What's Cooking? (New Jersey)

Had a hankering to cook something different, and after perusing a few cookbooks and my memory decided on Pastelon Dominican style.
GF family got some take out Pastelon recently which I have never had. Liked the flavor combination and tried it out tonight. Should have cooked the platanos a bit more, and riper would have been better. Tasty dish that I will improve upon next time


What’s Grilling?
Iberico Rib Fingers, New Zealand Lamb Racks and Sirloin Flap. Good eating.
Split the 4-Bone Racks in two. Much better to get temp right.



Hope everyone had a great weekend, and if you celebrate Easter you enjoyed some time with friends/family/food.

Attempted to summon my inner Kaos with a big leg o lamb from my daughter’s hippie farmer friend. Kind of unwieldy but ended up with a good amount of varying degrees of doneness. :smiley:
Pizza rustica and focaccia barese courtesy of Bread and Salt in JC. And courtesy my daughter who made the trip


I too will give Kaos a shout out for his delicious grilling, here was my lamb.

From my family to yours, Happy Easter and Passover season!


Appreciate the shout. I am more of a B team to you and @NotJrvedivici . Those artichokes Intrigue me.

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Lololol, speaking for myself only. Thanks for the kind words, chef.


Pretty simple home style. Trim and stuff with breadcrumb, s&P, chopped garlic, fresh parsley, pecorino and then add olive oil to dampen. (add whatever else you want if you are so inclined)

Place artichokes in pot, add water to top of bottom leaves so they don’t get waterlogged. Pour some more olive oil on top of each artichoke. Steam until done. They take longer than you think. hourish minimum. Pull a center leaf to test for doneness. As they steam keep an eye on water, add when you need. You can serve from there or stick under broiler for a little crisp.


As I age my red meat eating has decreased greatly in the past couple of years. I don’t do nearly the amount of grilling as I use to, so I do enjoy seeing all of your combinations.


This one’s for you jr I’ll consume extra for you


Now I see why the one time that I cooked an Artichoke like this, it was inedible. May try this looks great!


Iberico Secreto, 10 oz NY Strip, 14 oz Ribeye both New Zealand Grass-fed, and Aji Panca marinated Chicken Thighs.
A cacophony of flavors and textures.


Pan seared Secreto and Berkshire Bacon BLT.
Thought I would mention Monmouth Meats is an account of ours and can get any of the cuts shown. Or happy to split boxes with anyone if interested.
If against the rules please delete, and sorry!


WOW, kudos everyone. @joonjoon I don’t recall getting an invite my friend. WTF? (Went to Arthur’s in North Brunswich recently, what a throw back but for the love of God, re-invest in your business. The same piece of gum is under the bar that I left there in 1991 !!!)

@KAOSKitchen I think it’s time I relinquish the red meat champ trophy I have hoarded for a few years. Bravo again my friend, that’s a BLT!!!


LMAO on the gum!!

Not sure if peeps know this but these days the beef at Walmart is pretty great. Their prime ribeye is cheaper than Costco! And they have American wagyu, and on a good day you can get some great Angus choice steaks. And they don’t mess around with their clearance pricing. Highly recommend!

The steak pictured above was from Shoprite, 5.99 for easter sale.

Yeah, I’m torn on Walmart steaks/meat. Their store brand chicken breasts are the equivalent of Lou Ferrigno chickens. You can get some pieces that you simply cannot shew, they are like rubber. I have had their steaks a time or two without any complaints, just call it a mental thing on my behalf.

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