What’s on your mind?

Now that’s a blast from the past!

Simple answer: my grandfather was in his 50s when my father was born, my father in his mid-40s when I was born → we lost a generation! Plus, I’m no spring chicken.


Ah, that makes sense.

I’m not either.

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I’m remodeling my king size bed . Sheets , pillows , pillow cases , box spring cover , blanket , bed spread , matress pad . Almost 900 bucks . I’m going to be snug as a bug this winter


You’ll love your cozy new bed - money well spent, for sure, enjoy! Especially in a wintry place.

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Vikings pull one out.

Calculus and bourbon don’t mix.

Don’t drink and derive.


Urgent Public Service Announcement

This morning I read the supply chain problem is impacting the wine and spirits industry with potential shortages of your favorite libation.

So, plan ahead or you may have to face your relatives sober.


:joy::joy::joy: Supply chain = our all-purpose explanation for anything that goes wrong.

As in: I forgot to preheat the oven. Dang supply chain.


I have been on the wagon for over 20 years. Respectfully’s advice is very sound. Trust me and my years of experience, facing relatives at any festivities, whilst sober, is a thoroughly miserable time.

Ho, ho, ho.

Rings hollow doesnt it.


I just want to say I’m thankful for the kind friendships and warm acceptance I feel here at the HungryOnion.


I am outraged at the plague of coordinated robberies taking place around the country but most recently in the Bay Area. These are not acts of shoplifting which are typically misdemeanors but burglary, robbery, and conspiracy… and with the killing of a retired police officer protecting a KRON news crew we can now add murder and felony murder. Wake up.


The last project I undertook before retirement was to analyse the 40 or so burglars that were under Probation supervision in the borough where I worked. Most were in prison but some had been released and were under our supervision in the community. The research was in support of a funding bid we were making to the local council for intensive supervision once the criminals were released from prison (we’d had a very successful similar project for drug using offenders). With very few exceptions, the men (burglary is a male crime) fell into two categories. One group committed the offences to fund drug addictions. The other group were much more interesting. They simply regarded crime as their gainful employment, otherwise having a perfectly normal life within the community.

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