What’s for Dinner #56: The No Place Like Home Edition - April 2020

I made that same dish after I saw it in the Times. Yours is prettier! I liked it, but probably not enough to make it again. The tomatoes were very good, and I got them all because my husband’s not a fan, so win-win.

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Those taters😍

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I made chicken tender shawarma over yellow rice and freekeh with Halal-cart sauce. The last of the veg chopped up and enjoyed with. This hit all the right savory, juicy, carby, crispy notes…for me. The kiddo tasted, complained (“spicy” - again, not), got down from the table for a walk, returned, ate half (borderline started liking it), and then had a PBJ before bed. :woman_shrugging:


We wanted to support one of our favorite restaurants and one of the kindest restaurateurs I know, Kunya Siam in Atlantic Highlands NJ. I had my usual Pad Prik Khing with the highest level of spice they offer, BF had Tamarind Chicken, and we shared the crispy beef with Sriracha. Excellent as always. Appletini to drink.


Linguini alla carbonara.


I don’t like the texture of eggplant. Every couple of years I try it just to see if I’ll change my mind, but not yet. It’s beloved in my family, though!


Skirt steak (long sous vide, then wiped and rubbed with mexican-ish seasonings and left for a while, and finally grilled).

Absolutely delicious - I couldn’t resist a few bites despite the tummy.

We gave some (along with “mexican” rice) to the older neighbors who keep giving us greens from their prolific vegetable garden.



Tonight was straight up comfort food. Cajun turkey meatloaf; roasted brussels; smoked gouda and carmelized onion mac n cheese; green salad.
homemade butterscotch pudding w/whipped cream for dessert.


Yes to butterscotch, yum! One of the great desserts that I almost never see nowadays.

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Photo of soup with rainbow chard and farro. Image didn’t upload last night.


Started a new May thread here:


I don’t like the texture “elastic” when it was cooked in stir fried style, It has to be soaked in oil and cooked thoroughly and soft.


I’ve to post my last meals in April here. Glad that it’s finally May. Hope I’ll see things moving.

Yesterday was fish soup. Made with my collection of fish heads in the freezer, with tomato concentrate, onion, garlic, a slash of anise alcohol and saffron. Just filtered everything, didn’t care to mix. Cod was added in the last 10 minute with some potatoes boiled apart. Soup tasted thinner than usual, but quite good.

White boudin with mushroom pasta

The whole octopus was divided in several meals, Asian egg noodles with the cooking water of octopus. Shouldn’t use that cooking liquid as the soup it was not particularly very exciting.

Paella with octopus next day.

Asperagus, bacon and smoked sausage.

The leftover bowl: asparagus, more smoked sausage, and some goat cheese and pasta


Asparagus with green goddess and sieved egg

Heritage pork chop, balsamic reduction (rosemary, garlic, butter), smashed potato


Ooooh, that cheese!!! :yum::yum::yum:

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Thank you!

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Simple salmon fish for dinner…was delicious and yummy! :clinking_glasses: https://youtu.be/d-LljeERf-g

I haven’t made a bo kho before. Saw this recipe today.