What's Cooking? (New Jersey)


I get it with the cross town drive, I’m a far enough subway from chinatown that it’s not a frequent visit for me.
Hopefully you can spread enthusiasm among curious coworkers ;))


People are not too adventurous where I work . I wish they were but no one really thinks outside the box. They order some Mexican food but that is about as “exotic” as they get. Maybe I can sometimes I can get them to order caribbean food. Pretty lame lol




Actually, the way I do it is to proof them, then parbake them for 10-15 minutes. Let them cool completely and then freeze. Then defrost completely and finish baking. Yum!


Great tips! Thank you!


I talked to my grandmother today and she actually wants to try to make kimchi. She is suddenly all about cooking Asian style food over the last few months. She texts me pics of all these dishes she makes and I’ve had some. She does very well!

She didn’t even know what kimchi was but she is looking to try it after I told her about my adventure. I’m going to see if I can get this white kimchi recipe a try soon with her since she isn’t into very spicy food. God bless her. She sent me these today

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Asian night tonight, somewhat healthy with stir-fry chicken and asparagus. Once again, a million ingredients for this thing. Thankfully my kitchen is well-stocked. Served with fried quinoa rice and some store-bought dumplings tossed with chili oil.


But any health value was smashed by this trifle I made. Layer of angel food cake soaked with a hefty amount of Kahlua and Amaretto.



WOW!!! Hats off to your grandmother! :tophat:

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Gooooo Grandma!! That’s awesome!

@gcaggiano Excuse me Mr. Murphy shouldn’t you be making corned beef and cabbage or something more in line with your new nationality?


LOVE her!!!

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yeah @corvette_johnny you should set her up with an account. Then when you’re being bad we can rat you out to your grandma!!! lol

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Not sure how that would taste stir-fried? :wink:

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Actually if you think about all the cabbage that is used in Chinese/ Asian cooking, I bet you could come up with a decent stir fry for it.

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Hmmm maybe a corned beef and cabbage stir-fry hybrid for St. Patrick’s Day.


Does anyone have any snow night cooking plans?

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Slow-cooker pork loins in cranberry-dijon au jus, parmesan garlic mashed potatoes, stuffed mini peppers. And about a handle of Jameson. :smiley:


One handle? What’s Justin going to have left to drink? :smile:


NY Strip Steak, potato baked with cheese, white asparagus, and steamed broccoli with garlic & evoo
Sunday…pot dinner at the #1 sons house…I am making pot roast, actually two pieces and then watching football,
Chicken soup for Monday lunch on the day that it supposed to be 17degrees here.
Light dinner of pasta with some boiled chicken, peas, carrots, slivers of garlic, chopped tomatoes and heavy cream…

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Greg- what’a the pork recipe if you don’t mind? Been looker for more slow cooker pork ideas.


What is “snow night cooking”? How is it different from any other night? Not being sarcastic. Having lived in snow country for almost 15 years and now not so much, I really see no difference.