What's Cooking? (New Jersey)

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Looks like that was done right!

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I would hope so or my New Orleans citizenship would be revoked

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Graduation party for our daughter today, Rutgers commencement tomorrow. Dodged the rain and had a nice party. Some pics, some not so great.

Daughter made the focaccia, and the suppli. I bought the fryer and we did the basics, burgers, dogs, and sausage on the Weber kettle. !


(Tom T) #85

Did one dog in the deep fryer for my dad


Wow those crawdads are looking might tasty! I haven’t had a good crawdad meal in a long time.

Tom, only one fried dog? Lol. Dad must have been a happy camper. Looks like a great time.


Forgive my NO experience, but is there anyway to rejuvenate that? Say you have a huge pot full left over. Do you simmer it back up or make a soup/stew the next day or two…just kind of wondering.

(Roland) #88

I typically just eat the leftover crawfish as is, some people make a chowder, my grandmother used to make crawfish bisque, but not a lot of people do that anymore because it is so labor intensive, peeling the crawfish, cleaning the heads, grinding the meat, stuffing the heads etc.

I will be making potato salad today with the leftover potatoes, and using the leftover mushrooms in a rice dish

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Breakfast tacos, Juanitos chorizo.


Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation, and nice party! :slight_smile:

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He’s still looking for you…

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Mother’s Day surf and turf. Broccoli rabe and Mac n cheese as sides.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the HO moms!!


Bone in, my style. Where did you get those strips?

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Foodtown Red Bank has them and the lobster tails on sale, 5.99lbs, get it while they last!


Thanks for the response. Good luck with leftovers. Do you have any spots around Monmouth County doing crawdads? I know drew does some dishes but I’m wondering if any other spots are around.


Not cooking today, but what did the lobster tails run?

Back in the day I used to get “barely legal” :wink:
bugs and they were amazing. I’d rock out more of these than you can imagine. They were like jumbo shrimp but better.

Some NJ buggers from a few years ago.

We might as well post a pic of Pierre lol.

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No and in all honesty if there were I wouldn’t eat them. When I lived in Hoboken there was a bar, Oddfellow’s, names after a cemetery in New Orleans, that had crawfish during crawfish season and they were horrible and expensive.
I will be going to Sussex in June for Michael Arnone’s crawfish festival. Lot of good New Orleans music and crawfish

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Had some homemade clam chowder tonight that my mom made yesterday. Delicious.

As a side note, $4 for “name brand” oysterettes in Shop Rite. $1 for the store brand. Same damn product.


What do you consider expensive up there?

People are crawfish crazy down here, everyday Houstonians, Louisiana ex-pats from the oil industry and Katrina, and a large Vietnamese population doing it their own style.

I haven’t been to a restaurant yet but have drawn a line in the sand at 7.99 preferring 2.99 and less cooked at home.

These are all Louisiana crawfish trucked in daily.

I am jealous of your lobster prices, 14.99 the norm with 7.99 to 9.99 around holidays.