What would you do with turkey thighs?

A few months back, I got some turkey drumsticks on clearance. I buttered them up, put on some poultry seasoning and baked them. I added some stuffing (stove top), sweet potatoes (butter and brown sugar), peas, gravy (can) and cranberry sauce (can). We had a little early mini-Thanksgiving.
It was quite tasty and my girlfriend loves turkey (any way I prepare it).


Did you cook them yet? I still think something Indian works well, but I think something like a Soy Sauce Chicken or White Cut / Hainanese Chicken type of poached application might be easy (for the latter, I use just enough water to cover, and when the meat is done, remove it and put the skin and bones back in and cook further / pressure cook to make the poaching liquid more of a soup/broth).

That’s a nice combination!

@Saregama , i have not yet cooked. I’m having to factor in someone’s long list of “I don’t likes”, and leaning toward something that will be a single serving, and before I go out of town next week. And a low carb option is always a bonus for me!

All suggestions are appreciated, but may have to wait for houseguests.

@ipsedixit , I can’t imagine getting these turkey parts to act like the chicken parts in the three cup prep, but those look fantastic!

I’ll probably just cook one and freeze the other.

What about any version of “chicken and rice” – maybe one that is pre-approved (a la peas and rice)?

I do like a “classic” (nyc) yellow arroz con pollo like this, but this green Rick Bayless one is good too. I’ve also made a verde version using this green sauce (or any others I already have lying around like chutney, zhoug, or chimichurri, or even a pureed jar of salsa).

Lots of options.

Good ideas! And I need to harvest the last of my poblanos.
Of course you are right. Lots of good options. I’m glad I found this thread again, am sure I’ll revisit it every time I find thighs!

The significant other doesn’t like dark meat ( with one exception :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Linking the Chicken Thigh thread, because, well, same.

It actually just comes down to the following and some basil (fresh is best, but dried would work as would oregano or even spinach).

Cup of soy sauce
Cup of sesame oil
Cup of rice wine

Turkey, like chicken, is very forgiving.

I was thinking the big pieces would be harder to deep fry ( I want crispy!) . But I see it’s the sauce that browns them, and they don’t need to fry first. I can’t imagine doing it in my wok, but I guess that’s not important either.

We’ve done it in a saucepan.

Browning is easy to do, and not hyper critical. The sauces (soy sauce + sesame oil in particular) is what gives it its dark crimson color.

This is a recipe I saved from Chowhound and have made successfully many times. I cannot credit the person who shared it, my apologies…Since it’s just the two of us this year, I plan on cooking these and sourcing the mushrooms.

My notes: “These were delicious - used Penzeys Bavarian seasoning, deglazed with white wine & broth. Used Le Creuset braiser with aluminum foil plus lid for 2 big thighs. Didn’t have the dried porcini mushrooms.”

--------------------------------------------- And from the original poster:
"I cook thighs or legs in a 325 degree oven until they are fork tender.
I brown them in a cast iron pot, deglaze with chicken broth and throw some onions in the pot, a couple bay leafs (or any aromatics you like). What really puts this over the top is a handful of dried porcini mushrooms. It makes a spectacular restaurant quality sauce after its strained.
The turkey thighs are absolutely tender.
Yes, I absolutely cover it with the foil and the cover to the pan.
It’s almost impossible to over cook it.

You may want to thicken the sauce…the way you would do any gravy."



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Husband does love gravy!

Mole is definitely up for consideration! I’ve been wanting to try some of the less common ones.

So far I’m trying one of the thighs with a harrissa marinade, and lollipopped one of the wings , perhaps for a huge airfryer hot wing.

I cut myself, very superficially, trying to bone the flat :woozy_face: so I took a break and shredded some oak leaves ( just 12 months and then leaf mold/mould!).

This was mentioned by @TheCookie in a WFD thread that was mentioned in the chicken thigh link, but a bit too ambitious for me right now.


I don’t have the skill except to buy it and I can’t even do that anymore cuz greenblatts is closed up but their dark meat sliced turkey was incredible. Somehow they must slip the bones out cool it and put in meat slicer



Ooooooooo! That looks good.

I don’t have a meat slicer. If u do maybe give it a whirl? Once you eat that no regular white meat turkey sandwich works anymore.

This was nice !


Yep it’s too ambitious and trying to figure out substitutes for a couple of ingredients was a little complicated. But I’m glad I made it… once, lol.

What would I do with turkey legs? Braise them or smoke them to add to greens and beans.

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Buffalo turkey wings.


What would I do with turkey thighs? Wear loose pants, I guess.


Har har!

I ended up freezing the plain thigh, and the harissa seasoned thigh, as I’m still working on the Buffalo turkey wings ( yum!), and heading out of town.