What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition


(maria ascarrunz) #166

god i LOVE fried tortillas… just the smell makes me swoony.


That roast looks awesome. Mine always turn out tough, but that’s something else.


Haha, that sounds great, will have to try it


that’s a new one to me - i spent epiphany in granada having candy thrown around, but i think i’d prefer to get herring than candy…


Mapo Tofu again tonight. I didn’t over-reduce it this time, but the flavor was better last time. Trying to get it right, or as right as possible without pork. I think I am ready for softer tofu. I was using firm tofu for practice.


It was cooked low and slow @ 225 for 3 hours, weighing in at just a tad under 3 pounds. Slathered mustard and black pepper on it…


you inspired me to cook mapo tofu although I used to make it with ground pork. Last time I made it with ground duck but am out of those. So, used

2 packs of organic Costco’s sprouted firm tofu , reconstituted shiitake mushroom, ginger onion, garlic, spring onions ( have only small piece left), broad bean sauce and black bean with chili sauce, splash of shaoxing wine, mushroom juice and sweet potato starch to thicken. Then a bit of sesame oil and Szechuan peppercorn ( forgot to pretoast them) served with rice. Son is away so I dare use Szechuan peppercorn and mushroom… Lacks spring onions .aftr cooking but taste very good, a bit too spicy though

(Ailsa Konzelman) #173

Do you wash/rinse your rice before cooking? That might help


Carb cakes were what’s for dinner.


Hump Day, Yeeeeaaahhhh.







Love the poet side of you. Yum!

(ChristinaM) #177

Freezer and fridge dive - came up with Kahlua pork bowls with cauli-jasmine rice “pilaf”, leftover slaws, leftover black beans, kimchi pickles, pickled daikon, mango, etc.


Street cart taco desk dinner. Lengua.


Impressive! And your fridge and freezer are certainly in better shape than mine :joy:


Now that’s a good looking desk dinner!


CNY dinner do-over!
(No need to be alarmed, i had salad for lunch ;))
Same roasted seaweed snacks to start and a few bites of kimchi.

I found some tofu veggie dumplings at the store and just boiled those with some chopped savoy cabbage to add more veggies. Added a dribble of soyaki ontop. The bowl is rather deep, there’s more dumplings hiding under there!

Cucumber side (chopped cuz last time i made smashed cucumbers i had to clean the whole flipping kitchen), just a little sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and soy sauce. Such terrible lighting in my photo!

There are a couple of mandarin oranges for dessert with my tea


Different brands have different idea of what “firm” tofu is. Some are more like extra firm.
Look for “medium” which i like for tofu scramble, after draining and pressing a little it stays in cubes and will crumble a little after stirring without turning to all crumbles like soft or silken.
If that’s at all helpful…


It hit 75 degrees today - just felt too warm to stand in the kitchen. Plus the stove top has been occupied with part 2 and part 3 of the never-ending prep for borscht.

So dinner used the last of some eggplant parm - heated it, placed on a club roll, topped with provolone and popped under the broiler. Touch of mayo on the roll just because. No veg 'cos I had consumed a big late afternoon salad for a snack after my walk.

I must look in need of care. I was given a glass of lemonade from the “practice” stand of two little girls whose home I pass on my walk. Their mom said the girls wanted to practice so they would be ready when they can have a weekend lemonade stand! The lemonade was quite good. :blush:

My hands reflect my day. The cuticles are a lovely shade of pink from the dealing with the beets. The underside of the nails are an eerie chartreuse from a little paint incident I’m not talking about… Yep, a vision of loveliness, grace, and gentility!


Dirty rice with chicken . Topped with smoked cheddar , sour cream , and home fried fritos . Side of cucumber salad . Wine to drink . Cheers .20190206_203548

(John Hartley) #185

Tonight - a Middle Easternish lamb braise from Nigel Slater (Kitchen Diaries 2).

It uses neck fillet and braises, in the oven, for about 90 minutes along with onion, cumin, coriander , a little dried chilli, garlic ginger and dried apricots. He suggests serving it with maftool with a little butter, chopped parsley and grated lemon zest stirred through at the end.