What to eat in and bring back from Portugal! ( Porto, Douro Valley, Lisbon, Petiscos)

I’m watching a “Delicious Destinations” episode there, and seeing seafood, especially sardines and bacallau, a dish that’s like paella, caldo verde, egg tarts, a pork sandwhich (bifanas?) you eat at night. And lots of olive oil!

Anything else?

I’m guessing I can’t bring back meat, but how about bacallau?

Can you really get customs clearance for bacalhau (dried salted cod)? Note that it has a strong smell. To prepare and cook requires much effort.

Similar to Spain, Portugal is proud of their gastronomy and food culture. Always have a good time eating and drinking in both countries. If you can get through customs with tinned fish I recommend bringing some back. I always do. Unlike in America, tinned fish/seafood is held in high regards in Mediterranean countries. They even have specialist shops selling only tinned seafood. If you want to see how much the really good stuff sells for then check it out. I saw a tin of sardines with a price tag of 150 euros.

I’ve mentioned it before: if you eat shellfish, try to get your hands on fresh perceves/goose neck barnacles. One of the most expensive rare foods in the world, not to mention extraordinary looking and delicious.


I’ll make a note about the barnacles! I will not e getting those 150 euro sardines!

When I was in Barcelona, they offered to wrap the bacallau for travel, but I didn’t get any. I hoped that meant I could bring it back. On the other hand, I bought jamon IN THE AIRPORT thinking it meant it was okay, but nope! Confisticated. I was able to bring canned/tinned fish, and did. I think I went a tinned fish store, but got mine at a grocery store!

I cook salt cod a bit, but mostly Caribbean preparations.

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Is it your first trip? If it is please note that after you order your food the waiter/server will immediately bring you some small dishes such as olives, cheese, bread, butter etc. This is called couvert. It’s not free so if you touch it you’ll see the extra cost(s) on the bill later. If you don’t want any then tell the server straight away and (s)he will just take it away.

It will be my first trip to Portugal, and that is really good to !now! Thanks.

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