What would you do with 4 pounds ground lamb with a use by date 2 days away?

Wow! That took an interesting turn! I sorta thought twice about writing “African curries”, some are not technically curries, but here are the ones I have.

African Curry Powder

Ethiopian Berbere

Bahrat Spice

Charmoula Seasoning

All of these spice blends look worthy. I’d tend toward those that do not feature salt prominently, if at all. I’m a big salt fan, but I generally like to be in control there. It can help, as with meat loaf and meatballs, to pre-cook a bit of the first mix in a pan to understand the saltiness and adjust before going all in, especially with that quantity. The African Curry and Bahrat look good in that way.

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Thanks again! Got me to looking up what makes something a curry powder vs a spice blend.

From Serious eats about Indian Spices

From Spicesinc which says it’s originally a “British Concoction”, and that Garam Masala is sort of a general purpose version, with no chilies, and usually including cumin, ground coriander, cardamom powder, black pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, ground clove, ground nutmeg and saffron.", but later says “While it is often thought of as being invented by the British after spending time in India the base ingredients of garlic, ginger and turmeric were first used in dishes in India almost 4,000 years before the Brits “colonized” India.”

In any case, it is 10/31; the use by date. Tonight I will freeze two packages, and try to make some Merguez sausage and some kefta meatballs.

Sorry trick or treaters! No candy for you!


Lately I just leave a food supply on the steps, and check out the goings on from a window when I’m so inclined.

I heard there is talk of making it Saturday so it can last longer. No thanks!

When did I become a curmudgeon?

Thanks everyone! I’ve really enjoyed this process!


Not exactly “food porn”, but the first samples.

What difference do shapes make?

Cylinders, “kabobs”, meatballs, flattened disks?

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If I recall correctly, Meera Sodha’s family is a part of that diaspora, too. She talks about it in the intro to Made in India.


No diff - rounds are easier to freeform and pan cook. Cylinders easier to form around the flat kabab skewers for grilling.



“Lamb kofte in the style of Marquez sausage in tomato and harrisa sauce.” :grinning:


Assuming you froze some of it raw, as you said was your plan, I remembered a dish I winged after sampling it at a tasting panel. It was called Lamb Noodles Romanoff. Saute ground lamb with garlic and onion, S&P. Add tomato paste and canned crushed tomatoes, bay leaf, simmer to meld. Stir in thawed frozen spinach, and cream cheese. Mix with cooked egg noodles and put into a casserole dish, buttered bread crumbs, bake till crusty. It’s quite basic but tasty. Adding roasted eggplant could be a good thing. I have also made a thicker version of the sauce by using more tomato paste and omitting the crushed tomato , then using it as the filling for phyllo triangles.

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Me, I’d follow Linda’s lead and freeze a good portion of it so you are not burdened with how to use all of it at one time. Then you can choose several of the suggestions put forth here to use the ground lamb at your leisure and try several recipes. Maybe one will impress you more than another.



Thank you!

I froze two packages, and made some Merguez sausagel/kefta meatballs with the other two. .

SO good! I know I will do it again, so parking some ideas here.

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The Merguez/kofta look excellent

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HOLY COW, days of lamb recipe ideas! Great thread.


Gyros. Made a loaf variety quite awhile back. Worked really well


Last night I fried them like this;

Tonight I’m roasting them like this;

Husband wanted me to try Linda Whit’s roasted red pepper sauce. I gave him that option since I need to use my roasted hothouse peppers.

@LindaWhit, any details on the roasted red peppersauce?

Also, I’m working on a comparison between kofte and merguez. These meatballs have harissa and a higher percentage of fat, and no cinnamon or ginger.

I can’t decide.

Kofte Kebabs With Spicy Harissa Yogurt Sauce from Serious Eats


A roasted red pepper sauce. . Yes, I still like recipes.

I’m sure the fried ones are great, but there’s the visual concern. Yesterday Astro Obscura’s FB page had a blurb about a restaurant featuring Soviet era dishes, mostly pork. Pictured was wild boar a la Tito, brown logs of meat covered in a thick brown sauce. Other than the plate, impossible to tell from the photo whether it was made on the stove or the loo! You can imagine the comments. When summer weather makes for burger and hot dog meals, I’ve taken to buying hot dog buns only, and shaping my burgers into log shape. It’s better in many ways, including rolling them in the skillet (I don’t grill) so they are evenly brown all over, and neater eating. But the appearance always rattles me a bit. :hotdog::toilet::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lots of Turkish and middle eastern recipes for lamb mince. Ask your DIL what she makes with it, maybe?

I like Gozleme and pide. Here are some more ideas in case you get a good deal on the mince: