What's Cooking? (New Jersey)

(Greg Caggiano) #342

I was up in Edison today and stopped at H-mart. Bought some marinated ribeye, vermicelli noodles, straw mushrooms, and bok choy. Had myself a nice, little stir fry. Some dumplings and pickled radish too. Delicious. No pictures of this one. Was hungry and got ahead of myself. :slight_smile:

(Eli Paryzer) #343

Mrs. P made sausage, peppers, & onions, with Italian hot sausages from Sam’s Butcher Shop :yum:


Eli, I’m a big sausage snob. Is this a local butcher? I don’t care for any supermarket sausage. Another wonderful pic from Mrs P :slight_smile:

(Eli Paryzer) #345

Thanks cj. No, the sausage is from Sam’s butcher shop He runs a small batch artisan smokehouse in Moscow, PA., and delivers overnight Fedex. I think I mentioned him in an earlier post. I highly recommend him. His andouille sausage is awesome, as well as his melt in your mouth country ribs.


Oh yes, I do remember that! In fact, I want to do an order soon as football season approaches. I did not put the name to the “face”

I recall his smoked meats sounded great. I will definitely get a box once this weather cools down a bit.

(Eli Paryzer) #347

You won’t be disappointed :slightly_smiling_face: Tell him Eli sent you :wink:


I def will. I think a box will make a good Xmas (or chanukah) present :slight_smile: what says happy holidays like a box of artisan smoked meat!

(David) #349

Since my lunch was terrible today, I decided to make a LOT of food. To start with I made Tom Ka Gai:

Then, to go with Coconut Rice later, I tried my hand at Chicken Rendang:

The chicken is awesome, but I think it may be even better next time with beef.


Looking good Dave! Do you use fresh lemongrass? I can never find any near me. I use the paste. It comes out great but I’d like to source some fresh.

(John) #351

The Route 9 Farmers Market usually has it. Also the Asian Market on 79, Hong Kong Supermarket and 99 Ranch.

(David) #352

I go to the Asian Market on 79 a lot as it is 5 mins from my house. I’ve never had a problem finding any of the things I need. But, for the record, for the soup I used paste. If I can just train the cats to use the mortar and pestle …


Thanks for the entire tip Dave. What type of mushrooms do you prefer?

And thanks too Joe

(David) #354

The mushrooms at Asian Market are the best! The ones in the soup are local shiitake and those and the oyster shrooms are really cheap there. They also have a few more exotic varieties, but why spend the $$?

On a related note I have been shopping for the best buy on a pound of dried morels. So far about $150 is the best price I’ve seen. Also looking forward to some fresh ones soon at Delicious Orchards.

(Dan) #355


I have bought a few items from this CA seller.

(Greg Caggiano) #356

I received a Puerto Rican cooking lesson the other day from Justin’s mom. Pictured below are tostones, pernil (that skin was so crispy and amazing), and rice with gandules. I was even given my own tostone press as a parting gift.





Is a tostone press like a tortilla press? On the few occasions I’ve made tostones, I smash them with whatever is handy.

That pork looks delicious.

(Greg Caggiano) #358

Without digging mine out of the pantry…


Very interesting. Not much like a tortilla press. I like how the press controls the size. I may have to go shopping.

(Greg Caggiano) #360

Come to think of it, tostones have to be one of the unhealthier snacks/sides out there. Take a plantain and fry it (and it takes a while to brown), let it rest, smash it, and fry it again even longer.

But oh sooooo good. Sprinkle with salt and garlic powder. YUM.

(Jeff) #361

Dried morels are $40.72 per half pound at Restaurant Depot.