"How Tinned Fish Took Over The Internet"

I was in Portugal last year; I’m into it!


They look real nice . I love canned sardines . The king Oscar’s I’ve always had them on hand . I met a girl . A Norwegian who used to keep them in her dresser drawer . I ended up marrying her .


I knew some people kept a piece of cedar in with their clothes, but I hadn’t fully considered how much more efficacious a few fish might be for that purpose. :grin:


Taking over the internet?

Somewhat disappointed - was looking for loltuna.

Needs music by Carl Orff also. :slight_smile:

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Yes! A favorite is Santa Catarina brand tuna from the Azores, said to be caught in a sustainable manner.

Maybe my palate was primed by the canned tuna, kipper snacks, and croquettes made from canned salmon that I loved as a kid.

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