What’s for Dinner #52 - the Continuous Feasts Edition- December 2019

Sounds like your healing is going very well!

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Yes, thank you @Rooster! I did have a bit of a setback though. I tried to do do too much walking at too fast of a pace (4.5 miles an hour) and blew out my shins (shin splints), and my back a little (by raising the incline). I am my own worst enemy. I have to scale it back a little bit and be more patient. I keep forgetting that I am not a teenager anymore:slightly_smiling_face:
I recently resumed physical therapy to try and work on my core muscles.


Slow and steady is frustrating but in the end…
Take care @paryzer!


Thanks @Rooster! Yes, slow and steady wins the race. I’m just impatient and try to push myself too hard.

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Voting thread for Cuisine of the Quarter is up - come check it out! Winter 2020 (Jan-Mar) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

My attempt at chili crab.


probably. the chef he quotes as who he learned it from says he learned it from his mom.


We made this IP penne (rigatoni rigate in our case) with butternut squash and ricotta. I subbed pecans toasted in butter and omitted the parsley. Garlic spinach on the side.


Thank you and others for the kind words.

Wild tuna tartare, apple, lime juice

Made the Sicilian meatloaf again, this time with veal and red wine. Delicious the sauce. Served with black rice.

Sweetbread in creamy morel sauce (stored bought), mushrooms spaghetti

Cod with shrimp paste XO sauce, spinach with chili crisp, rice with tiny dried shrimps and shallot.

A kawaii key chain nearly the same look as mister-sleeps-all-day!!

Tomorrow lots of cooking!!


Calm down! Don’t be over excited with your new gears!! No competition. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Hope you feel better.

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Thank you @naf! Yes, I have to learn to slow down, but it’s not easy :slightly_smiling_face:


How’d you like the recipe? It’s nice to have a little protein in the veggie dish from both the ricotta and the nuts.

I’ve been pretty mia lately due to lots of company and weekend trips. The next week continues the busyness, but should be lots of fun. I’ll be making my husband’s grandmother’s Portuguese kale soup recipe and some sourdough using my new King Arthur starter for our weekend guests, which should be fun.

I ordered a KitchenAid pasta extruder from Bed and Bath when they had it for $100, and then used a 20% discount coupon, so it was a good deal. Last night I finally broke it out and made fusilli. It actually worked quite well and was fun. I’ll break it out again to try rigatoni and maybe bucatini. Another toy to play with.


That looks good, I was considering this for a while when it was on sale!

The discussion was here.

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Oh, thanks so much for the link, naf. It was an impulse buy so I didn’t research it. For $80, it was worth a try. I had enough fun to try a few other shapes.

Was your fusilli egg pasta, or without egg?

Let me know how the other shapes go. Thx.

It was pretty good. I added two barely crushed cloves of garlic to the pasta before pressurizing as well as a bay leaf. I think I’d prefer the texture of mascarpone over ricotta (I used whole milk) and a bit more cheese.

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Chicken “stroganoff”


Former colleague called, a surprise, coming to visit and will be here by 1:30 pm with her twin daughters . She told me not to worry about food as they are arriving after lunch. ,Well, traffic around DC Metro Beltway was horrible . They called, will be here by 2:45pm instead as traffic was bad .By 2:30pm. called again arriving at 4;30pm. based on GPS Her husband owns a Chinese restaurant, brought me a basket of gift ( Asian pears, a small jewish apple cake ad my favorite challah bread from Great Harvest Bakery, which I used to visit at Rockville pike prior to retiring , a tin of Chinese moon cake that she was unable to bring over in October that she froze. Her husband made Singapore noodles, tofu Sith chilis and spicy squids so I would not have to cook for t

he next days. )
When they called and said they were running 3 hours behind, I quickly decided I had to cook dinner. Made a favorite Chinese holiday dish Abalone ( canned ) with bok choy and mushroom as one of her daughters is a now a vegan. She will eat egg though. I used the mushroom soaking liquid, asparagus ends and bok choy ends to make the broth , defrosted a store bought coconut cake from my freezer. Only picture of my dish included. This was served with kokuho red rice. They commented that the rice was very good.
I also offered my chicken adobo with coconut. Her husband requested that I send him some o my chicken adobo which is a great compliment coming from a chef