What's Cooking? (New Jersey)

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Last time I went someplace for boiled crawfish up here they were $10 a pound for bad crawfish, that was probably 8 years ago.

I would rather pay to have three sacks flown up and have a proper crawfish boil as opposed to going to a restaurant or bar to eat crawfish.

There is an LSU alumni group in the NYC area that has a large boil up here but I haven’t been to that in years.

I used to go to Chicago to boil crawfish at a New Orleans themed restaurant and they would charge like 25 bucks for all you could eat. First year we did 1000 pounds then it jumped to 3000 pounds the next year, we did that for 5 years.

What people don’t realize is that a crawfish boil is a party, you don’t go to a bar or restaurant for a crawfish boil, you go there to eat boiled crawfish. A crawfish boil is hanging out at someone’s house, drinking and helping out getting the prep for the crawfish ready and socializing. I’d rather do that than go out for them, because it just isn’t the same.

And being from New Orleans, it pains me that I actually have to plan a crawfish boil, as opposed to just looking what the weather will be like on a Saturday and deciding two days prior to boil, calling some friends and knowing they will be there. Can’t do that up here, well I could but no guarantees that anyone would be free to show up


A chef pal of mine used to have an annual crawfish boil and did exactly that – had them shipped up from LA. And the day was exactly as you described! Lots of fun. You WANT a big crowd for that!

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Manhattan or New England?

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New England :slight_smile:


That was so funny! I saw it was 20 minutes and :roll_eyes:, but clicked in case the joke was at the beginning, which it wasn’t, but still so fun. I’ve heard of the Marx Brothers and Groucho, but never saw any of their work.

Btw, what does this have to do with smoked duck?

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He’s responding to my Groucho Marx joke earlier in the thread.

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If you said the secret word on You Bet Your Life a duck that looked like Groucho popped out of the ceiling on a rope.

Groucho was absolutely brilliant on that show, which was basically Groucho riffing on a couple of audience members. It ran 15 years.

Brought to you by your friendly Plymouth-DeSoto dealers coast to coast.

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Smoked duck? That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Once I shot a smoked duck in my pajamas. I have no idea why he was wearing my pajamas.

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You callin my mom a ho?

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Silver Queen:


You have corn already? It’s May! In what magical kingdom do you reside?

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Red Bank. 1st Silver Queen of the Season.

So tender.

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It’s got to be from Florida correct? I

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Maybe corn is from Orlando ?


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Lotsa local corn - see above.

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Last night was chicken in a red wine Demi glacé, sides of riced cauliflower - broccoli rabe - corn on the cob (thanks to @VikingKaj). Since we are a little over a week away from beach club season I have been trying to work on my bikini bod, so plain grilled chicken and a few left over scallops for me.

Riced cauliflower has become one of my new favorite foods.

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I know, tell me about it.

How was the corn?

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The corn was good. 10 for $5. at Acme, you had to be very selective on your picks most were picked a little too early. I boil my corn in water, milk and butter and I have NEVER had bad corn using this method. This has always produced the sweetest corn, and when you empty the pot you see a crystallization of what I assume is sugar the corn extracted from the milk. Delicious!


I did pasta with sausage, broccoli rabe and cannellini beans. Plan B when I didn’t feel like getting drenched grilling!

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Add a little chicken and you’ve got…

Chowder !