What’s on your mind?

I thought there might be some value to a general topic-less thread where we could share bits of our daily life without constraints.


A short video from the cabin today.


The bear looks very chill, and has the right idea about life, IMO. At least for today anyway…


The video was unfortunately truncated. He walked over and started playing with the ball. At one point he was on his back with all fours on the ball then he bit it and that was it. :joy:


Yes, he/she definitely seemed to have a playful aspect. You will need to provide some play toys that will hold up to powerful bear teeth, maybe? Have you had this visitor before?

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There are two of them. The mom used to come around too but I think she might be dead. :pensive:

These are her kids. A few weeks ago the kids were lounging and playing in the yard when suddenly they were alert. A big male walked into the yard and one kid ran off while the other climbed a tree. The male went up after it but the kid went far out on a limb where he couldn’t go.

So the male camped out under the tree for the better part of an hour then gave up and wandered off.

Sharing my vibe for this evening; a spice order due to a great sale, free shipping, and the need for the spices to be used in upcoming rubs for smoking/grilling projects. A new cookbook -yay! And wine! Life is good.
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If mama is no longer, it seems the young ones are old and savvy enough to go it on their own hopefully. I’ve had up close and personal encounters with bears from my time in Alaska, but give the mamas a wide, wide berth! Love to observe wildlife from a safe distance - thanks for sharing the cool video.


Trying again!


I’ll hold the bottle and glass for you as you cultivate.

Aw thanks! :+1:t3:

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Where is that?

Here’s what’s going on in my yard today. 106, not 77.

Fortunately we did not get to the expected 111.

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72 here at almost 8 pm, not too bad, as in no need to use the propane palm tree.


One of life’s mysteries is on my mind.

When you tell yourself, “I will work hard tomorrow!”

Then tomorrow comes and it’s Friday and you find you are back in negotiations with yourself on when you will get it done.


I’m old enough now, I don’t make promises to anyone, especially myself, :slight_smile:


Always losing those negotiations these days @Respectfully_Declined. So, instead I try to embrace leisure, and endeavor to do so creatively! My muse is my cat - so much to learn! :smiley_cat:


Triage. How important is the task to preservation of health and safety? Mental health support? Relationship maintenance? And so on down priorities. As we age, we learn so much about what really counts. Dust is the least of my occupation.


And here she is!


We have a wonderful cleaning lady who comes every Friday for years and she deals with the dust and any heavy duty cleaning for example, above the windows behind the blinds and curtains etcetra. She is a true jewel of a lady and a “dust and dirt buster” …

You are 100 % right. For us “Health is number 1” … And we are in our mid 50s only … However, we are most concerned with staying well …

Have a nice weekend.


I see I’m not the only one that likes ice in white wine !

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold