What would you do with Buffalo primal?

What would you do with this?
Buffalo primal.
$4.99 pound

I am only beginning to understand the use of the term "primal ". Any more details? Looks familiar, like something I might cook fast with a recipe from Mexico. Flap meat? Skirt steak?

I think it said skirt steak :cut_of_meat:
For $5.00 a lb I figure I can’t go wrong.


I’m thinking barbacoa?

Maybe divide and make ropa vieja or a meaty ragu to go over pasta.

Dont forget that it’s leaner and therefore more prone to drying out than a similar beef cut.


Found out more. These were mislabeled and are actually sirloins or flank steak :cut_of_meat:
I picked up one of the flank steak pieces and I’ll report back.


Flank steak! That’s what I was thinking of!

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