What's for breakfast? (2024)

I’m just here to commiserate since I never was able to poach eggs either. I would like to meet the person that can do so. I ended up buying an egg poaching cup. The egg doesn’t look as pretty as the poaching-in-water method but it works for me.

I don’t know how many times I’ve told you to use poach pods, but here I am again. Have you tried them? They work. I won’t say they’re foolproof, because you seem to have an issue with soft cooked eggs, generally.

I have. I have perused and tried almost every contraption and method under the sun: you name it, I did it.

I am no longer interested in mastering this elusive (to me) technique, although I’m sure I’ll eventually forget about the blind rage in which every poaching attempt tends to result, and will no doubt waste time and good eggs in the distant future on yet another foolproof magic poaching gadget/method bc I apparently never learn :woman_shrugging:

I’m good with SBE and HBEs, tank you berry much. Thank f’n CONAC for that, at least.

:cry: :sob: :cry: sadz

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I’m good. Now :smile:

The Angry Max was actually probz more interesting than the poached egg with hollandaise woulda been. #silverlinings #itsjustfood :wink:

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Pancakes n’ eggs + some semi runny egg yolk porn for those of you that like that kind of smut :slight_smile:


I need a cigarette.

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I don’t poach either, I gave up eons ago. What I do instead is cook the egg in an egg ring in a covered skillet until almost set and then I add a splash of water, cover and steam until the white is set. It’s almost like poached.


Do you add any cooking fat to the skillet before adding the egg & egg ring?

Yes, usually butter, also butter the egg ring.

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I’m with you in lack of success with poaching stovetop. My Mom was a pro but I never was able to duplicate her technique. Before CH bit the dust, I gathered a series of hints regarding how to poach using the microwave and water in a (covered) custard cup. That worked ONCE for me, then failed the next 2 attempts. Like you, I’ll likely try again sometime.

The detailed instructions are no longer available at the link I saved, but I noted a point about pricking the yolk with a toothpick and covering the ramekin before cooking. From somewhere there was also a suggestion to use 70% power.

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I remember my sister doing this when I was visiting. IIRC she had one good one and one failure.

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Burrito with homemade refries and Tillamook cheddar.




Good culture cottage cheese.


Cinnamon-cardamom buns.


Crispy outer drowned :weary:
I have never understood Rasam-vada — nor crispy chicken cutlets drowned in sauce that negates their crispiness :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Cheddar scramble with scallion biscuits.


Remind me again… when are you opening that BnB? :drooling_face::face_holding_back_tears:


Well, when our last cat finally goes to that great litter box in the sky, we can empty out his garage and open for guests. :smiley_cat: