What to move to a temporary kitchen during a renovation?

We are going to be doing some major renovations to our home - the kitchen including wall removal, 3 bathrooms, a complete replumbing of the whole house, plus adding a bedroom and a formal office space in the basement. As such, we are moving to a temporary apartment. The apartment has a decent amount of cabinetry but limited counter space.

I’m feeling pretty solid on which cookware I will be bringing, but I’m going back and forth on counter top appliances. Toaster, coffee grinder/french press, immersion blender and small crock pot are in. Waffle maker and Breville smart oven are out. I figure I can have space for either the Kitchen aid stand mixer, food processor, or vitamix, but not sure which would be best worth the space.

Any thoughts?

When we had our kitchen renovated we set up a kitchenette area with a toaster oven, induction burner, microwave and I had my immersion curculator/bath and vacuum sealer set up near-by. The 6 week renovation ended up taking 6 months but we were able to get by with what we had.

Depends on how you use them, of course - do you make smoothies every morning and use the blender most? Love to bake and need the stand mixer to whip and cream? For general purpose cooking I think the food processor is most versatile. You can make pie dough or bread dough as well as purees, but smoothies will not be quite as smooth and you can’t make meringue.

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I’d count the times you used each of those in the past 4 months and take the one that wins.


Many years ago, I had to “temporarily” stay in an apartment with limited counter space. My larger microwave took up too much of that counter space, so I picked up a table from IKEA (inexpensive) and set that table up to hold the microwave. It wasn’t the perfect solution, but it worked while I lived there.
Based on the layout of this temporary kitchen, can you “extend” the countertop with an inexpensive microwave cart or table?? It may intrude a bit into the dining area… again not a perfect solution, but you could have all of your equipment in the vicinity of the kitchen.

We have been told “home by Christmas” but I’m super worried this will go on much longer. Which is probably why I’m overthinking things

Right now the Vitamix probably won’t make the cut. I do smoothies in warm weather but we are heading into Fall so I think the immersion blender can handle most jobs, just not as well. Here’s to hoping I burn out my old Cuisinart stick so I can justify the upgrade? But the Cuisinart can go in the dishwasher. . . Too many decisions

The stand mixer would be in the lead as we are coming out of summer birthday cake season - lots of summer birthdays in our family. But I use the food processor more the more I use it so I’m not lugging it out. But if we are “stuck” in our temporary lodging during Christmas cookie season, the stand mixer wins.

I have a “buffet” type thing in the basement that I bought to hold the microwave back in my first college apartment 20+ years ago. I wasn’t planning on taking it (built in microwave) but it might be nice to have for some kid height storage. The diet coke and bubbly water have to live somewhere. And the basement bathroom will have a shower added where it is currently parked so it has to move anyways. Good idea!

I presume you have some time before the move, right?

So maybe do a test run and live a few days (or week) without each appliance and see which version is the least painful.

I wouldn’t worry to much about it you will make do . Do you have a complete plan for this remodel before starting. Fixtures, finished , cabinets, lighting. Expect it to go longer. Cooking meals will be the least of your worries. Let the contractor do the job . All is well

You did not mention an induction cooktop. We had to go through the same process recently, lasting much longer than expected. We did use the induction cooktop, immersion blender, and sous vide (we thought more useful for us than the crock pot). I would not do the stand mixer - for a short time, you can buy cakes and offer apologies/explanations. I did not miss the microwave, but we did get a smaller toaster oven. You mentioned extra cabinet space, so why not store things and take down what you need? I would guess you are having to put a “dorm size” refrigerator in, so don’t forget that will be extra counter space by using the top.

An update: I’m taking all 3! Turns out the apartment has a storage locker and decluttering has resulted in extra storage tubs so the FP and vitamix have moved into a tub together and are now hanging out in the storage locker with the Costco sized paper products. Except for the grater attachment for the FP. I packed that in with the pie plates an I"m not digging it out at this stage.

We are renting a fairly standard 2 bed 2 bath low rise apartment so I’m lucky? to have a radiant electric range, built in micro, and standard sized fridge. And dishwasher. Paying more for it but creature comforts will make this a bit easier. I’ve never used radiant electric- grew up with coil electric and now have a gas range so this will be a learning curve. I’m not wondering if I should store my bare cast iron?


I’m not bringing the Sous vide because I use it mostly for yogurt and I just don’t have space. With the after school activities and sports my girls are in, the crock pot serves as an electric chaffing dish so I can keep soup/meatballs, etc warm for eating in shifts when people need to eat with minimal prep for the sides. We have skating run from 6 to 830 between both girls frequently so it makes life so much easier

I agree with emglow. Kitchen and bathrooms are the most complicated rooms in a house. If the crew is starting now, and subcontractors are involved, everything has to be perfect in order for the job to finish by Xmas. And many things are beyond the gc’s control.

There’s a saying- speed, quality and price. Pick two out of three.


A big reason we went with our firm is they are all “in house”. No subs so the biggest anticipated delay is city permitting inspection Or supplies stuck on a boat somewhere

I don’t know anyone who had major work done that finished on time and that includes before the pandemic with super-reliable contractors. Suppliers ship stuff late, or not in perfect condition, or there’s a problem with the permits, or something.

City permits. You don’t have those in hand . What ??? Did you submit plans if walls are being moved ? Engineering is needed .

All fixtures, appliances , colors , wall texture , flooring, windows if needed, cabinets , counter tops ,electrical , may need sub panel upgrade. Faucets , paint color . You may need to talk to your all in one contractor. Seriously. And most importantly permits with your local building department. Not being negative. i would have all that on site before starting. This for autumm 2

I’m paying my contractor good money to take care of those for me. He’s a retired Marine vet and he’s as no nonsense as they come. Our city also prides itself in being easy to work with and responsive with inspections In all prior work done, I had an inspector out within 3 business days of calling. The city is on average 50 to 70 year old homes (inner ring suburb) so there is lots of renovations and minimal new construction.

Now if the packing fairy would show up and get the pantry into boxes. . .