What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition



Fusion curry here tonight. I planned to make a Thai green curry with pork, green beans and coconut milk, and got to the stage where I needed to add the curry paste before realizing I was out. Oooooooooops. So I used Induan curry powder, garam masala, cumin seeds, sambal oelek anx sriracha instead. Unconventional but good!


Phony orange chicken with basmati rice . Holy cow I barely made it through the phony chicken. The rice saved me . Lol . It always doesn’t have to be good . The ravens will take care of the rest of the bag . Wine to drink :wine_glass:Cheers.

(ChristinaM) #634

I’m with you, I don’t like these faux Americanized Chinese dishes. Too sweet, too much breading, and the meat is horrible quality.

(ChristinaM) #635

I keep coming back to this photo. How did you get it so creamy?


Yes, I too would love to know how you managed to create such a creamy sauce. My efforts are tasty enough, but that texture!

(John Hartley) #637

To nibble on while we’re cooking - crab pate on baguette

Main course - sea bass, topped with pesto and baked. Mini roast potatoes. Steamed purple sprouting brocolli.

Cheese - West Country Farmhouse Cheddar (a European Union PDO cheese) and Blue Wensleydale (PDO process underway)

Dessert - sticky toffee pudding (farm shop purchase) & cream


Your histamine intolerance is serious?


I’ve eaten nothing but garbanzo beans the last 2 days. Wifey left for a conference Wednesday. Made a burger that night plus pressure cook 2# of garbanzos. Made hummus,

roasted some and left some plain which has been consumed with a dose of olive oil and cumin as a cold bean salad. Been my breakfast, lunch and dinner

My mind has been else where. Selling my business this coming week so it’s been a whirlwind of attorneys, correspondence, dealing with staff, looking for new health ins etc.


Good luck!

(saregama) #641

No, thankfully, not too severe.

I noticed the correlation to having had a glass of wine or a cocktail only because my friend’s eyelid would blow up while we would still be having our first glass of wine. I don’t have an extreme reaction like hers.

But I dialed back my “social” drinking when this was happening often, even though taking a couple of antihistamines before and after mostly suppressed it. Think I’m going to do it again, because I just read some research about correlation to other health issues later.


That is a big milestone in life! I hope it goes smoothly and leaves you ready to enjoy the next phase in your life!


Day 9 of almost non-stop rain. My crocus have bloomed though!

Matzoh ball soup tonight. MB’s seasoned with duck fat, roasted garlic and fresh parsley. Soup pretty simple with onion, carrot and celery. Some roasted chicken will be added when served.

(saregama) #644

I reserve more pasta water than I think I’ll need, and do the tossing in the pasta cooking pot because it’s still hot. Also the cheese goes in after the sauce has started to emulsify, and it takes a bit more water after that.

(Jimmy ) #645

Doing up a simple Spaghetti dinner for tonight. Store bought Classico red sauce that I’ve jived up with fresh button mushrooms, minced garlic & Oregano; buttressed with a pre-baked french loaf from Kroger. There will be a PSTOB* for the bread side.

Bomb Cyclone expected early tomorrow.

(ChristinaM) #646

Pasta bake with homemade ricotta and salad with Italian dressing


The first crocus bloomed on 5 Feb, I checked the date of the photo. The other ones came a week after, they are all gone now!

Food still tasted weird for me with this flu thing, especially subtle taste and bitterness, it has lasted a week already. Fed up…

Korean style pan fried pork belly and kimchi fried rice

Thursday was penne with tomato sauce with capers and bacon

Steak with shallot and white wine sauce.

Yesterday was milk chicken with lemon zest, garlic cloves, sage and cinnamon, spinach by the side.

Tried a new neighbour bakery…
Raspberries with chocolate with pistachio was alright

Opera coffee chocolate cake was awful, too sweet and soaking… according to husband, the cakes were industrially made, he said he saw similar in his office canteen.

Cod fish with Shichimi Togarashi red chilli pepper

Fruit salad - dragon fruit with granadilla and passion fruits


Going to be hard to follow some of these amazing meals

Still dinning solo

What to do with 4 large white shrimp while still in the burger mood.

Puréed one shrimp with a little wheat bread that I did a medium grind on in the food processor with a little mayo. Turned it into a paste, then more coarsely chopped up the remaining 3 shrimp and mixed it all together and breaded it in the remaining bread crumb. Fried in butter. Nothing but salt to season. Still had one burger bun left and arugula



Not ready to do nothing and plan to work a couple days a week doing fill in work for an optical chain. No administrative issues, just patient care. Walk in, walk out clean. Extra money to pay for travel and vices.

Travel is a biggie. Need to do a lot more while I can. Still way more of this little marble I need to see and taste the flavor of.


Mom had a low day today. Hopefully she’s doing better tomorrow.

Dinner was Chicken Marsala with rice pilaf and broccoli. It was fair.




That chicken looked really good.