What's for breakfast (aka what's going to happen exciting today)?

Couldn’t get out of NJ due to weather and last min plans. Headed home with a flight on Sunday in hand.

Dinner was breakfast burrito and coffee after a long day at EWR. No fun.

Evening all


I found them in the end of run bin. I actually nabbed the last shakshuka from where I was standing but there was plenty HR sauce left and a pork sauce under the same label that didn’t appeal.

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Soom tahini and silan on toasted EM. Outstanding.


Over the river and through the woods this morning to grandchildren’s house we go with a bag of bagels, cream cheese, butter, eggs, thick cut bacon and some sweet buns in our pj’s …shhhhh! it is a surprise…


Can you stop here? That sounds fund and delicious!

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LOL!!! YES…of course…it would my pleasure!!!

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Maypo with sliced banana, hemp seed, flax ground and chia topping. Java and grapefruit segments.
Anyone Remember Maypo?


Yes … but I don’t remember ever having it, I do remember Wheatena though.

I still enjoy hot cereals including wheateena.

I want my Maypo!! Remember the commercials but never had it.


My brother loved Maypo when he was a kid. I thought it was gross!


More of guilty pleasure because it comes together in seconds when I don’t want to wait for oatmeal to cook. I can only find it in one grocer and the price has tripled in 50 yrs. :bowl_with_spoon:

Same, but sister

So do I with a dollop of butter and a dash of salt!

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Off to enjoy a birthday breakfast!


:tada: Good for you, Phreddy!

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Happy Birthday!! All the best.


Far from exciting but our run of the mill breakfast is 1/2 cup of dry roll oats with 1/2 cup of almond milk, a walnut and blueberries, eaten as a cold cereal. But on weekends we splurge a bit and yesterday I made a mushroom French omelet with two eggs. Just enough for two

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I got a jar of the huevos rancheros sauce to try - have you had either yet?