What's Cooking? (New Jersey)

(Junior) #382

From Saturday Night a trio of fish: sesame seared tuna, blacked mahi mahi topped with spicy mayo and wahoo fan fried with a lemon garlic sauce. (On the side) Also a side of fried cauliflower rice. (not pictured a very good roasted peaches and beet salad with roasted onions, goat cheese and walnuts tossed in a balsamic reduction.)

Yesterday, cauliflower crust white pie with marinated artichoke hearts and spinach and wings!


(Dan) #383

That looks delicious. Would adding fresh cut up turnip work? Sounds so simple. Go nice with a piece of fish…

(Eli Paryzer) #384

Below is the official menu from the Chef:

Cold Fennel Soup with Fronds

Fried Green Tomatoes with Poached Lobster, Sour Cream and Caviar

Seared Scallops with Baby Yellow Cherries, Lemon and Shaved White Truffles

Sauteed Salmon Medallions with Smoked Salmon Butter, Bacon and Avocado/Crab Salad

Snails with Hollandaise Sauce over Homemade Ficelles

Sauteed Lion’s Mane Mushroom Medallions with Grilled Corn and Scallions

Noisettes of Lamb with with a Red Wine/Cranberry Reduction Sauce

Roasted Red Pepper Timbale

Grilled Peaches and Sauteed Apples with Basil and Mint

Anise Crepes with Honey Butter

Nectarine Tart with Mint Jelly and Grand Marnier Whipped Cream



(Eli Paryzer) #386

Mrs. P made strawberry sorbet with lemon, homegrown basil, sugar, topped with fresh blueberry, strawberry, and grape garnish, and drizzled with reduced balsamic and olive oil :yum:The balsamic was simmered until it was a thick syrup. She really outdid herself this time.

(David) #387

This is why I rarely go out for Cantonese food. If I added broad noodles I would have Vegetable Chow Fun:

Instead I went healthy and just put it on top of quinoa.

(David) #388

Homemade KFC with a gochujang honey sauce.

(Eli Paryzer) #389

This week Fairway has a sale on lobster for $5.99 a pound. Mrs. P made
lobster tacos with pickled red onions, homemade guacamole, jalapeno cream cheese with chipotle spices added, and arugula. It’s not pretty but it was delicious :yum:

(Greg Caggiano) #390

Went all out for a small Oktoberfest dinner last night: chicken schnitzel, spaetzle, German potato salad, lots of Riesling, and a German apple cake for dessert.


(Dan) #391

Your dinner feasts always knock me out Greg. What a spread, man.

(Greg Caggiano) #392

Thanks! :smiley:

This Oktoberfest dinner was also subtitled “Farewell to Freedom”. I work at a historic site which is haunted and we have events every single weekend this month at night. I practically live there. Won’t be much cooking now through November. LOL

(Dan) #393

Sounds like a great time.

(Greg Caggiano) #394

Oh it is. A labor of love. Just very time consuming.


Just let me know when the sauerbraten feast is Greg :smile:

(Mr met) #396

Oh man that looks awesome. German food is one place where there’s a huge gap around here. That and Cuban. One thing I miss from SI were two good to decent Herman joints serving some good beer on top of it all.

I wonder if we could do a haunted restaurant tour of some of the scary spots we all know and love like mjs any mccloones and he grand finale would be JRs karaoke friend Esp now that lady Gaga is getting Oscar buzz.

(Jeff) #397

Please pass the spaetzle



(Greg Caggiano) #399

You’re right. I can’t think of an actual German restaurant in this area. Of course there was the Hofbrauhaus in Atlantic Highlands for decades but that closed in the early 2000’s. Then there was a tiny fine dining place called Tops in Red Bank which also closed around the same time. I never got a chance to eat in either.

MJ’s would qualify as haunted for me. As a paranormal investigator who has a food blog, I always say, “Sometimes the food is scarier than the ghosts!”


I think there are no German places left in monmouth county. I’m loI king forward to getting a German dish or two at the sitting duck oktoberfest since that’s my only local option.

Free liquor is deftitniely a cool perk you have!

(Joe K) #401

Between Schneiders, Hofbrau House, and Little Kraut I think they were the last of German restaurants in Monmouth. Although Biergarten in Asbury does count as German style food + drink, it is difficult to get to so I don’t frequent. I do like wurst, knuckles, schnitzels with a cold lager.