What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition





A duck confit leg with asparagus topped with grated egg. Still trying to understand the appeal of grated egg on asparagus.


That’s a good looking hummus!
Hope all goes smoothly for you next week- enjoy chickpeapalooza in the meantime ;))


Thanks. With skins intact




Seriously resourceful and creative!


Harrisa-chicken-chick pea- tomato recipe mashed up.

None of the recipes had it all.

David Liebovitz-One Pan Harissa Chicken


Epicurious Pan Roasted Harrissa Chicken


Impressive as always but even more so since you’ve been feeling poorly!


Found some sweet potato spirals on clearance yesterday and decided they were worth trying… added to pan with a tiny bit of water to help cook through then some salt and coconut oil when water had evaporated. Sprinkled with sunflower seeds and cilantro

Added some miso tahini dressing after the first few bites- tasty enough but wouldn’t rebuy unless on clearance again.
Side of those hideous meatless balls that you don’t want to see a photo of ;))

And strawberries!! Same store had these on super sale yesterday too, this may or may not be my second box in 24hrs… not the same as summer berries in CA but certainly good enough!
I added a smidge of black pepper


Fried pork chop with gravy. Baked potato and peas . Starting to snow. Forecast says I’ll be snowbound for 4 days . I’ll just grab my food blanket. Wine to drink :wine_glass:Cheers.


Thanks, but all the meal plans was delayed… the intentional dishes were not cooked.


Good for you!..I sold mine about 3 years ago, and it took about 6 months to get everything in order, but in the end I was very happy, and I hope yours works for you as well!

(John Hartley) #664

Lovely spring day here in northwest England. The sun is out and temps are in the mid teens.

As for dinner - a very easy peasy duck stirfry. Duck, supermarket bag of stirfry veg, plum sauce, rice

Followed by something of a concoction for dessert. A root at the back of the cupboard found a half empty (or half full) pack of trifle sponges left over from Xmas. They’ll get broken up, bunged into a deep glass and drenched with sherry. On top of that, a drizzle (well, more of downpour) of Bonne Maman fruit compote. Creme fraiche on top of that and , finally, a sprinkling of raspberries. Trifle-esque, if you will.

By the by, I am fed up of sorting through little bags of brown gloop in the freezer. The leftover bits of sauce and the like. The sort of stuff that you can’t throw away because it’s boun d to get used up, isn’t it. I’m determined to use some of them up in the next meal cycle. Yes, absolutely determined. Again!


Those bits and bobs in the freezer. They can breed like rabbits. I just have to remember they’re there and use them up in single meals and NOT make something else that will end up with more bits and bobs.


was it good compared to grated parmesan?


Last night, I invited friends to dinner
I made roasted asparagus with EVOO, garlic powder and wanted to roast them for 8 min so they are still crunchy, and dusted them with parmesan.
Also prepared red Argentina shrimp to be cooked with pasta
Table was set, everything ready but they called at last minute to say they think their grandson has the flu and could into make it.
So, I just roasted the asparagus and ate that for dinner as I do not like to have left ove asparagus since I like my asparagus crunchy.
Since the shrimp were already peeled, deveined, I left them in fridge and cooked for myself today
I used barilla protein thin spaghetti pasta, cooked with the rind of the Regiano Parmesan with a good amount of intact parmesan in roasted shrimp shell cooked broth till al dente.

The shrimp were

cooked with tons of garlic, a tin of EVOO anchovy, 3 chipotles and teaspoons of adobo sauce, juice and zest of a lime , Italian seasoning, and served with Costco’s basil pesto with pine nuts and freshly grated regginao parmesan
.Costco’s basil pesto with pine nuts is excellent- always keep a bottle I the fridge. They last and quite reasonable. Hope I will not have reaction as it has sheep’s milk ( I am not reacting to 2 % organic cow’s milk ) as an ingredient.

Barilla protein plus pasta is all we buy as it does not make my BS spike
It has blend of semolina flour and flour from grains and legumes( flaxseed, chickpea, oat, spells and barley)

Cooked with the rind of rggiano parmesan ( with still some parmesan on the rind ., and shrimp shell broth ) , I think ti takes pasta to a higher level.

I remembered to treat the dogs with shrimp before I added the chipotle and adobo sauce.
The picture of shrimp were taken without the chipotle and adobo sauce so they looked anemic. They devoured it with gusto as they love pasta with pesto


Didn’t really add much other than a crumbled egg texture. I think a grating of parmesan would have given it some more flavor.


thanks. I hate to cook hard boil eggs, esp cracking them so will just stick to parmesan cheese.

( :@)) :@)) ) #670

I like your new priority. Good luck with your new adventure/chapter after selling your business.

How it all began for me. There’s a background story but the photo pretty much says it all.


Lemon zest is nice for an alternative.