What to cook when the other one is gone and you have carte blanche to make a mess and stink up the place?

My wife dislikes shrimp so I often make it when she’s away. A Cuban sandwich might happen as well since she is a non pork eater

But often being alone finds me making more laborious meals or conversely nothing at all


My wife came home from a long trip this afternoon. Last night I made chicken stuffed with spinach, onions, mushrooms, and bechamel. I know she likes that so I have leftovers for her.


I forgot mushrooms.

And oysters!

East Coast vs West Coast Oysters: It All Comes Down to Merroir…but not political!

Oyster 101 Guide

Guide to Oysters


I hate to admit it because I grew up in New England and love everything about the seafood… except the oysters. In fact, I don’t remember oysters being a thing. I :heart: Pacific NW Oysters.

They are good aren’t they @TheCookie? Also, the Penn Cove mussels!

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I just ordered some mushrooms and oysters!


Carb load, which is discouraged when all are present. Pizza, bahn mi, desserts!


She took off last night so dish A is fresh Gulf red snapper cooked my Granny style which means skin on fried in corn meal with salt and pepper after soaking quickly in milk and egg. My only modifications are a slight bit of flour and Cajun seasonings in the milk/egg wash.

It’s going to be delicious as I’ve been frying fish for years and I must say I’ve got the process down.


Sounds fab and enjoy! H is getting antsy for me to leave again…

I can generally cook whatever I want without incident, although I have to listen to some bitching about bluefish and garlic, 'cause Medium Size H has a sense of smell that would make a shark jealous. Which means I have to confine my consumption of stinky cheese to my alone-time. Which I was reminded of today, when my cheese guy offered to sell me a half-wheel of Epoisses, and I had to decline. Sad face.


That sounds awesome! I hope it was a whole fish!

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How about the most complicated collard green recipe ever!

I got as far as pounding chopped chilles. I’m thing harrissa, or berbere or charmoula or zhung spice blend . It’s getting late.


I should have saved the whey.


Certain stinky cheese boards I’ve put together require cheese loving guests. My wife says, if she can smell the food from outside its too much. I disagree :blush:


Last of the “verboten”; not quite under the wire.

Chicken thighs!

Chicken Under a Brick in a Hurry



Yes. Ethiopian spiced collards with buttermilk curds. Way too fiddly if I’m trying to cook anything else.

Collards with Spiced Cheese (Yegoman Kifto)

Not the recipe I used, BTW.

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