figs too !

Yes, Loukoumades (mezze) are delighting …

Hoping to make a trip to Crete in 2022 … Let us see the Covid Regulations …

Have a lovely Sunday.



Hope you can make the trip in the future. Greece is amazing on multiple levels.


Yes, it is quite memorable.

Let us see the Covid restrictions for Spain. I believe double vaccinations (we are both double vaccinated) and both of us have a Covid Passport.

So, it might just be an Antigen Exam 48 hours prior to flight.

Shall look into it after the Christmas Holidays … We shall probably fly over from Italy or take the ferry from Bari, Puglia to Corfu and then fly over to the nearest airport in Crete …

Let us see the complications !

We have travelled fairly extensively quite a few years ago in Greece. We have friends in Skiatos too.

Shall let you know.

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Yes. As nasi kunyit is usually regarded here as a simple, homely dish, it is quite difficult to find commercially outside.

I have found two places that do offer it here in Penang, though, both from stalls in food courts adjoining morning farmers’ markets - i guess it allows market shoppers a convenient stop for breakfast. This one’s my fave:

Cooking nasi kunyit at home, one has to make sure to use only fresh coconut milk, turmeric root, pandan leaves, etc. Each time I tried substituting canned or powdered coconut milk for the real thing, the taste came out different. Ditto turmeric - the powdered one gave the dish a “metallic” taste, whereas the fresh root imparted a deep, almost-floral flavor.



The Bari Ferry to Corfu is only 55 km. (1 hour ) from Bari, Puglia. (Apulia).

We had done this trip via ferry and it is wonderful.

Then, have to check flights for Crete from Corfu.

Shall see if it is better to fly to Athens and then fly to Crete.

Definitely some research to be done during the holidays when we have some time.

Have to sort out Greece´s Covid regulations from Spain & Italy as well.

Definitely shall journey over to Crete however, all depends on this horrendous panademic and their regulations … Have to do some real research. And also speak to friends in Skiatos …

We know Italy´s strict regulations but not Greece´s … I believe they also are implementing or have implemented the Covid Passport … And double vaccination decree / regulation / law.

Have a lovely day ahead.

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That makes sense! Thanks


that looks wonderful - i LOVE turmeric rice - and a gorgeous picture.


Homemade zhoug and poached egg, on a quarter of a toasted Acme rosemary roll smeared with a creamy marinated cow/sheep milk cheese, and blistered tomatoes.



i’ve yet to try this… but it must happen.

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Yup, indeed it is.

Egg on egg love.




Truly a breakfast of champions!


In college, I once drank 5 Irish coffees at a fern bar in San Francisco. Wouldn’t recommend it. I was so drunk and tired, but the caffeine kept me awake. Haven’t had one since. It’s a shame since they are so good!


I did this once, pre-gaming for a Pogues concert. I don’t recommend it either.


In the pre-COVID days, the cafeteria at work had a made to order grill where you could ask for all sorts of eggs for breakfast. One day I got the brilliant idea of an “egg” omelette. Asked the cook to start with a basic egg omelette where he whipped three eggs and poured them on to the flat top and when that set cracked three more eggs, separated the yolks and then poured just the egg yolks into the middle and folded the omelette over. Was like an ever better eggs over easy, if you like warm runny yolks.


that is a very accommodating cafeteria kitchen!
and yes, i LURRRRRVE warm runny eggs…