What's for breakfast? (2024)

I wish for you and your kitty that this will be in the very distant future!

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:heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: (Three cats is a complete sentence.)


Breakfast out for me is a rarity, but I had an early morning doctor’s visit and went to my favorite udon shop “Yama” which is around the corner from my doctor’s office. I had the ‘A” breakfast set, a bowl of plain udon (you can choose from hot or cold) which I topped with green onions, tempura crumbs and both freshly ground ginger & daikon. The

The set comes with a mini (it used to be bigger…it’s now more “minuscule” than “miniature”) bowl of curry rice.

But you can’t beat the price of only ¥480/USD $3.20 ! (especially when you consider that a bowl of udon alone is ¥260/USD $1.75 !)

Udon and curry are both pretty odd breakfast foods outside of Shikoku. But udon is king on this island and people eat it at all times of the day here. Curry…not so much, though.


Costco poke

Espresso, not shown.


How was the poké? Our Costco started selling ramen kits a couple of years ago but I was scared off by the amount of sodium in them…

For “supermarket” poke, it’s pretty good.

Not like island stuff, but then you’re getting it from a big box grocery store.

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Toasted challah with melted shredded Italiano blend and toasted challah with maple syrup. Happy Fat Tue!


Blueberry Dutch Baby with garden berries from the freezer. Served with powdered sugar and maple syrup.


Pâté on toasted egg bread, then some banana bread.


Where does one get fish paté? Bc it sounds delish.

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It’s capybara pâté. 10/10

You Canucks get far more interesting food stuffs than we do down here, apparently.

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Where did you get capybara patė? I doubt we could get it here in Ottawa since we have too small a market.

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The ole stand-by, Strammes Mäxchen. Ever so slightly disappointed with the lack of melting action, as I pacifically chose Wegmans sharp American over the havarti, which we get thick sliced. Rosemary ham and shmear on pane turano beneath the egg from my hen-keeping drummer buddy :slight_smile:


My friend makes it with the capybaras he traps in High Park. :grinning:

I’m joking.

I lasted 3 days into my Pescatarian Lent.

I had storebought pork peppercorn pâté today because I’ve been eating too much dairy which leads to issues, and my weight has been going up the last 10 days due to other crap.

I’ll be eating way too much cheese and dairy to cope if I don’t let chicken soup and meat back into my regimen.

I’ll go with the lax fish on Wed and Fri Lent pattern that some 21 C Catholics do, and cut back on meat and junk food rather than abstaining completely.

I have done it around a dozen times but I don’t seem to be able to do it as easily as I could in my 20s and 30s.

don’t ever joke about capybara pate, I love them !!! :frowning:

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Bro, why ain’t that cheese melty? Is that a German thing??

Bro, it’s more of a “time the fried egg spends on the cheese slice before it all gets eaten” thing :rofl:


Brooooo! :smiley:


Doritos migas, loosely following the Serious Eats recipe but with plain Doritos. Tasty enough but a bit heavy. Wish I had cilantro to go on top.